Tereshchenko Suren Alexandrovich

Doctor urologist-andrologist
Department: Urology
Врач высшей категории
Degree: Doctor of Sciences, PhD
Experience: 26 years
Holds reception in branches:
K+31 on Lobachevskogo | st. Lobachevskogo, 42/4
K+31 Petrovskie Vorota | 1st Kolobovsky lane, 4

Primary appointment: from 7800 ₽

Repeated appointment: from 9500 ₽

Treatment Profile
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.
  • Treatment of obstructive forms of male infertility using microsurgical techniques: microsurgical spermatozoa extraction (MD-MESE/TESE), Marmar varicocelectomy.
  • Male genital surgery: surgical treatment of phimosis, Peyronie's disease and deformity of the penis, various developmental anomalies, hydrocele, cysts of the epididymis, lengthening and thickening of the penis.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hormonal deficiency (age-related androgen deficiency), obesity in men.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and organs: pyelonephritis, prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, orchitis, epididymitis, urolithiasis.
  • All types of sexual disorders: conservative therapy using the latest highly effective means and methods.
  • A full range of surgical interventions, including microsurgical, modern methods of treatment of accelerated ejaculation (premature ejaculation).
  • Men's health in general: anti-aging medicine, youth prolongation, prevention of diseases and diseases of aging.
About the doctor
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Reviews 5
I turned to Dr. Tereshchenko in the fall of 2022 after unsuccessful treatment by another doctor with the desire to have a baby. Suren Alexandrovich approached the issue systematically, recommending to take tests and, based on the results of evaluating the work of all body systems, begin treatment. After going through several different courses of therapy within six months, I felt as good as I had ever felt in my life, and my wife and I managed to conceive the first time. We are now expecting our baby! I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Tereshchenko!
Suren Alexandrovich is a doctor with amazing knowledge, experience and effective methods of treatment! Exactly active! I am immensely grateful to God that we were immediately referred by respected doctors to him on the recommendation! cured my husband of infertility in a short period. Although they thought that the treatment would be long, as the tests were not consoling. But the result was not long in coming and the long-awaited two strips turned our lives for the better!!! I also improved the general condition of my husband's body! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! You make the world healthier!!!
Suren Alexandrovich, thank you very much for your help!!! You brought me back to normal. I am 41 years old and have been seen since December 2021. The reason for the appeal is a sharp decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction. At the first appointment, the doctor listened very carefully to the essence of my appeal, after that he asked a lot of clarifying questions (lifestyle, nutrition, sports, hobbies, sleep duration, health, referrals to other doctors, etc.). Immediately conducted a thorough diagnosis, made a large number of tests. According to the results, a detailed course of cleaning and treatment of the body was prescribed. Additional examinations by other related specialists were immediately identified. All treatment takes place without antibiotics, treatment methods are safe. Suren Aleksandrovich corrected my lifestyle, prescribed a nutrition program, wrote out the necessary vitamins and medicines, added sports to my routine (gym, swimming pool). Now everything has returned to normal, we meet in 2-3 months, we monitor the indicators, we remove something, we add something. Always in touch, always answers and additionally advises. Suren Alexandrovich is very scrupulous about the medical prescriptions of related specialists. If there are contraindications on our topic, he immediately draws attention to it. Further, we are already selecting alternative drugs with that doctor. I really liked that we immediately began to look for the cause of my problem, and did not immediately move on to cardinal solutions. His approach to treatment, professionalism, sensitive attitude towards his patients, attentiveness and immersion in the problem are amazing! I highly recommend this doctor!
Many thanks to you Suren Alexandrovich! You are my savior! You improved the quality of my life, restored my health. My appetite improved, energy appeared, irritability over trifles disappeared, stomach pains, bloating in the intestines disappeared. For me, this is a new life without pain, when everyone around me is happy and positive) From the first second when you enter his office, there is already relief)) the doctor inspires confidence and Faith appears that better times will come in terms of my health! Periodically, I was observed by many doctors, drank a bunch of antibiotics, the improvement lasted 3-4 months, and then returned and so on for several years, but Suren Alexandrovich was the only doctor who professionally treated me (without antibiotics, taking care of my intestines), identifying the cause of chronic inflammation in my body, and the focus of inflammation was my tonsils. After Suren Alexandrovich recommended to go to Laura, Breeva Olga Alexandrovna, who will remove them for me in the future, since they no longer fulfilled their function of protection, but rather harmed my stomach, intestines, and reproductive system. Thank you very much for the quality operation, everything was done neatly and painlessly! His knowledge in the field of doctoral science is so great, as if he sees or knows through my body! The K + 31 clinic itself was recommended by my close friend, guided by the reviews “about doctors”, where in one of the reviews I read an identical medical history with my own. I planned to undergo treatment abroad, but because of the pandemic I could not fly away, but I almost regret it, and I’m even glad that it happened and I got to Suren Alexandrovich, because he is a World-class doctor! Once again I thank you for your attentiveness, care with the recommendations of your colleagues who are just as experienced and knowledgeable in their field, the best laboratories in terms of diagnostics. And I wish you Suren Alexandrovich to have your own clinic, to gather all your colleagues in one place, next to you and it will be convenient for us), I am sure it will be the most leading in the world! You can’t write everything, I strongly advise you to come and see for yourself in his humanity and in his professionalism !!! I wish you all good health, approach the treatment plan responsibly!
Artur Sadykov
The best and most attentive doctor I have met lately. Considering that I am a German citizen and can be compared with many EUROPEAN specialists. A professional with a capital letter, a very delicate and correct approach in all matters. Suren Alexandrovich, will be able to find the cause of your ailment very accurately and at the same time explain in sufficient detail to you why one way or another it happened to you. I recommend this particular doctor, because in my opinion he is the best in his profession. Thank you, Suren Alexandrovich
Alena Klevtsova
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