World diagnostic standards. Full range of services from the simplest to the most complex.
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We work 24/7
CT and MRI can be done even at night
Modern equipment
The most accurate data thanks to high technology
All types of diagnostics
From X-ray to the most complex radiation techniques
Up to 30% discount on preoperative preparation
The timing of the promotion is up to 31 december 2024 year

At K+31, specialists have drawn up a comprehensive program to prepare for almost any surgical intervention.


The K + 31 clinic network provides a full range of diagnostic measures necessary to detect diseases of any body systems.

The clinics have advanced equipment from foreign manufacturers. Expert doctors, thanks to accurate visualization, they can identify the problem at an early, asymptomatic stage.

The equipment greatly simplifies the diagnostic process for the patient.In our medical and diagnostic practice, we use effective modern methods.Some of them were developed by our employees.

In the process of diagnosis, as well as in the process of treatment, doctors of various specializations work closely with each other, which allows you to make an accurate diagnosis.Comprehensive examination programs and express diagnostic programs are available for complex diagnostics.

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Message from the head of the diagnostic center "K+31 on Lobachevskogo"
Dmitry Podtetenev, radiologist

The department of diagnostics has ample opportunities for conducting all modern studies - CT, MRI, ultrasound, biopsy under visual hardware control. Only in our clinic, patients have access to all methods of radiation diagnostics in one place and even in one day.

We use the best Russian and international practices for conducting and transcribing research. In difficult cases, we turn for expertise to the NPCC DiT DZM - the leading institution in Moscow for radiation diagnostics. We also perform biopsies of formations of any organ under the control of CT, ultrasound and MRI.

Gynecology clinic programs
Full body MRI examination
Laboratory diagnostics, complete MRI examination, consultation with a general practitioner.
Cancer examination
Diagnostic program to identify oncological diseases and risk factors.
Individual Check-up
Examination according to individual indications, taking into account age, health characteristics, etc.
All programs
Appoint to Diagnostics

Appoint to Diagnostics

Our doctors
Denis Evgenyevich
Head of endoscopy department, endoscopist
Valentine Evgenyevich
Chief Consultant in Radiation Diagnostics, Radiologist
Vladimir Georgievich
Leading specialist in ultrasound diagnostics
Eugene Igorevich
Leading neuroradiologist in MRI and CT diagnostics
Sofia Teymurazovna
Functional Diagnostic Doctor
Alena Victorovna
Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor
Inna Borisovna
Laboratory diagnostics doctor
Elena Nikolaevna
Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor
Anna Andreevna
Functional Diagnostic Doctor
Yulia Nikolaevna
Radiologist, leading specialist in radiation diagnostics
Pavel Nikolaevich
Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnostic Doctor
Lada Nikolaevna
Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor
Michael Lvovich
Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician
Tatiana Vyacheslavovna
Cardiologist, functional diagnostics doctor
Alla Valerievna
Ultrasound diagnostics doctor
Maria Andreevna
Head of the mammological center
Baira Eduardovna
Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics
Maya Otarovna
Radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician, oncologist-mammologist
Anna Stanislavovna
Coloproctologist, endoscopist
Kirill Borisovich
Leading Consultant in Radiology, Radiologist
All specialists


Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain
from 8 000 ₽
Computed tomography of the chest organs
from 7 200 ₽
Ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs (complex)
from 5 350 ₽
Radiography of the lungs 2 projections
from 4 280 ₽
Mammography (one breast)
from 3 855 ₽
from 8 500 ₽
from 12 900 ₽
Why K+31?
К + 31 — full-cycle multidisciplinary medical centers, including the possibility of providing medical services of European quality level.
К + 31 — are leading doctors and diagnostics using high-tech equipment from world manufacturers (Karl Storz, Olympus, Siemens, Toshiba, Bausch&Lomb, Technolas, Zeiss, Topcon).
К + 31 — is ethical. The staff of K+31 clinics maintain open relationships with patients and partners. An individual approach to each patient is the basis of our service standards.
К + 31 — is modernity. On call 24/7: call center operators will answer your questions at any time and book you an appointment with doctors. Contact us by phone, through the feedback form on the website and WhatsApp.
Equipment of the department
MRI – 3 Тесла SIGNA™ Architect AIR™ Editions
CT - spiral 640-slice tomograph Aquilion One Genesis Edition
Digital X-ray machine Siemens Luminos RF
Ultrasound Toshiba Aplio 400
Digital mammograph Senographe Pristina™ 3D
Cone beam tomograph Vatech
Reviews 10
An excellent professional doctor. Thank you so much for the colonoscopy. I did it without sedation, everything was fine, the doctor did everything very carefully and painlessly. He explains everything in detail and answers questions. I recommend this doctor if you need a colonoscopy. Thank you!
Sorokina Marina Andreevna
I had an appointment with M.A. Karpova, and I cannot help but note the high quality of the doctor’s work. She explained everything clearly and treated patients very warmly and cordially. I only go to her, I recommend her.
Attentive, competent, sensitive, professional. For him, there are no trifles; everything that can affect the disease and its treatment is important. This is a rare case when you trust a doctor with your life with complete confidence.
Kolesova Svetlana
I express my sincere gratitude to the doctor Viktor Yuryevich Snetkov and note his highest professionalism. He is the only one who identified a fracture in the image, which 4 other doctors (traumatologists and radiologists) could not detect! Health, success, prosperity to this person and further professional development!
Vitaly Sergeevich
I express my gratitude to Oksana Vladimirovna as a person and as a Specialist with a capital letter! The approach to business and the interest of the doctor is beyond praise.
Entering the center, you forget about your sores. So good atmosphere. The receptionists are attentive and responsive. They are greeted with a smile and ready to listen carefully and answer all questions. Special thanks to Dr. Matveev A.A. for treating me not as a patient, but as a close person. Feels professional.
Rinna Semyonovna
Thanks a lot! Doctor from God! I was worried, but the doctor is very gentle. Thank you
Lidia Pavlovna
Maya Otarovna is simply a great specialist! I visit 2 times a year for prevention and every time I get great pleasure from communication and from examination, everything is very clear, fast and qualified! Adore
Nizameeva Ekaterina
Excellent doctor who is responsive to the needs of the patient. She explained everything in a clear and understandable language about the nature of the situation. Thank you!
Maksimov Dimitri
Was at a reception with Denis Evgenievich on 12/2022. I was very worried about sedation - I did it for the first time. The team of Denis Evgenievich helped me calm down and easily pass the examination. They did a gastro and colonoscopy in ~ 50 minutes. Fell asleep in 10 seconds - woke up just as quickly and easily. No negative memories. After 20 minutes, I packed up and went home) Denis Evgenievich and his team - many thanks. Thank you!
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Our clinics
K+31 on Lobachevskogo

st. Lobachevskogo, 42/4

+7 499 999-31-31

Prospect Vernadsky Station
By a car
Lobachevsky, we pass the first barrier (security post of the City Clinical Hospital No. 31), turn right at the second barrier (security post K+31)
Parking pass
Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 19:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00
K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

1st Kolobovsky lane, 4


Tsvetnoy Bulvar
By a car
Moving along Petrovsky Boulevard, turn onto st. Petrovka, right after - on the 1st Kolobovsky per. Municipal parking
Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 19:00
K+31 West

Orshanskaya, 16/2; Ak. Pavlova, 22


By a car
Moving along Orshanskaya street, we turn to the barrier with the guard post K+31. You do not need to order a pass, they will open it for you
Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 18:00
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