Children's Day in the pediatric department
On a special day - gifts for the most precious ones!
to 01 june 2024 year
to 31 august 2024 year
First meeting with an orthodontist at our expense
Trust your smile to the professionals at K+31 and open a new path to health and beauty!
to 30 june 2024 year
Perfect beauty: cosmetic procedures as a gift!
We offer one of the cosmetic procedures as a gift to everyone who is planning plastic surgery or is already in the recovery stage.
to 31 august 2024 year
to 30 june 2024 year
Check-up of the “Take care of your heart” program with a 20% discount
Sign up for check-ups and don’t put off your health for the future!
to 31 august 2024 year
Free appointment with a neurosurgeon after radiation diagnostics
The consultation is conducted by leading specialists in the field of neurosurgery
to 31 july 2024 year
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