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K+31 West

A multidisciplinary family clinic that combines
a general polyclinic for adults, a 24-hour children's
polyclinic, a diagnostic center and a hospital


All types
of diagnostics

Around the clock


Igor Alexandrovich

Deputy chief physician for oncology, oncologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Svetlana Viktorovna

Deputy Chief Physician for Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrician-gynecologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Mikhail Viktorovich

Head of the department of radiation diagnostics, radiologist

Natalya Vladimirovna

Head of the dental department, dentist-surgeon, implantologist


Natalya Ilyinichna

General practitioner

First category doctor

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Head of the department of radiotherapy, radiation therapist, oncologist


Tatiana Vyacheslavovna

Cardiologist, functional diagnostics doctor

Maria Arturovna



Ksenia Vladimirovna

Dermatovenerologist, oncologist

Maria Vasilievna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor

Igor Valerevich


Sergey Evgenyevich

Oncologist-mammologist, surgeon

Alexander Askoldovich

Deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work

Maria Vladimirovna

Pediatrician, hematologist


Zarina Igorevna

Head of the department of anesthesiology and reanimation

Vladimir Andreevich



Elena Fedorovna

Head of the department of anticancer drug treatment, oncologist

Maria Andreevna

Head of the mammological center


Abdallah Magomedovich

Dentist surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon


Mikhail Arturovich

Head of the traumatology-ortopaedics department, traumatologist-orthopedist


Yulia Viktorovna

Dentist-therapist, pediatric dentist

Maria Askerovna

Deputy chief medical officer, general practitioner


Anton Vladimirovich

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, specialist in pain management

Aleksey Aleksandrovich

Phlebologist, cardiovascular surgeon


Denis Evgenyevich

Head of endoscopy department, endoscopist


Elena Alexandrovna

Head of the department of pediatrics, pediatrician

Alena Igorevna

Neurologist, parkinsonologist

Anna Sergeevna

Doctor pediatric endocrinologist

Olga Aleksandrovna

Head of the department of otorhinolaryngology, otorhinolaryngologist

Ol'ga Viktorovna

Pediatrician, gastroenterologist

Ekaterina Vladimirovna

Cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist

Karolina Marlenovna

General practitioner, cardiologist

Gulnara Shokirovna

Head of department, dermatologist, cosmetologist


Mikhail Yurievich

Head of the direction of laser surgery, coloproctologist


Alina Arturovna

Head of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center, dermatovenerologist, andrologist


Alexandra Nikolaevna

Pediatric cardiologist, functional diagnostics

Anna Stanislavovna

Coloproctologist, endoscopist


MRI & CT at night with a 30% discount

The Diagnostic center of the K+31 West clinic has special conditions for magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography at night (22:00-07:00) - 30% until 31.07.2022.

Dental consultation + implant placement

Until the end of august 2022, the K+31 West clinic offers a discount for the installation of dental implants: for only 45,990 rubles.

Complete dental diagnostics

Comprehensive dental diagnostics is available at the K+31 West clinic at a special price - 5,000 rubles 15,000 rubles.

The promotion is held from 01.02.22 to 31.08.22 in K+31 West.

Snow-white smile

In K+31 West until 31.08.22 there is a discount for complex whitening.

Get rid of excessive sweating

Today, K+31 patients have access to an effective method under special conditions: -30% for the administration of a drug.

Dentist appointment for 1 ruble

Healthy and beautiful teeth are the hallmark of a person: a sincere smile wins over the interlocutor, facilitating communication. Want to know everything about your teeth? Then this promo for a consultation with a dentist is for you! And only for a ruble!

Preparation for school at a special price

At the K+31 West Clinic there is an opportunity to get a certificate "026 examination in pediatrics" with a 71% discount.

Gastroenterologist appointment with 50% discount

Prolonged, systematically recurring, abdominal pain is a reason to take action. With pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, other symptoms of pain are also possible: belching, bloating, heartburn, heaviness, bad stools, etc. This is an occasion to consult a gastroenterologist.

0 rubles for the first appointment with a plastic surgeon

At K+31, we are confident that an informed choice of a clinic and a specialist can only be made on the basis of personal communication with a doctor. That is why we want to offer you a free initial consultation in the plastic surgery department.


ServiceCost, RUB
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-терапевта первичный4 500.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-акушера-гинеколога первичный5 100.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-косметолога первичный3 200.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-онколога первичный4 000.00
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ServiceCost, RUB
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-терапевта на дому в пределах 30 км за МКАД15 300.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-педиатра на дому в пределах 30 км за МКАД15 000.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-травматолога-ортопеда первичный4 500.00
Компьютерная томография органов грудной полости9 500.00
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ServiceCost, RUB
Магнитно-резонансная томография головного мозга10 600.00
Эзофагогастродуоденоскопия8 500.00
Общий (клинический) анализ крови развернутый850.00
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To get advice or write
to an appointment, use one of the following methods:

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Clinic Location

K+31 West

st. Orshanskaya, 16/2; st. Ak. Pavlova, 22
Molodezhnaya metro st.
Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 18:00
Diagnosis, hospital, pediatrics - 24 hours a day

About К+31 «WEST»

A multidisciplinary family clinic combining a broad-based clinic for adults and children, a diagnostic center, a hospital and an operating unit.

