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For the convenience of our patients, K+31 specialists are ready to provide assistance directly at home
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I want to assure you that the doctor's home visit will be arranged on the same day, at the most comfortable time for the patient. Call to apply or fill out the form. A support specialist will contact you and issue a call. Briefly describe the problem, what doctor or procedure is required, and the address where you live and a convenient time to see the doctor or nurse.

Our field service carries out a wide range of medical examinations and manipulations, it is possible to visit specialist doctors, prescribe treatment, think over a plan for examination and maintenance. As well as conducting functional and ultrasound studies: ECG, Holter monitoring, night EEG, ultrasound of blood vessels and other organs, ECHO-KG. Nursing personnel perform wound dressings, treatment of bedsores, enemas, intravenous and intramuscular injections, catheter replacement, biomaterial sampling for laboratory research, incl. for the diagnosis of ARVI viruses, influenza, COVID-19.

Head of the Home Help Department, general practitioner, pulmonologist

Calling doctors and nurses will save you time. Before visiting a polyclinic - a therapist or medical manipulations, you must make an appointment in advance. And calling an ambulance is possible only in case of a serious threat to the health and life of sick people.

The "Doctor at home" service provides comfort for sick people who need paid medical care, but for health reasons or other reasons they cannot personally come to the clinic. The decision to call a doctor at home will be appropriate if the patient is elderly or the person has a disability, such as a disability. You can also use the medical service if you feel unwell, when there is a risk of developing complications while moving independently, or there is simply a desire to receive specialized assistance in a familiar home environment.

  • Examination and treatment of sick patients at home in Moscow is carried out by qualified doctors with extensive experience, who constantly improve their professional level, attend scientific conferences and undergo additional training. The doctor comes to your home with the necessary mobile equipment, thanks to which you can fully conduct an examination and diagnostic procedures.
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Doctor's home visit
Doctor's home visit

Departure of any doctor is carried out at a convenient time for the patient. First, the doctor will ask the patient at the reception will conduct a full examination, measure the parameters (blood pressure, heart rate, number of respiratory movements, if necessary, thermometry will be carried out). Reception is maximum detailed, the doctor talks in detail about his actions and answers all the questions of the patient, if necessary, appoints additional diagnostic studies.

In addition to the standard reception of various general practitioners and doctors of narrow specialization, The clinic provides additional medical care at home.

After examination and diagnostic procedures, the doctor will develop a personal treatment or adjust the previously selected scheme. If necessary, if the patient's condition is regarded as serious, the doctor will arrange for the patient to be hospitalized in a hospital for further treatment.

Also, home visits are carried out by paramedical personnel (nurse, nurse), who conducts sampling, assists the doctor in carrying out diagnostic measures in patients, performs appointments (injection, intravenous drip infusion medicines and other medical manipulations). A home nurse can be called by phone: +7 (495) 162-65-15.

All nurses have a medical education and work experience of at least 3 years.

Features of calling a doctor at home
Features of calling a doctor at home
  • Efficiency of the arrival of the doctor at home: this allows you to conduct a high-quality examination, quickly diagnose and start treatment at an early stage.
  • The speed of processing the application: when calling a doctor at home, there is no need for queues and long filling out of documentation for an appointment.
  • For families with children, calling a pediatrician at home is an individual appointment and an in-depth examination in the usual conditions, as well as the absence of contact with people who can be sources of infectious diseases.
  • For elderly people, calling a doctor at home makes it possible not to disturb the usual daily routine, which eliminates additional stress. Regular medical supervision of older people at home will help not only feel better physically and psychologically, but also ensure a good quality of life.
  • For active and business people, the opportunity to call a doctor at home for an examination can significantly save time and minimize efforts, as well as solve the problem at a private appointment.
Benefits of outreach service at K+31
Benefits of outreach service at K+31
  • Our specialists will provide qualified medical care at home in the event of an acute case, with exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • The doctor will conduct an initial diagnosis, develop or correct previously selected therapy, draw up a treatment plan. If necessary, organizes hospitalization in the hospital of the K+31 Clinic.
  • It is also possible to visit paramedical personnel who will be able to take tests, administer injections (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal), conduct infusion therapy (intravenous drip and jet infusion).
  • Departure of experts is carried out daily.
  • Organization of a hospital at home
Primary appointment (examination, consultation) with a general practitioner
* this service is relevant if the initial appointment takes place in the field.
from 3 900 ₽
Reception (examination, consultation) of a general practitioner at home in Moscow and within 10 km outside the Moscow Ring Road
from 13 600 ₽
Reception (examination, consultation) of a general practitioner at home within 30 km outside the Moscow Ring Road
from 15 300 ₽
Planned remote online consultation of a general practitioner using telemedicine technologies
from 3 900 ₽
Reception (examination, consultation) of a cardiologist based on the results of the examination
from 2 750 ₽
Reception (examination, consultation) of a cardiologist at home within 10 km outside the Moscow Ring Road
from 14 450 ₽
Reception (examination, consultation) of a cardiologist at home within 30 km outside the Moscow Ring Road
from 15 300 ₽
Decoding, description and interpretation of electrocardiographic data
from 2 100 ₽
Departure of a nurse to a patient in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road (in addition to the main service)
from 7 800 ₽
Departure of a nurse to a patient within 30 km outside the Moscow Ring Road (in addition to the main service)
from 8 700 ₽
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Why K+31?
К + 31 — full-cycle multidisciplinary medical centers, including the possibility of providing medical services of European quality level.
К + 31 — are leading doctors and diagnostics using high-tech equipment from world manufacturers (Karl Storz, Olympus, Siemens, Toshiba, Bausch&Lomb, Technolas, Zeiss, Topcon).
К + 31 — is ethical. The staff of K+31 clinics maintain open relationships with patients and partners. An individual approach to each patient is the basis of our service standards.
К + 31 — is modernity. On call 24/7: call center operators will answer your questions at any time and book you an appointment with doctors. Contact us by phone, through the feedback form on the website and WhatsApp.
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