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Irina Valentinovna

Allergologist-immunologist for children, pediatrician

Olga Sergeevna

Head of the Pediatrics Clinic, Pediatrician


Eldar Imamutdinovich

Pediatrician, pediatric cardiologist

Inna Vladimirovna

Functional diagnostics doctor, pediatric cardiologist


Elena Sergeevna

Speech therapist-aphasiologist

Pavel Alexandrovich

Pediatrician, pulmonologist

Marina Victorovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Oleg Anatolevich

Doctor pediatric surgeon, pediatric urologist andrologist


Maria Andreevna

Speech therapist, psychologist

Oksana Gelievna

Doctor otorhinolaryngologist

Yulia Valerievna

Pediatrician, allergologist

Marina Dmitrievna

Pediatrician, endocrinologist

Madina Savarbekovna

Pediatric gastroenterologist


Zebiniso Mannonovna

Physician child psychiatrist

Dilara Aminovna


Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Irina Anatolievna

Children's clinical psychologist

Ol'ga Viktorovna

Pediatrician, gastroenterologist


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& PhD

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Children are the most beautiful thing that can happen in the life of every family. We care about their upbringing and education, try to give only the best and want them to remain always healthy.

The pediatrics department of K+31 Clinic will take care of your child’s health. Creating this department, the domestic and foreign experience in this direction was thoroughly studied. We invited qualified employees, installed modern equipment, studied traditions and innovations - as a result, ideal conditions were created to provide medical care to children aged 0 to 18 years. Each parent can be sure that his child will receive quality service, a diagnosis will be made quickly and accurately, and treatment (if necessary) will give the expected result.

On an ongoing basis, the department employs doctors of more than 20 specialties - all with good practical experience and high qualifications. If necessary, the best doctors of Moscow are invited, consultations are held with the participation of doctors, professors and candidates of medical sciences.

In difficult cases, we can organize a patient examination by several doctors at once - then it will be possible to guarantee that the correct diagnosis is made and effective treatment is prescribed. Our doctors confidentially communicate with the smallest patients, are able to set up children for the need for examination, to convince them that everything will pass quickly and painlessly. Specialists will create a warm, calm and trusting atmosphere between the doctor, the child and the parent. We always focus on the quality of our services. We buy high-precision and modern equipment, use the services of experienced specialists, and constantly improve customer service.

For our young visitors, we opened a pediatrics clinic, which is located in a bright and comfortable room where every child will feel as comfortable as possible. The clinic has a play area, a feeding area, a spacious bright lounge. Come and see - we can get high-quality medical care with maximum comfort!

