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Natalya Vasilevna

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, general practitioner

Larisa Vyacheslavovna

General practitioner


Camila Shavkatovna

Head of the admission department, general practitioner

Natalya Ilyinichna

General practitioner

First category doctor

Andrew Vladislavovich

Chief Therapy Consultant, Therapist


Alina Vasilevna

Deputy chief physician, general practitioner


Margarita Valerievna

Speech therapist-aphasiologist

Ivan Vadimovich

Home care manager, general practitioner, cardiologist


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About the department

The department of therapy in clinics K+31 deals with the prevention, diagnosis and conservative treatment of diseases of internal organs. The department employs leading specialists in various therapeutic profiles.

Outpatient care is represented by the following areas

  • general therapy;
  • cardiology;
  • neurology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • hepatology;
  • hematology;
  • rheumatology;
  • endocrinology;
  • infectious diseases.

Inpatient assistance

The clinic also has a comfortable multidisciplinary round-the-clock hospital, where patients are examined and treated in various therapeutic profiles. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions of stay in our hospital on our website.

Treatment of diseases

The department treats patients with the following diseases:

  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • flu;
  • angina;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • interstitial lung disease;
  • bronchiectasis of the lungs;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • disorder of the autonomic nervous system;
  • anemia;
  • dysbiosis;
  • gastritis and duodenitis;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • acute respiratory diseases (ARI);
  • allergic reactions;
  • dorsalgia;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • arthritis and arthrosis.

For the comfort of our patients, comprehensive examination programs have been developed, among the many of which each patient can choose the most suitable one for himself.

Service record


All reviews
I called Oleg Igorevich for the mother of a pensioner due to high blood pressure after suffering a coronavirus infection. Mom is very emotional and does not like to go to doctors. Oleg Igorevich arrived within an hour, carefully examined his mother, determined the therapy, explained calmly and without haste, what is the reason for the increased blood pressure and how to reduce it. After the examination, he called me (I am in another country) and told me what and how with my mother. Mom calmed down and is very happy, the pressure dropped the very next day. Oleg Igorevich is a professional and very attentive doctor. Thanks a lot!
A brilliant specialist, a very pleasant person. She came with pneumonia, Alexander Alexandrovich suspected PE, immediately prescribed an anticoagulant, prescribed an examination that confirmed myocardial pneumonia. Now I know where to go. Many thanks to the wonderful doctor!
Nilovskaya Anna
There are highly professional specialists, and there are doctors who have not only professionalism, but also such qualities as humanity, decency, sensitivity, empathy. I would like to note that Novokovsky Maxim Alexandrovich possesses all these qualities! Such doctors make a huge contribution to improving human health! Thank God that there are such doctors! Many thanks. I wish you success in his business!
Maxim Alexandrovich is a very attentive, competent doctor, of whom, unfortunately, there are not many. Prescribes very correct treatment that really helps! Thanks to Maxim Alexandrovich from the bottom of my heart! More grateful patients! I recommend Maksim Aleksandrovich to all my friends and colleagues.
Natalya Vladimirovna is an excellent doctor with an integrated, all-round approach to the problem, a kind and sympathetic person. I always try to get an appointment with her, although this is sometimes not easy with her schedule.) Thank you Natalya Vladimirovna!
Dear Elina Aramovna, thank you very much for the quality treatment, professionalism and goodwill. Daily conversations with you, attention to my questions, a sensitive attitude, all this gave me strength and confidence that everything would be fine. Now I am at home and I will follow your recommendations. Once again, thanks a lot! Respectfully yours, Maria Gennadievna.
Maria Gennadievna
Many thanks to Elina Abramovna for her emotional attitude to patients (as capricious as me). A DOCTOR FROM GOD!!!
Laura Vladimirovna
Many thanks to Dr. Elina Abramovna Stepanyan for professionalism, attentiveness and a very careful attitude towards the elderly! My grandmother is 95 years old. The examination was done very competently and the treatment was prescribed. Many thanks to you. Best regards, Elena Ginter
Evelina Aramovna! I want to thank you for my grandmother (95 years old). For your professionalism and very careful attitude towards the elderly. You are a real doctor !!! Sincerely, Elena
Vitaly Dmitrievich came to his parents with a covid - he carried out a thorough diagnosis, identified other problems (my mother's legs were swollen too much, she did not know the reasons), gave recommendations on them - as a result, he helped a lot in everything. Super cool doctor, parents are also very happy and grateful, although they were skeptical.
I thank Vitaly Dmitrievich for his professionalism and patience. I helped to find the medicines, I was always in touch !! It is aimed at the patient and his health, and not at the money like many doctors.
A very good and attentive doctor.
Larisa Yurievna is a kind, sensitive and caring person, a wonderful doctor. She helped me a lot in difficult times, found the most suitable solution in a difficult situation, instilled confidence in her recovery. Thank you, Larisa Yurievna, for your high professionalism, emotional care and desire to help ...
Dmitry Anatolyevich
I express my sincere gratitude to the therapist Larisa Yuryevna Penkova for the individual approach, timely assistance and competent therapy.
Sukmanova Marina G.
I want to express my deep gratitude to the attending physician Larisa Yurievna! The doctor has made competent treatment, thanks to which I am getting better. Larisa Yurievna is a wonderful doctor who explained everything politely and intelligibly. Thank you very much!
Akhmadova Alevtina Valentinovna
Lyudmila Borisovna is the best therapist in my experience. Clear, professional and friendly. I highly recommend it.
Lyudmila Borisovna is an excellent doctor, specialist and sincere person! The doctor explained everything in detail, reassured and prescribed the necessary treatment! And now I am healthy! Thank you very much!!!
I would like to thank Natalya Vasilievna for the treatment! The singing reception was remembered for the attentive attitude and determination to find out in detail not only my complaints, but also my general condition. I was prescribed several tests, while explaining what why and why. After repeated admission, I already had a treatment program on hand, which, as a result, had an effect. Best regards, Leonid Petrovich.
Leonid Petrovich
Dear friends! Today I was finally discharged from the hospital for follow-up treatment! What do I want to say! From the heart
I can safely say that Larisa Evgenievna saved my life! I got to the hospital on weekends in a serious condition, the doctors promptly began treatment, but as it turned out it was not right .. three days later it was getting worse .. Larisa Vyacheslavovna came in the morning on Monday and immediately determined the correct diagnosis and changed the treatment! The disease was difficult and long, but I am grateful to fate that Larisa Vyacheslavovna turned out to be my attending physician! A very competent, attentive, tactful doctor! Thank!!!
Until recently, I received help with insurance at the Center for Preventive Medicine. During the Soviet era, it was one of the best clinical bases in Moscow, and getting into its walls was considered a great success. Over the past five years, before my eyes, the commercialization of the research center voluntarily and not very much squeezed out of its limits highly qualified specialists, doctors and medical personnel. For two months they tried to diagnose me and, despite the best equipment that the clinic owns, nothing worked. Friends-doctors advised K + 31. My attending physician, a specialist of the highest category, Larisa Vyacheslavovna Zasedateleva knew the answer at the very first examination. The professionalism of the doctor was confirmed by the results of the proposed studies. In five days, all the necessary analyzes were carried out using the most advanced equipment. “Your next stage of treatment is in the competence of other doctors, - said Larisa Vyacheslavovna at parting, - have some courage.” Today the topic of rating assessment of medical institutions is being actively discussed. Several points are offered and among them are patient reviews. Based on the results of my stay in the clinic, I can say that the conditions at K + 31 are excellent, the team of specialists and medical staff deserve the highest scores, and the diagnosis in five days, instead of long visits to the offices, is worth any money. Now the word is for the highest medical community, and the rating will help save many lives.
I got to the doctor not at all according to his profile, despite this, I listened carefully and did everything possible. You don't often find such a benevolent attitude, she left inspired.
Nilovskaya Anna
Wonderful doctor! Very attentive to the patient. Thank you so much!!!
The very fact of going to a doctor is a test in itself, and nevertheless, there are attentive, delicate and caring specialists, among whom I include Ivan Pavlovich Eroshenko, a visit to whom gives the mood for recovery) Thank you!
The best therapist I have met. Friendly, attentive. A good doctor's attitude towards the patient is a complementary therapy. This is about Ivan Pavlovich
Very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly doctor! More of these ...
An excellent doctor, thoughtful and insightful specialist with a high diagnostic flair. Just a kind and good person. I advise everyone!
Alexander Cheverev
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the head of the admission department, doctor-therapist Tuychieva Kamila Shavkatovna. This is a DOCTOR with a capital letter. Her professionalism and natural talent as a doctor allowed me to correctly diagnose and prescribe the right treatment, after which I literally got on my feet.
Sudareva Tatiana Pavlovna
I am 57 years old. I underwent treatment with many doctors - two major operations, three chronic diseases. The experience is great. And in my opinion Natalia Ilyinichna Repina is a doctor and diagnostician from God. Amazing sensitivity, attention to detail, does not allow the patient to dissolve without losing his trust. A doctor who clearly chooses a specialist who is needed for this particular patient, who clearly makes decisions. And when Natalya Ilyinichna was treating my mother, my surprise knew no bounds. So quickly she found an approach to an elderly person, cured him, although we all know how difficult it is with such patients. Honor and praise to the doctor. Thank you.
I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team of the clinic and to the therapist N.I. Repina. in August 2021 for accompanying in the process of vaccination against Covid 2019. We consulted in detail, the data for public services were transferred in a timely manner, the next day.
Many thanks to Natalia Ilyinichna for her professional approach to business, broad outlook and humanity. A very good doctor who carefully examines the problem and the test results, accurately identifies the diagnosis. Thank you very much!!!
High professionalism, love for their work and great involvement in the patient's problem. Many thanks to Natalia Ilyinichna, she helped me a lot in solving the issue of preoperative preparation!
We have been seeing Alena Alexandrovna for four years with the whole family, for any reason we run to her first! I also refer all my friends to her. Thank you very much to the doctor, he treats any complaint very carefully, understands the full picture and always prescribes only the necessary tests and prescribes medications thoughtfully.
A wonderful doctor! Very attentive, a real professional in her field. Many thanks.
I express my gratitude to Elena Petrovna Babkova for my treatment. From the very beginning, I felt much better, I hope I will finally recover soon. Elena Petrovna is a very pleasant professional in her field, so I recommend it to everyone!
Many thanks to Dr. Kamila Shavkatovna for her sensitivity, high professionalism and humanity! The doctor instantly evaluates the situation, makes the right decision, and the outcome of a critical situation changes qualitatively. We wish Kamila Shavkatovna health and success in all her endeavors!
Tsvetnikova Irina
A great specialist and a wonderful person! I was lucky to study with Andrey Vladislavovich at the department. Best!