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The K+31 clinic has its own clinical diagnostic department, which is equipped with modern equipment from leading world manufacturers Roche (Switzerland) and Sysmex (Japan). The laboratory conducts more than 40,000 tests every month, and the range of studies contains over 1000 positions. Research is carried out in automatic and manual modes.

The main directions of the laboratory

  • allergodiagnosis;
  • diagnosis of autoimmune diseases;
  • biochemical studies;
  • hematological studies;
  • hormonal research;
  • immunohematological studies;
  • markers of cardiovascular disease;
  • general clinical research;
  • tumor markers;
  • diagnosis of infectious diseases;
  • microbiota analysis.

Automated Research Techniques

  • biochemical studies of blood, urine, Body Fluids Ha Cobas c311;
  • enzyme immunoassay on Cobas e 411;
  • blood coagulation analysis on Sta Compact;
  • Sysmex XT-4000i clinical blood test;
  • Clinical analysis of urine on Cobas u 411 and automatic sediment analyzer Sysmex UF-500i;
  • blood gases on Cobas b 121.

Manual research methods

  • coprological research;
  • urological research;
  • study of urological and gynecological smears on the flora;
  • spermogram;
  • bleeding time and coagulation;
  • blood type and Rh factor;
  • determination of Kell antigen;
  • determination of complete alloinmune anti-erythrocyte antibodies;
  • cytological studies.

Advantages of the K+31 laboratory

  • the minimum time between the sampling of the material and the study increases the reliability of the result;
  • the opportunity to make an additional order for research using archival biomaterial;
  • the ability to obtain preliminary research data during the examination of the patient, accelerates the diagnosis;
  • Cito study results! in a few minutes.

All studies performed at K+31 Clinic take place in one place, there is no need for storage and transportation of biomaterial, which increases the accuracy of the results.

K+31 also has its own archive of blood samples.

Service record


All specialists
Ekaterina Evgenievna

Head of the clinical diagnostic laboratory, laboratory diagnostics doctor


Inna Borisovna

Laboratory diagnostics doctor

Natalia Mikhailovna

Senior paramedic laboratory assistant

Irina Fedorovna

Paramedic laboratory assistant

Lidia Borisovna

Paramedic laboratory assistant

Ekaterina Alekseevna

Clinical laboratory diagnostics nurse

Marina Vladimirovna

Paramedic laboratory assistant

Maria Nikolaevna

Paramedic laboratory assistant

Baira Eduardovna

Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics