Dzhabrailov Jabrail Abdulazizovich

Urologist, andrologist

Work experience: 
19 years
Academic degree: 
Medical category: 
Врач высшей категории
Reception at: 
ул. Лобачевского, дом 42, стр. 4; 1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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  • 10.2006 - 09.2009: postgraduate study at the department №1 of the faculty surgery of the MMA named after THEM. Sechenov. 11/23/2009, defense of the candidate dissertation;
  • 09.2003 - 09.2005: Moscow, RMAPO, clinical residency at the Department of Emergency and General Surgery. Clinical base - Research Institute. N.V. Sklifosofskogo and the hospital police department in Moscow (diploma, certificate);
  • 09.2001 - 08.2002: Makhachkala, clinical internship specializing in Pediatric Surgery, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Dagestan State Medical Academy (diploma, certificate);
  • 09.1995 - 08.2001: Makhachkala, Dagestan State Medical Academy, Department of Pediatrics (diploma)

Passed the following specializations:

  • 2016: Moscow, RMAPE, Department of Endocrinology, continuing education cycle;
  • 2015: Moscow, First Moscow State Medical University THEM. Sechenov, continuing education cycle “Andrological aspects of the reproductive health of a married couple”;
  • 2015: Moscow, First Moscow State Medical University THEM. Sechenov, certification cycle "Urology";
  • 2006: Moscow, faculty of advanced training of medical workers of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, at the Department of Clinical Andrology, specialty urology (diploma, certificate);
  • Moscow, RMAPO, Department of Laser Endoscopic Surgery and General Surgery, specialty "endoscopic surgery" (diploma)
  • Moscow, MMA named after THEM. Sechenov, Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics, specialty "Doctor of Ultrasound Diagnostics" (diploma);
  • Moscow, MMA named after THEM. Sechenov, Department of Health Organization and Public Health, specialty "Doctor in the specialty - Organization of Health and Public Health" (diploma, certificate).

Place of work:

Scientific Clinical Center of Russian Railways OJSC, Moscow, urologist-andrologist, surgeon

An excellent doctor who knows his business, gives really wor king recommendations! Thank you very much, Dzhabrail Abdulazizovich! deploy...

Svetlana / 14.12.2018

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