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Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) is a highly informative, non-invasive, mobile, painless method of visualization of human organs and tissues, widely used in all areas of modern medicine.

What ultrasound technologies are used by K+31 doctors?

Clinic K+31 has stationary and portable ultrasound devices of an expert class of leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment (Toshiba, General Electric, Philips, Hitachi):

  • A wide range of diagnostic capabilities.
  • Excellent visualization.
  • Doppler study programs.
  • Panoramic scanning.
  • Building a volumetric image in real time.

Installed in the clinic, premium ultrasound devices Canon i800, Toshiba Artida, Toshiba Aplio 500 include innovative imaging technologies in ultrasound, have a number of unique capabilities that allow you to obtain gray-scale images of unprecedented quality with extremely detailed study of tissue and organ structures.

New possibilities of computer processing of ultrasound images in three-dimensional (3D-4D) mode on devices of the latest generation make it possible to create a spatial picture of the structure of an organ, vessel, and pathological focus.

What organs and systems can be checked for ultrasound at K+31?

Almost all ultrasound research methods that exist today are carried out in K+31:

  • abdominal organs;
  • kidney and adrenal area;
  • thyroid, mammary and salivary glands;
  • lymph nodes;
  • lungs;
  • pleural cavities;
  • orbits of the eye and orbits;
  • pelvic organs in men and women;
  • organs of the scrotum;
  • soft tissues and joints;
  • duplex and triplex scanning of great vessels and vessels of internal organs;
  • doppler echocardiography and stress echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography;
  • ultrasound during pregnancy in all trimesters;
  • doppler ultrasonography of uteroplacental and fetal blood flow;
  • construction of a volumetric image of the fetus;
  • ultrasound guidance for minimally invasive interventions.

Ultrasound for pregnant women

According to the International Society of Ultrasound Diagnostics in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), General Electric Voluson E10 is the best ultrasound diagnostic system for ultrasound during pregnancy in all trimesters, which is also available in our clinic.

We offer expectant mothers ultrasound examination at various stages of pregnancy.

Doppler study of uteroplacental and fetal blood flow is of great diagnostic value in the group of pregnant women at high perinatal risk. Timely detection of violations can prevent the development of severe complications of pregnancy and develop tactics for managing a pregnant woman.

Liver ultrasound examination

Shear wave elastometry of the liver is performed in the clinic using an expert class Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound machine. Diffuse liver disease is one of the biggest problems in the world. The etiology of this kind of disease is varied:

  • Viral hepatitis (hepatitis B or C).
  • Fatty infiltration of the liver of alcoholic and non-alcoholic origin.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis.
  • Complications associated with taking medications.
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis and other less common pathological conditions and diseases.

Our clinic uses the recommendations developed by the Russian Association of Specialists of Ultrasound Diagnostics in Medicine and the Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics at the University of Pavia (Italy) to assess liver stiffness mainly against the background of viral hepatitis C. the value of liver stiffness, which can be correlated with various rating scales, including the METAVIR scale.

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Vladimir Georgievich

Leading specialist in ultrasound diagnostics

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Marina Igorevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Elena Nikolaevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Khaybat Hadisovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Michael Lvovich

Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician


Nuria Nuraddinovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Lada Nikolaevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Lyudmila Borisovna

Ultrasound doctor, pediatric

Pavel Nikolaevich

Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnostic Doctor

Alena Victorovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Leila T. Alievna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Ekaterina Alexandrovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Elena Valerievna

Radiologist, ultrasound doctor

Alla Valerievna

Ultrasound diagnostics doctor

Maria Andreevna

Head of the mammological center


Nikolay Yurievich

Cardiovascular surgeon, surgeon, ultrasound specialist


Olga Vladimirovna

Neurologist, neurophysiologist, epileptologist, neuropsychologist, ultrasound doctor

Love Gennadievna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


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Vladimir Georgievich, thank you very much for your attentiveness and delicacy. You are a wonderful doctor and empathetic person.
Zaretta Abury
A wonderful doctor! Very attentive, explains everything in detail, with a great sense of humor. He has knowledge and experience that is not limited by his current specialization, which helps to see the patient as a single organism, to prevent possible risks, to accurately direct to the necessary additional examinations. Many thanks for the professional help and human participation!
Glushkova Tatiana
I would like to express my gratitude to Mazo Mikhail Lvovich (Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor) for high-quality treatment, high professionalism and kind attitude. The latest technologies developed and applied by him allow people to improve the quality of life and instill hope for a further happy life. When I entered the office, the fear disappeared somewhere, because the doctor is so able to calm the patient down that it becomes absolutely not scary. The procedure was performed under anesthesia and everything went well. Mikhail Lvovich is a professional in his field.
Superb, caring support from manager Yuliya Kulak. Both before and after and during treatment. Thanks a lot! At all stages I have a very positive impression of the interaction with the staff. And in Dr. Mazo M.Yu. I had no doubts.)
Olga Vladimirovna Gaponova is a specialist of the highest level. We've known her for a long time and only go to her. The most modern equipment, the best assistants, a wonderful team!
I express my HUGE gratitude to Gaponova Olga Vladimirovna and assistant Evgeny!!! Everything went great. The child was not afraid, quickly adapted to the situation. Eugene quickly found contact with both the child and the parents (and this is also not unimportant). Eugene listened and answered all our questions. Thanks a lot!!!!
An excellent specialist. To be honest, we ended up with several completely incompetent doctors before her. They made a diagnosis, prescribed drugs, procedures that made us feel worse. Olga Vladimirovna did not want to take us at first. We have been seen by a different doctor since birth. On the background of treatment there, we got worse. In a panic, we began to look for options. Advised Olga Vladimirovna. She reluctantly agreed to correct the situation. It seems like everything is now aligned. We had an online consultation. Sami from Abakan. Even the distance didn't get in the way. Thank you very much.
I was twice at the reception of Ekaterina Alexandrovna. A top-class professional who knows how to accurately, quickly and efficiently do his job. Perfectly builds a dialogue with the patient, instilling complete confidence. The best recommendations!
In my opinion, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna is a specialist who can be safely called the word of honor - DOCTOR. Let me explain what I mean: in our time, specialists, especially in the field of diagnostics, do not bother much with such things as the culture of communication with patients, delicacy, explaining our problems to us to patients, especially in popular language. Somehow conveyor belt, silently and quickly monitor something there and send it to another specialist with a piece of paper, which for us is `` nothing about ''. And already you get used to it and think that this is normal ... But no! Due to my illnesses, I very often have to do an ultrasound scan, and for many years, just that rare case when you get an appointment with a true DOCTOR - accurate, attentive, tactful, very (well, very) delicate, with as deep as I can judge, knowingly, and even with the skill of popular explanation of the research result. WHAT ELSE IS NECESSARY !!! SUPER!!! Personally, it is very important for me to see in a specialist not only a professional, but at least signs of humanity. Thanks again, DOC! If I were a medical director, I would send specialists to the “Master class” to DOCTOR Panfilova! :) In a word, I recommend it to everyone who is interested in similar ideas about doctors.
Oleg Alexandrovich