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Patronage service

We will help you take care of your loved ones in need of support. We visit regularly or live permanently.

You can not be afraid for your relatives and calmly entrust the care and care to the nurse K+31.

The art of nursing is to take care not of a patient with any disease, but of a person with peculiarities, character, habits, desires.

Elderly care

We will help when a loved one needs care, attention and care, especially in case of health problems.

We treat them like our grandparents - with warmth and respect.

Care for people with limited mobility

If opportunities are limited due to trauma, surgery or other reasons, additional support is required, adaptation to new living conditions.

We provide comfort, care and support both at home and in the hospital.

All specialists have appropriate training and experience in working with the elderly and people with limited mobility. We select for each case the most experienced specialist for this.

It is important for us that next to the patient in need of care, there is a person with a kind heart, caring and patient. In addition, the staff of the K+31 patronage service:

  • They have higher education and speak foreign languages.
  • Successfully passed a rigorous selection process.
  • Psychologically prepared to work with "difficult" patients.
  • Hardworking, polite and respectful of people.
  • Passed practice in the hospital clinic K+31.
  • Regularly enrolled in various blocks of the internal educational program.

The possibilities of the patronage service

  • At home (with accommodation, without accommodation, from several hours a day to daily shifts according to the schedule).
  • In a hospital (night/day visits, care in the postoperative period, fight against pressure ulcers, procedures, drug control, massage).
  • For the weekend, vacation, business trip.
  • Help and assistance with transportation or other travel.
  • Services of a nurse-housekeeper, nurse-nurse, companion.

The leading specialist of the patronage service leaves at your request at any time of the day. All conditions, questions, difficult moments are discussed in advance.

In our practice, we apply European methods, standards of care based on an integrated approach system.

Call a nurse

We monitor hygiene
Help with bath procedures: washing, brushing teeth, taking a shower and bath. We change diapers, underwear and bed linen on time.

We care about health
We monitor indicators daily: pressure, pulse, temperature, blood sugar, etc. We help with nutrition, if necessary.
We monitor medication intake, treat bedsores, change dressings and take care of stomas.

We organize leisure
We accompany you to the clinic and other institutions. We do house cleaning, help keep track of pets. We go to the store and the pharmacy.
We read books, talk, play games, go for walks, do exercises.

Quality assurance

Care Expertise
Our nurses have many years of experience in working with elderly people, patients with limited mobility, disabled people and other categories of citizens.

Personal responsibility
We are confident in the professionalism of each nurse, therefore we take responsibility for the work.

Service record