20% discount on mas-lifting Utims
Utims Smas-lifting is an advanced non-surgical facelift technique based on the impact of focused ultrasound. The procedure is a worthy alternative to surgical rejuvenation, which allows you to achieve quick and lasting results!
to 31 august 2023 year
20% discount on consultation after X-ray diagnostics
For the convenience of patients, we offer a 20% discount on the initial appointment of our specialists - a surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a neurologist, an orthopedic traumatologist, a pulmonologist - after a CT, MRI, X-ray.
to 30 june 2023 year
20% discount on teeth whitening ZOOM-4

A snow-white smile is one of the most important adornments of any person. Thanks to the use of the professional ZOOM system, 4 teeth will become 8-10 shades lighter.

to 15 september 2023 year
Biorevitalization with a 15% discount
Sign up for biorevitalization with a 15% discount and enjoy your flawless skin this summer!
to 31 august 2023 year
30% discount on the production of individual orthopedic insoles
Production takes no more than an hour - you will leave the clinic with new insoles and a light walk!
to 31 august 2023 year
Gastro check-up from 10,760 rubles!

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy are examinations that sooner or later are necessary for every person: they allow a comprehensive assessment of the state of the digestive system.

to 31 august 2023 year
Healthy heart

Regular examination of the cardiovascular system, even if nothing worries, is necessary for all people aged 40+. Especially if there is a history of smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, chronic stress, blood pressure surges.

to 31 august 2023 year
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