The clinic has advanced diagnostic equipment:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging GE Signa Voyager with magnetic field strength 1.5 Tesla. Diagnosis is carried out: adults with a body weight of up to 250 kg, patients in serious condition and children.
  • The GE Revolution CT ES CT (256 slices) allows high visualization with low beam load.
  • Mammograph Senographe Crystal Nova.
  • X-ray digital system GE Brivo DR-F.

The clinic's diagnostic center is equipped with both advanced endoscopic equipment and expert-class ultrasound devices.

K+31 West has its own laboratory, with the ability to perform more than 3500 types of analyses.

In the Department of Oncology K+31 West, a comprehensive approach to cancer therapy is practiced, which includes modern methods of diagnosis (PET, CT, MRI) and treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery). PET-CT diagnosis and radiotherapy are available to patients both for cash and under OMS.

The clinic presents such areas as: pediatrics, therapy, urology, pulmonology, gynecology, oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, psychotherapy, neurology, manual therapy and osteopathy, reflexotherapy, physiotherapy, traumatology-orthopedics, otolaryngology, surgery, dentistry, plastics.

We care for our patients by building trust based on confidentiality and respect.

Our principle is a convenient, most understandable and personalized treatment for each patient!


The most wonderful doctor for the most wonderful occasion. Disliked: No. Comment: Tatyana Alexandrovna became a second mother for my husband and me. She takes care of our pregnancy. The constant concern for my health and the health of our unborn baby comes from her. At each appointment, he carefully and carefully examines. Gives valuable guidance. Always connected - day and night. Since the third trimester is already underway, now she has begun to teach how to prepare the body for childbirth. She also teaches her husband,



The doctor is wonderful! Diligent, attentive. A year ago, she treated her teeth - all the fillings are in place. I will recommend. Thank you, Olesya Vyacheslavovna.



You know, I'm amazed at how easy and comfortable an appointment with such a delicate specialist can be! The doctor is simply excellent, he looks and explains everything in detail, and his drawings are generally just a work of medical painting! I consider Cherdakov the best in his specialty!



I have known varicose veins for a long time, more than 30 years, both legs have been operated on. When acute pain appeared, she turned to the doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexei Aleksadrovich Pustovoit at K + 31 and was not mistaken in her choice. Calmly and confidently conducted an ultrasound examination with the necessary measurements. He made a professional diagnosis and prescribed effective treatment. Convinced of this after re-examination. No segmental thrombosis was found. I'm glad I found a good doctor. It is obvious that he loves his work, does it efficiently and with pleasure. With gratitude, Osipchuk L.Yu.

Lyubov Yurievna


Many thanks to Oleg Ivanovich Yudin! He performed an operation to remove an old hernia from his grandfather. The whole family was worried about how the operation and recovery would go, since grandfather's age is wonderful. But Oleg Ivanovich did everything perfectly, the grandfather, already healthy, went to the dacha. The doctor really knows his business, serious and collected, but it is felt that he is good-natured!



I want to express my sincere gratitude to Larisa Nikolaevna Kuznetsova for the "tooth show" in two acts that I recently visited. This is about my visit to the hygienic cleaning of the teeth. Larisa Nikolaevna taught me how to brush my teeth properly with motherly tenderness. She twisted me like a real astronaut in a chair, and this is all in order to remove everything superfluous with jewelry precision and softness and leave me only beautiful teeth. Professional and very nice lady! I wish you only success and continue to work wonders with our teeth!

Julia M


We have been seeing the whole family since 2013. Over the years, he operated on me, my wife, relatives and friends. He repeatedly saved friends, relatives and colleagues (complex ENT diseases, as well as incorrect diagnoses and prescriptions from "doctors"). After Ilya Sergeevich’s appointments, p roblems were solved, noses breathed, ears heard, sore throats disappeared) Ilya Sergeevich! Health, patience, good luck in all your affairs, many years to you!



I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Omar Makhachevich for his work! The first visit to the dentist is stressful, preparing for the worst. But in this case, everything turned out to be better than all expectations)) examination and treatment were carried out in the same breath! There was no fear, no pain. An extremely delicate approach to communicating with a child, the most accurate movements, everything is fast and exciting! We would go and go, but everyone was quickly cured and there was nothing to go with))) Omar Makhachevich, I understand that there are many patients, but our peacock will remind us of us))) thank you very much for creating such a good impression on my daughter dentists, and made the treatment process so easy! Best wishes to you!



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