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All reviews
Have been at the reception more than once at this wonderful doctor! We have never met such attention and patience, we treat teeth with pleasure and are always happy to go to an appointment.
We are grateful to fate for bringing us together with such a wonderful doctor as Anastasia Viktorovna Krasova! He is a wonderful, sensitive, responsive person who finds an approach both to parents and, of course, to children. Anastasia Viktorovna is a professional in her field, Doctor with a capital letter! They say about such people: "A doctor from God"!
Daria and Elena
I would like to sincerely thank the doctor who became a real salvation for my family, Anastasia Viktorovna Krasova. A difficult situation has developed in our family, children are seriously ill, there are many moments that cannot be corrected. But Anastasia Viktorovna gives us confidence and strength to fight further for our children. Anastasia Viktorovna, we thank you for your hard work, for your great attention to our children, for the prescribed treatment that saves them, for the fact that you are always ready to listen, for your unlimited patience! Thanks you! You are our real salvation!
Maria Andreevna is not only an excellent speech therapist, but also a qualified psychologist. Awesome approach to kids. She helped us a lot with the problem - the child did not speak. At the same time, she helped me and my husband with a change in the approach to education, the family became much calmer.
I would like to thank Dr. Cheremisina for her help with improving my son's speech! Unconditional authority who knows his business. The doctor prepared her son for school as soon as possible, I did not even expect that this is possible.
We have been looking for an adequate ENT for the child for a long time, with a responsible approach to treatment. My son had constant otitis media, rhinitis, adenoids, it was very difficult mentally and physically. We contacted K 31 to Ivanova, who treated the problem professionally, helped to build a subsequent action plan for treatment. While we are continuing the complex treatment.
Excellent specialist
I recommend Oksana Gelievna to all parents whose children have some problems with the ears, throat or nose! Conducts a detailed examination at the reception, gives very useful recommendations! The equipment is impressive, everything is perfectly clean and new. The treatment helped us a lot, for which many thanks to the doctor!
Galina Vladimirovna
Many thanks to the doctor for his attentive and sensitive attitude towards little patients. The professionalism of the doctor is at its best. A sincere desire to help the baby faster is very valuable.
Gorgeous doctor! I would like to applaud the person for his professionalism and ability to find a common language with young children. My daughter is now 5 years old, we have been going to Omar for about 2 years. During the first two or three visits, my child fell in love with dental treatment, and this is very important for a 4 year old child. The child's Omar Makhachevich is a favorite doctor, and the child asks himself - when will we go to have our teeth treated next time or if I already want to have my teeth treated. And all this in spite of the fact that every time it is drilling teeth and freezing injections. Thanks you! PS we are coming to you tomorrow)
Dmitry and Alisa
Doctor from God !!! We went to his clinic `` Be Healthy '' on Suschevsky. When the doctor went over, we had a problem - the child refuses to be treated by other doctors. We walk with bad teeth. We were looking for Doctor Bagaev via the Internet. We found it and were very happy. Now we will make an appointment with him. Thank you Omar Makhachevich for being you !!
This is the best pediatrician for our family with 3 children and 3 grandchildren - diagnoses with 99.9 percent hits are amazing!)) Thank you very much for your work !!!!
Dmitry Aleksandrovich
A very good doctor. In all senses.
Savelyev Alexey Evgenievich
It is very surprising that the child, for the second time after the first visit with a freeze, jumped to the reception! Thank you for the fact that after you the child does not even know that dentists can be afraid)))
I am a mother, Alexandra Litvinenko, thanks your clinic and personally Omar Makhachevich for the attitude towards children, for my conscientious work, for saving teeth. The child does not go, but runs to your appointment! We admire you, you are a doctor with a capital letter !!! Thank you so much, Omar Makhachevich, that you are !!!
I am a mother, Alexandra Litvinenko, thanks your clinic and personally Omar Makhachevich for the attitude towards children, for my conscientious work, for saving teeth. The child does not go, but runs to your appointment! We admire you, you are a doctor with a capital letter !!! Thank you so much, Omar Makhachevich, that you are !!!
A good doctor with a big heart and an open mind. We met at the Be Healthy Clinic, and my daughter was terrified of all dentists. After talking with Omar Makhachevich, I went to the second appointment with a smile. Now every visit is like a holiday for her, besides there is trust in other doctors, thanks to which her teeth are healthy. Thank you for such people, experts from God. I wish you health and success in your work!
Many thanks to Natalya Anatolyevna for the thoughtful vaccination of her son! Before that, there were always some side effects, and Natalya Anatolyevna's light hand picked everything up very competently!
On an ongoing basis, we see both children at Natalya Anatolyevna's. The doctor's responsiveness, politeness and kindness are impressive. Children are not afraid to go only to her. Although we run with every sneeze, the doctor is very attentive and always gives sensible recommendations.
They turned to Larisa Viktorovna as a specialist in apparatus treatment. Everything went well and without any complications. A very good doctor! She treats the children with attention and care, so we will only observe her.
The whole family got tired of being confused with vaccination, how and when to carry it out, and decided to see a specialist. Olga Anatolyevna was the first to explain everything in an accessible way, and she also described all the risks, did not insist on anything and gave me the right to make the final decision. Now we will only vaccinate her.
Tatyana Vasilievna is an amazing doctor! The doctor is very calm, benevolent, sympathetic, attentive and experienced. We got a full consultation and even a little more than expected. Thank you very much!
We noticed in the family signs of attention deficit disorder in the son, especially in contrast to the elder. I decided that it was better to go to a neurologist right away, so I turned to Tatyana Vasilievna. The doctor is very sensitive and attentive, approached the problem of her son with all responsibility and we worked out a plan of action together. So far we are observing, but we very much hope for a positive result.
An amazing doctor who was able to cure dysplasia in a child! The comprehensive treatment chosen by the doctor helped a lot. Oksana Vladislavovna, thank you very much!
Came with a terribly clubfoot daughter to Oksana Vladislavovna. All attempts to independently solve the problem by running on the grass and other tricks did not help. Thanks to the doctor for fixing our legs! The daughter is already going to the model.
Huge human THANKS to the doctor for the treatment of my daughter! After the diagnosis was made, on the advice of friends, we came to see Dilara Aminovna and with her help we managed to cure everything! The doctor is very experienced, it is immediately clear that the professor has a very thorough approach to both the child and the parent.
We had a lot of problems, but thanks to Olga Sergeevna Nesterenko, my child is alive and well for which many thanks to her. Separately, I would like to say about the clinic staff, everyone is ready to help with the baby, support the child, praise him and set him up in a positive way. Nice every time.
I am delighted with the admission! I have already visited three doctors with my son, but none could clarify the diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Olga Anatolyevna at the reception showed her professionalism, an experienced doctor, prescribed treatment, there is already an obvious relief.
I am delighted!
When we came to Olga Anatolyevna Petina, the child already had a whole bunch of diseases. On the advice of friends we got to her. Olga Anatolyevna is an amazing specialist, the child was quickly cured with her.
I would like to express my gratitude to Larisa Viktorovna Sycheva for her help! For a long time I was looking for an experienced professional who can help a very small child. Finally we got to Larisa Viktorovna, a wonderful doctor and person. I recommend to everyone!
I never write reviews, but now I have a desire. We were recently at a reception due to a protracted illness in my son. Before Eldar Imamutdinovich, many pediatricians looked at us and no one said anything efficient in two weeks. And only this doctor was able to find an approach to the baby, adequately look and identify otitis media. We were prescribed treatment and on the very first day the child felt much better. Thank you very much to this doctor for the special approach to the little patient, attentiveness and professionalism!
We were at the reception of Mamaev Eldar Imamutdinovich for the first time. A very competent and responsible doctor! He prescribed the correct treatment without unnecessary and unnecessary tests, as is often done in other paid clinics in Moscow. Everything is clear and to the point. Delighted with the reception! Thanks to Dr. Mamaev Eldar Imamutdinovich!
I came with my granddaughter to Eldar Imamutdinovich and was very pleased with the reception. He did not appoint any useless examinations, he offered only those that were really needed. I liked the manner of communication, I told everything without complicated terminology, laid it out on the shelves.
Galina Nikolaevna
My daughter underwent a routine check-up with a cardiologist, and my and the child's impression is purely positive. The doctor is attentive, he knows how to find an approach to children.
Olesya A.
An excellent and very attentive doctor. We have been observing for several years with two children.
Olga Sergeevna is the best pediatrician I have seen, and I have, excuse me, three sons! A very attentive doctor, he gets along with children, but most importantly, a professional in childhood diseases. Our children are the most precious thing in the world, I trust them only to Olga Sergeevna!