58% discount on professional oral hygiene!
Get your confidence back and fresh breath!
to 31 december 2023 year
RF neck lift as a gift using the Endymad PRO device
One of the most effective rejuvenation techniques and skin tightening
to 31 december 2023 year
Dream smile: veneers, crowns and implants with up to 40% discount
We will help you restore the health and impeccable aesthetics of your teeth
to 31 december 2023 year
20% discount on the production of individual orthopedic insoles
Celebrate the New Year with a light step!
Forget about pain and heaviness in your legs.
to 31 december 2023 year
Perfect beauty: cosmetic procedures as a gift!
We offer one of the cosmetic procedures as a gift to everyone who is planning plastic surgery or is already in the recovery stage.
to 31 december 2023 year
Dream skin: 20% discount on photorejuvenation with Lumecca attachment
Summer has passed, but it has left its marks on the skin: age spots and redness. The good news is that you can fight them!
to 30 november 2023 year
to 31 december 2023 year
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