Medvedev Alexander Alexeyevich

Department: Urology
Врач высшей категории
Degree: PhD
Experience: 29 years
Holds reception in branches:
K+31 on Lobachevskogo | st. Lobachevskogo, 42/4

Primary appointment: from 7800 ₽

Repeated appointment: from 6700 ₽

Treatment Profile
Examination and treatment of inpatient and outpatient urological patients. Ultrasound diagnostics of urological diseases, including TRUS and transrectal biopsies of the prostate. Performing and evaluating uroflowmetry. Management of patients with inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, uro-oncological, andrological, urogynecological

diseases. Management of patients with male factor infertility in the IVF protocol, testicular biopsy: TESA/PESA.

About the doctor
Language skills
Reviews 5
It’s not that I’m a very old person, but I’ve seen many different doctors in my life. Alexander Alekseevich is one of the special ones: he is an attentive and friendly professional, he communicates with you the way a real doctor should probably communicate (we are just often deprived of this opportunity), he does not consider that the patient is an unreasonable child who did not take care of himself in time , and understands that he (the patient) cannot grasp all the medical subtleties without additional explanations. He will ask and clarify more than once, he will come to you (God forbid, of course) 3 times before the operation and 3 times after, etc. And he has a firm but light hand - after the operation I did not have any complications, let alone any unpleasant sensations, thank you very much!
Kayali Ziyad Mawahib
Careful and clear understanding and study of the problem. The shortest way to solve it. Caring for the patient, ligation and assistance even after hours. Thank you.
Egorov Mikhail Georgievich
I came to the doctor after many doctors, I have been undergoing treatment for a month, my problem has practically disappeared. The first urologist who diagnosed me and started treatment. I am very grateful! I hope for a successful cure! Friends advised the clinic.
Ryanova Elena Alexandrovna
Alexander Alekseevich is a rare, in our time, person, doctor, professional! Very attentive, sensitive, thoughtful attitude to the patient's problem! Trusting your doctor is very important! This has not happened to me for a long time, but I trust Alexander Alekseevich unconditionally! Thank you for your faith in tomorrow, for the well-being of our fathers, for your attitude towards patients! All the best and wide horizons!
Medvedev Alexander Alekseevich is the specialist whom you start to trust from the first minute of your appointment. Professionalism and friendliness are the components that instill confidence that you are in good hands. I am very glad that specialists of such a high level are in this clinic. I wish you, Alexander Alekseevich, professional success in the field of protecting our health, the health of your grateful patients. THANK!!!
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