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  • Diagnostics
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical treatment of wounds
  • Suturing
  • Dressing
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Limb immobilization
  • Reduction of dislocations
  • Applying plaster casts
  • Fixation of bone fragments
  • Emergency surgery
  • Emergency hospitalization

Specialists of the department

Rami Jamalevich

Head of the department of traumatology and orthopedics

Mikhail Arturovich

Head of the traumatology-ortopaedics department, traumatologist-orthopedist

Alan Vasilevich

Orthopedic Traumatologist

Andrey Andreevich

Hand surgeon, traumatologist-orthopedist

Denis Olegovich


Georgy Levanovich


Marina Nikolaevna


Opening of the clinic K+31 West

Dear patients, we are pleased to inform you that the clinic K+31 West, located on the street Orshanskaya 16, bldg. 2, has opened its doors for you and your loved ones.

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About the department

When to contact the emergency room?

The reason for going to the emergency room may be sports injuries, such as:

  • Sprain (sprain) of the ankle.
  • Stretching of the groin muscles.
  • Hamstring stretch.
  • Ankle ligament pinching.
  • Knee injury: Anterior cruciate ligament tear.
  • Knee injury: dislocation or damage to the patella.
  • "Tennis Elbow" (Epicondylitis).

As well as household injuries and injuries received in transport.

Any type of injury is already an indication for contacting a paid traumatology. Especially when the integrity of the skin is broken, one can suspect bone fractures, bruises of varying degrees, bleeding. Most often, such injuries occur in situations where an adult falls from a height or onto a sharp, hard surface. If bodily harm has been inflicted, there are stab or cut wounds, or any threat to life, you urgently need to look for an emergency room that provides paid services around the clock.

Signs of injury

Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for tumors of the kidney, prostate and bladder - all these techniques are used daily in the K+31 operating rooms to help our patients in the fight against the disease.

For the greatest comfort of our patients, the department has developed examination programs, from a wide range of which everyone will find the most suitable one.

Advantages of a 24-hour paid trauma center

  • Availability of the necessary equipment for accurate diagnosis.
  • Ability to provide qualified assistance.
  • Timely and effective primary treatment.
  • There is an adult traumatologist in a private clinic.
  • Availability of all necessary medicines, emergency aid.
  • Convenient emergency room hours.
  • Lack of queues and a large flow of seriously ill patients.
  • Access to emergency room 24 hours a day.

In addition to injuries and pain, an adult or child should be sent to a night emergency room for burns or frostbite of varying degrees. Do not ignore these diagnoses. Even minor skin lesions can have serious hidden consequences. Therefore, a paid examination by a traumatologist and a visit to the emergency room is a necessity.

What kind of problems do you need to go to the emergency room?

Types of injuries and pathologies with which they go to the emergency room:

  • Fractures of any type of bones (open/closed).
  • For muscle strain.
  • Injuries of unknown nature.
  • Ligament tears.
  • Any damage to the joints, including dislocations.
  • Different degrees of frostbite, burns.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Bleeding that requires emergency care.
  • Animal bites (treatment of wounds, administration of immunoglobulins for tick bites).

What is the danger of untimely access to the emergency room?

The degree of any lesions, injuries, bleeding should be assessed by a traumatologist. Injuries cannot be ignored, especially when there is a suspicion of a concussion and a violation of the integrity of the bones. Even in the absence of pain, the consequences can be irreversible. Internal hematomas, microcracks and displacement of the vertebrae will provoke complications. If you do not trust the competence of state trauma centers, be sure to contact a paid traumatology.

If the injuries were received at night, you should not postpone the visit to the traumatologist the next day. The sooner the consequences of injury are detected, the easier and more effective the treatment will be without consequences for the health of an adult or a small patient.

Diagnostics in the emergency room

At the disposal of paid traumatology - all the necessary equipment that will allow you to make an accurate and timely diagnosis. It is also necessary to conduct paid research in the emergency room in order to provide adequate medical care around the clock.

In the emergency room, the following types of examinations are carried out:

  • Ultrasound scan.
  • Digital fluoroscopy or radiography.
  • MRI, CT.
  • Laboratory express tests.
  • Equipment for operative (surgical) treatment within the competence of the emergency room.
  • Apparatus for arthroscopic control.

The 24-hour emergency room always has the necessary materials for suturing, splinting and plaster. These are high-quality polymer materials that are easy to use. Unlike state trauma centers, in paid night clinics, all consumables are already included in the cost of services. Patients do not have to look for pharmacies on their own at night. Only a private round-the-clock emergency room provides the full range of modern traumatology services.

Where to go to the emergency room?

Our clinic specializes in treatment and first aid. Our website lists the prices for services and the work schedule of the trauma department. By contacting the emergency room at any time, you can get high-quality medical care. Traumatologists specialize in treating all types of injuries.


ServiceCost, RUB
Прием врача-травматолога-ортопеда первичный6 900.00 руб.
Рентгенография шейного отдела позвоночника6 500.00 руб.
Рентгенография верхней конечности6 500.00 руб.
Рентгенография нижней конечности6 500.00 руб.
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ServiceCost, RUB
Магнитно-резонансная томография головного мозга16 600.00 руб.
Магнитно-резонансная томография позвоночника (шейный отдел)14 500.00 руб.
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Alan Vasilyevich, thank you very much for your work! You have cured many of my problems! Quickly, clearly, without unnecessary manipulations and in affordable ways! I will continue to be treated only by you!

