Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) is a highly informative, non-invasive, mobile, painless method of visualizing human organs and tissues, widely used in all areas of modern medicine. Ultrasonic waves propagate in the environment with a frequency of more than 20,000 Hz. The propagation velocity of an ultrasonic wave is determined by the density and elasticity of the medium. The average velocity of ultrasound propagation in the tissues of the human body is 1540 m / s - most ultrasound diagnostic devices are programmed at this speed.

K + 31 Clinic has stationary and portable ultrasound devices of the expert and premium class of leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment (Toshiba, General Electric, Mindray), with a wide range of diagnostic capabilities, an excellent degree of imaging, with Doppler imaging programs, panoramic scanning, and 3D imaging in real time.

The Toshiba Aplio MX premium ultrasound devices installed in the clinic include all the innovative ultrasound imaging technologies, have a number of unique features that allow you to receive gray-scale images of unprecedented quality with an exceptionally detailed study of tissue and organ structures regardless of their location and constitutional features of the patient.

These technologies include ApliPure and ApliPure + - real-time complex scanning modes with simultaneous noise elimination, Differential THI differentiated tissue harmonics, Precision Imaging technology - simultaneous processing of many adjacent ultrasound lines. Aplio MX allows you to conduct all currently known ultrasound in spectral and color Doppler modes.

The system has a unique Toshiba technology - Advenced Dynamic Flow (ADF) - improved dynamic flow. The technology allows you to get an image of the vascular bed up to the capillary network with high spatial and temporal resolution. Aplio MX has special programs for recognizing and quantifying changes in internal organs. This is elastography, which allows a quantitative analysis of the elastic properties of organs and tissues; an unparalleled method for detecting calcifications (Micropure), which are potential markers of malignant tumors of the mammary glands and other organs. The Aplio MX ultrasound system has special features for reconstructing images, including panoramic and three-dimensional; a number of specialized programs for contrast studies, obstetric and cardiological studies, including a program for conducting steress echocardiography.

In K + 31 all current ultrasound methods of research are carried out:

  • abdominal organs;
  • kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • thyroid, mammary and salivary glands;
  • lymph nodes;
  • lungs;
  • pleura;
  • eyes and eye sockets;
  • pelvic organs in men and women;
  • organs of the scrotum and penis;
  • soft tissues and joints;
  • triplex scanning of the main vessels and vessels of internal organs;
  • Doppler echocardiography and stress echocardiography;
  • Ultrasound during pregnancy in all trimesters;
  • Dopplerography of the uteroplacental and fetal blood flow;
  • building a three-dimensional image of the fetus or any organ;
  • ultrasound guidance for minimally invasive interventions.

The experience of specialists in ultrasound diagnostics shows that even in the absence of complaints and the well-being of patients, during the ultrasound examination, one or another deviation from the norm is found in various structures and organs.

Ultrasound examinations in Clinic K + 31

New features of computer processing of ultrasound images in three-dimensional (3D-4D) mode on the latest generation devices allow you to create a spatial picture of the structure of any organ, vessel, pathological focus, fetus in any plane, archive in the form of data available for delayed analysis and post-processing. The study in 3D-4D modes of individual organs and blood vessels in its accuracy can compete with the method of computed tomography.

For patients with pathology of the cardiovascular system, we recommend triplex scanning of blood vessels with functional tests, Doppler echocardiography (DEHOKG), as well as stress echocardiography (stress echocardiography) to identify coronary pathology. Patients who consider themselves healthy and do not have an obvious cardiovascular pathology can undergo a comprehensive study according to a special program that includes the study of cerebral vessels, upper and lower extremities, as well as stress echocardiography to assess the functional reserve of the body.

We offer expectant mothers an ultrasound scan at various stages of pregnancy. The optimal time for carrying out a screening ultrasound examination of the fetus is a period of 11-13 weeks, 20-21 weeks, 30-34 weeks of pregnancy. This is the best time to identify the corresponding malformations of the fetus. During these periods, ultrasound makes it possible to diagnose most congenital malformations of the fetus and promptly resolve the issue of abortion or choose the optimal tactics of managing childbirth, as well as the nature and extent of emergency care immediately after childbirth. Doppler study of the uteroplacental and fetal blood flow is of important diagnostic value in pregnant women with high perinatal risk. Timely detection of hemodynamic disturbances in the mother-placenta system - the fetus can prevent the development of severe complications of pregnancy and develop tactics for pregnant women. The results of a dopplerographic study in detecting a violation and a critical condition of fetoplacental blood flow are an indication for emergency delivery.


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Vladimir Georgievich

Leading specialist in ultrasound diagnostics

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Marina Igorevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Elena Nikolaevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Khaybat Hadisovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Michael Lvovich

Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician


Nuria Nuraddinovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Lada Nikolaevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Pavel Nikolaevich

Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnostic Doctor

Alena Victorovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Leila T. Alievna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Ekaterina Alexandrovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor


Ekaterina Evgenievna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Elena Valerievna

Radiologist, ultrasound doctor


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Vladimir Georgievich, thank you very much for your attentiveness and delicacy. You are a wonderful doctor and empathetic person.
Zaretta Abury
A wonderful doctor! Very attentive, explains everything in detail, with a great sense of humor. He has knowledge and experience that is not limited by his current specialization, which helps to see the patient as a single organism, to prevent possible risks, to accurately direct to the necessary additional examinations. Many thanks for the professional help and human participation!
Glushkova Tatiana
I was twice at the reception of Ekaterina Alexandrovna. A top-class professional who knows how to accurately, quickly and efficiently do his job. Perfectly builds a dialogue with the patient, instilling complete confidence. The best recommendations!
In my opinion, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna is a specialist who can be safely called the word of honor - DOCTOR. Let me explain what I mean: in our time, specialists, especially in the field of diagnostics, do not bother much with such things as the culture of communication with patients, delicacy, explaining our problems to us to patients, especially in popular language. Somehow conveyor belt, silently and quickly monitor something there and send it to another specialist with a piece of paper, which for us is `` nothing about ''. And already you get used to it and think that this is normal ... But no! Due to my illnesses, I very often have to do an ultrasound scan, and for many years, just that rare case when you get an appointment with a true DOCTOR - accurate, attentive, tactful, very (well, very) delicate, with as deep as I can judge, knowingly, and even with the skill of popular explanation of the research result. WHAT ELSE IS NECESSARY !!! SUPER!!! Personally, it is very important for me to see in a specialist not only a professional, but at least signs of humanity. Thanks again, DOC! If I were a medical director, I would send specialists to the “Master class” to DOCTOR Panfilova! :) In a word, I recommend it to everyone who is interested in similar ideas about doctors.
Oleg Alexandrovich
A very high professional and pleasant person. Explains. Doesn't scare unnecessary things :) Doesn't `` spin '' for anything.
Elena Leonova
Thank you very much to Vladimir Georgievich for his highest professionalism! Really amazing doctor, such SPECIAL one in a million!
Vladimir Georgievich, thank you very much for your warm attitude, tact and professionalism! You are an amazing person and an amazing doctor!
Elena Sverchkova