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Digital mammography

Mammography is a fast, painless and accurate method used in mammology to diagnose breast diseases. Unlike ultrasound, a mammogram allows you to not only detect a tumor, but to see its size and determine the nature. Using this method, it is possible to detect a tumor in the early stages and to prevent a breast disease.

The study is comfortable, does no harm and takes only 10 minutes. The Planmed Nuance mammography unit provides excellent image quality with minimal patient exposure.

When conducting certain types of mammographic examinations, the patient needs special preparation:

  • Mammography is performed from 5 to 12 days of the menstrual cycle; women in menopause, in the absence of menstruation or with an irregular cycle - on any day of the cycle.
  • On the day of the study, the patient should not apply deodorizing agents and powder to the skin of the axillary areas.
  • If the patient has breast implants, it is necessary to warn the staff of the mammography office in advance so that the study is carried out by a specialist who is familiar with the radiological features of the implants.
  • The patient should be warned that after the end of the study she will have to wait for the doctor to make sure that the images are of satisfactory quality.
  • Before the study, the patient should remove jewelry, strip to the waist and put on a dressing gown that can be unfastened in front.

Mammography, as a regular mandatory examination, is recommended for women who have reached the age of forty. It is at this age that experts advise to do the first mammogram and keep a record of visits to the mammologist.

During pregnancy, it is carried out according to strict indications:

  • If there is a delay in menstruation or the likelihood of the desired pregnancy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to determine the optimal diagnostic tactics.

Is it harmful to do a mammogram?

Many women fear whether it is harmful to have a mammogram, because this study uses x-rays. Of particular concern is the presence of existing tumors - would mammography be dangerous in this case? The answer is more than unequivocal: the x-ray dose received during the examination absolutely does not cause any concern. It does not go beyond the limits of permissible norms and does not possess a sufficient degree of carcinogenic activity. As for the presence of neoplasms, mammography is used, including for monitoring their activity and growth. Before prescribing a study, the attending physician must take into account all risk factors and direct him to the study, which will be informative in a particular case.

For those who are concerned about the effects of x-ray radiation, there is another way - you can go through a mammogram on a magnetic resonance imager. This study is called MR mammography or MRI of the mammary glands. The basis of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is not used x-ray radiation, the method is based on the principle of interaction of magnetic fields. This procedure is absolutely safe for the patient and practically has no contraindications (including age).

Breast MRI is recommended with the introduction of a contrast agent, which allows you to explore suspicious areas and detect malignancy even at the earliest stages.

Mammograph in K+31

Senographe Pristina™ 3D, installed in the K+31 Breast Center, is a mammograph developed taking into account the opinion of technologists, radiologists, and most importantly, patients.

Senographe Pristina™ 3D - allows for comfortable, accurate and safe examination.

The Senographe Pristina mammography machine is the only FDA-approved device that emits the lowest dose of 2D mammography.

Thanks to the user-friendly design of Senographe Pristina ™ 3D, crisp images are produced quickly and easily.


For the first time, this unique function of the device allowed patients to participate in the procedure themselves and feel more confident. Using the control panel, the patient can adjust the level of breast compression, which makes the procedure comfortable and painless.

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I came to the mammologist Petrova for an appointment. Communication developed, enough time was given, there were no questions left, the reception passed without haste. I visit her a couple of times a year, she's a nice lady.
I treated Irina Ivanovna's mastopathy and now I can only see her. I like her approach, that she does not panic, does not advise to run to give birth, and the like. Everything is always on the case, only the necessary analyzes, will help and listen. An excellent, caring specialist!
Irina Ivanovna is the best specialist I have ever encountered. It is very important that the doctor does not intimidate, adequately treats the flow of questions and the patient's fears, and is very attentive. After a heap of examinations, of course, problems were found, but everything was resolved promptly and under control. Thanks to the professionalism of such a mammologist, my fibroadenoma was cured. And this is a huge victory.
If you need professional advice, help, you need to go to Tatiana Vladimirovna. For a person who faces health problems, the approach and attitude of the doctor is critical. Tatiana V. is a professional with a capital letter. I am very glad that I found “my” oncologist / mammologist. Thanks you!!!!!
To become a specialist, you need to graduate from the university, to become a good specialist, you need to continue to expand theoretical knowledge and practice, in order to become a professional, you need to competently combine knowledge, experience and be a sensitive, attentive person. Tatyana Vladimirovna is a real professional in her field. I am very glad that I came to this particular doctor. An attentive and individual approach to the issue of health - this is exactly what happens at Tatiana Vladimirovna's receptions. Thank!
I have been seeing Tatyana Vladimirovna Chichkanova for several years, and I want to write the kindest words. Thank you very much for your professionalism, sensitivity and attention. For the fact that you can calm down and help, get into the situation, and in a difficult situation find and collect all the necessary specialists and extend your working day for several hours. Thank you so much, I was at the reception yesterday - yes, everything was professional, calm, confident, excellent)))
I would like to express my gratitude to Mazo Mikhail Lvovich (Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor) for high-quality treatment, high professionalism and kind attitude. The latest technologies developed and applied by him allow people to improve the quality of life and instill hope for a further happy life. When I entered the office, the fear disappeared somewhere, because the doctor is so able to calm the patient down that it becomes absolutely not scary. The procedure was performed under anesthesia and everything went well. Mikhail Lvovich is a professional in his field.
Superb, caring support from manager Yuliya Kulak. Both before and after and during treatment. Thanks a lot! At all stages I have a very positive impression of the interaction with the staff. And in Dr. Mazo M.Yu. I had no doubts.)
I was at the reception of T.V. Chichkanova and A.F. Kartashova, I did an operation in your medical center. All services were rendered at the highest level, all employees of the center are highly qualified specialists, people with golden hands and big human hearts. Thank you very much, good health to all. All medical personnel are friendly and competent in their work, good luck and success to you.
Shashkina Yu. I.