Victoria PIKO


I want to express my gratitude to Alan Vasilyevich! Mom is 88 years old, fell and broke her hip. She was urgently operated on. On the third day I already moved with a walker. Alan Vasilyevich gave all the recommendations for discharge very clearly and understandably. For a long time, he remained in touch if there were questions related to health in the postoperative period. We clearly followed all the instructions and my mother at such an advanced age got up and can move independently. Many thanks to the entire surgical department for the well-defined work and professionalism.



Dear Friends, the "Genre" of reviews suggests conciseness. It's hard for me to follow this rule, so I have to apologize in advance. All aspects of the medical service of the K31+ clinic are marked by me with five stars. But, for an objective assessment, this is simply NOT enough. I must emphasize that if it were not for the professionalism of the highest level of the surgeon from God - Norayr Hrayrovich Zakharyan and his team, I would have been doomed to the most deplorable consequences. The specialists in London “recommended” that I ignore the paralyzing pains and meet with them in 6 months for the final consultation, i.e. for a pat on my shoulder and the phrase "You see - everything is in order!" Dr. Zakharyan, during our first consultation, I emphasize - remotely, without the possibility of examining me, determined the displacement of the implant in the thigh and suspected (more than two months after the injury) the presence of an infection in the bone canal. Both factors were confirmed. I can hardly be called a hip arthroplasty specialist, I am only a patient with experience of two operations. But it is quite obvious that during the revision of the hip joint implant, the upper part of the femur is removed, including for access to the used prosthesis. The K31+ team of surgeons, having created serious inconvenience for themselves, were able to replace the implant WITHOUT removing parts of the bone. This created guarantees for the possibility of changing the implant again, if necessary. It is impossible for me, as a patient, to overestimate this. I was relieved of pain and returned to a normal human life for the third time. Kudos to all the staff. I must note the professionalism and absolute availability, on all post-operative issues, of my attending physician, surgeon Alan Vasilyevich Shadyan. From the moment of my first call to the clinic and until the last org questions on post-operative manipulations and exercise therapy, I never for a moment felt the loss of contact with K31+. I am sure - all this is due to the excellent work of Lydia Onoprienko. Thanks a lot . I will never tire of recommending the K31+ team. God bless you.



Alan Vasilyevich is a wonderful doctor! A very sensitive person, he has amazing hands. Treated my dad, then my mom. I rarely leave reviews, but this is definitely a must! Thanks a lot!

Chelakhsaeva Alana


I was diagnosed with a fracture of the clavicle with fragments and displacement. After a long and careful search for a doctor, on the recommendation of friends, I decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Borghut in the K+31 clinic. I was very pleased with the clinic itself - the conditions of detention, the quality of medical equipment, the attitude of the staff. They operated on, fixed the bones and fragments with a titanium plate, and the bone is now again of the correct anatomical shape.



Good day! I have been writing my first review in 40 years! This man is a talent and a top-notch pros!



In October 2020, I broke my leg, first I went to the local emergency room, where they put a plaster cast on me, a month later I "jumped" to the traumatologist, who said from the door "where will you be operated on?!" I could not agree to the operation at that moment, I have a baby, there was no one to leave him with, so I started looking for a "second opinion". Turning to K+31, I got an appointment with Rami Dzhamalevich, and immediately realized how lucky I was. The doctor, having thoroughly studied all the pictures, said that it is incorrect to judge about the "fusion" of the bone only from the pictures a month after the fracture (and even more so, to insist on the operation) is incorrect. Rami Dzhamalevich carefully and without disgust (unlike all previous doctors) examined my leg, asked about my lifestyle and my life, in order to choose the best and most suitable treatment option for me. I was happy to hear that I have a chance to do without surgery if I strictly follow the clear instructions of the doctor. Rami Dzhamalevich "fitted" the plaster cast under my leg, taught me how to bandage correctly, which made it a hundred times easier to live in a plaster cast! And last month, all restrictions were lifted, the picture confirmed the "fusion" of the bone, and Rami Dzhamalevich allowed him to run, jump and dance! Hooray! Thank you very much, Rami Dzhamalevich, for your diligence, your responsibility and sensitive attitude towards patients! I adore you!

Anastasia Zakharova


I would like to sincerely thank Rami Dzhamalevich for his high-class professionalism, which in our case prevented my mother's disability. We turned to the K + 31 clinic on an emergency basis after the careless work of a traumatologist near Moscow, and Rami Dzhamalevich was able to get an objective picture and offer a solution in a very short time. He performed a complex operation, and although it was done urgently, the necessary implants were found instantly. The patient was also greatly helped by the constant attention of the doctor and care during the postoperative period, this restored the spirit of the whole family, which, of course, was under stress after the accident. Separately, I would like to note the tactfulness and impeccable ethical behavior of a doctor, which is a great rarity these days. Thank you!



I rarely write reviews, but it is impossible not to supplement the work of this doctor with a review. Thank you very much for your approach, knowledge and time. The doctor kindly answered all my million questions, showed clearly where the problem is and what options I have for approaching this problem. The doctor makes you want to trust the methods of treatment without a drop of doubt. Thank you!

Berdnik Alina


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