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Hospital at home

Curation under constant medical supervision

  • Observation of patients with combined chronic diseases, most often, those with limited mobility.
  • Creating the necessary conditions for maintaining health and care.
  • At the request of the patient and/or the supervising doctor, it is possible to leave the hospital doctor or any other specialist.
  • Correction of treatment, appointments together with the supervising doctor.

Curation of patients with COVID-19

  • Stable patients with confirmed mild to moderate coronavirus infection.
  • The possibility of conducting specific antiviral therapy of high efficiency at home.

Patients who are unstable, with risk factors (old age, with concomitant diseases), severe respiratory failure, etc., need to decide on emergency hospitalization in an infectious diseases hospital.

Course treatment

  • Patient profile can be both therapeutic and surgical.
  • Stable patients requiring:
    - Intravenous and intramuscular administration of drugs.
    - Dressings.
    - Dynamic monitoring of vital signs.
    - Blood tests under medical supervision.
  • It is possible to arrange a consultation with a narrow specialist.
    Example: a doctor has prescribed a course of treatment with iron preparations for a patient; antibacterial therapy; correction of protein-water-electrolyte balance (potassium, sodium, protein); vascular therapy, etc.

What we can?

  • Observation by a doctor, preparation of a treatment plan, examinations. Daily communication with the patient, relatives.
  • Interpretation of the results of the pre-examination.
  • Carrying out nursing procedures:
    - Measurement of vital signs.
    - Parenteral administration of drugs.
    - Dressings.
    - Insertion of a catheter.
  • Organization of consultations of narrow specialists.
  • Leasing of medical equipment (oxygen concentrator, functional bed, nebulizer).
  • Formation of a plan and implementation of rehabilitation measures.
  • Organization of a 24-hour nurse.

What is the advantage of a home hospital K+31?

  • Continuity of management and supervision by a physician.
  • Quick response in case of need to control research (ECG, tests, ultrasound, EEG).
  • Possibility not to leave home during treatment; combine treatment with work, study.
  • Prevention of the development of the disease.
  • Organization of consultations of narrow specialists in a convenient format: online or in person.

Service record


All specialists
Anastasia Alexandrovna

Head of the department "Hospital at home", therapist, pulmonologist

Maria Vladimirovna

Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Olga Ivanovna

Children's ophthalmologist

Tatiana Vyacheslavovna

Cardiologist, functional diagnostics doctor

Andrey Alexandrovich

Therapist, cardiologist


Natalya Ilyinichna

General practitioner

First category doctor

Alina Alexandrovna

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Maria Vladimirovna

Pediatrician, hematologist


Olga Vladimirovna

Neurologist, neurophysiologist, epileptologist, neuropsychologist, ultrasound doctor


All reviews
High professionalism, love for their work and great involvement in the patient's problem. Many thanks to Natalia Ilyinichna, she helped me a lot in solving the issue of preoperative preparation!
Many thanks for the attention and approach to the patient, which is very important especially for the elderly. All appointments, recommendations are competent. Maria Vladimirovna helped to reduce the overshooting sugar, prescribed a clear treatment regimen.
Maria Vladimirovna, thank you very much! I am happy that I was in your saving "hands"! In a short time (so necessary for me) they took me out of a critical state, thanks to a very competent, complex therapy. And your sensitivity, kindness and humanity have enhanced this therapeutic effect! Thank you!
Many thanks to Maria Vladimirovna! It helped me a lot to lose 15 kg, although before that I just didn’t try anything, the result was not pleasing. Very attentive doctor, individual approach to everyone, the highest professionalism. He fully delves into the problem, gives useful advice, and in the end, such a pleasing result turned out! My treatment will continue, I will sign up for the 2nd course of the weight loss program. THANKS!
Huge thanks to the doctor! Real professional. Sensitive, positive, extremely thorough, accurate to the smallest detail. I have never been examined so comprehensively and in detail. He gave useful recommendations in his specialty and indicated the direction of additional research on other possible age-related problems. Thank you, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich!
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich guru of manual therapy. At the first appointment, he examined, felt all the clamps, problem areas in the cervical and thoracic regions, prescribed a course of therapy (5 sessions). In the middle of the course, I felt light, and after the course, the pain in my back went away. Dmitry Vyacheslavovich has not only golden hands, but also a great sense of humor)
I went to the doctor with pain in my arm, but the treatment left both headaches and back pain. Great doctor, nice person.
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Shokh is an excellent chiropractor. After the first session, it became easier to turn the head and the numbness of the arm passed (came with pain in the collar
I am soon 70 and in my entire long life I may have met such doctors a couple of times - attentive, sensitive, an excellent professional and a wonderful person. The doctor, who was not affected by professional burnout, she does not feel sorry for the patient's strength and attention. I came upset, broken, but having fallen into the wonderful hands of Dr. Ivanova, I left already reassured and in a great mood. Many thanks and good luck in everything, Marina Nikolaevna!
For a year and a half of treatment, I visited many doctors and during all this time I was not even given an accurate diagnosis. After the first consultation with this doctor, they put everything on the shelves, determined the diagnosis and prescribed the initial course of treatment, which I am incredibly happy about. I recommend everyone to contact this specialist;)