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Oncology at K+31 West

The department of oncology at «K+31 West» provides medical care in accordance with modern world standards


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About the department

Oncological council

Among the many options for a treatment strategy - combinations of radiation therapy, surgical treatment or chemotherapy - the right choice is needed, which is not always possible for one specialist, which is why a multidisciplinary, or team, approach to the treatment of oncological diseases is correct in modern practice. To this end, the K+31 West clinic has implemented the possibility of holding an oncological consultation, where, in the course of a collective discussion by doctors of various specialties, the diagnosis is clarified or corrected and the most effective individual treatment plan is drawn up.

The board usually consists of:

  • Oncologist-chemotherapist.
  • Surgeon.
  • Radiotherapist.
  • Diagnostic specialist.

Experts from related specialties may be involved in the council.

Drug therapy

In the clinic, targeted, immuno- and chemotherapy is carried out for patients with tumors of various localizations:

Chemotherapy is carried out according to regulated protocols according to world recommendations. A personal treatment regimen is drawn up for each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the oncological disease. Chemotherapy is also carried out for patients who come from other countries with an already prescribed treatment regimen. This treatment can be carried out in a hospital setting.

If necessary, in the case of a serious condition of the patient, detoxification treatment is first carried out before chemotherapy to improve his condition.

Preventive diagnostics

The department of oncology also pays special attention to preventive work, the essence of which is to identify benign, potentially dangerous, precancerous diseases, as well as malignant tumors in those patients of the clinic who are treated in other departments or are consulted by other specialists.

This is realized thanks to the close cooperation of oncologists with specialists from other profiles of K+31 clinics.

Radiation therapy

The clinic "K+31 West" provides treatment according to compulsory medical insurance in the following areas: radiation therapy, chemoradiotherapy for all nosologies without restrictions in the form 057/y. You can sign up for the clinic under compulsory medical insurance from all regions, including Moscow, except for Dagestan, Tambov, Volgograd and the Moscow region.

Read more about the equipment here and here.

Clinical trial for glioma patients

In the medical center K+31 West*, located at the address: Moscow, st. Orshanskaya, 16, a clinical study is being conducted for patients with histologically verified Grade I-IV glioma, using the investigational drug "RadioMedFluorTyrosine" (Fluoroethyltyrosine [18F]), which is used in PET-CT diagnostics of brain tumors. The new clinical trial will be a multicentre, prospective, randomized, open-label, comparative study to investigate the diagnostic efficacy, safety, and patient tolerability of the radiopharmaceutical.

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Breast cancer: broadcast with Elena Fedorovna Satirova

Satirova Elena Fedorovna, head of the antitumor drug treatment department of the K+31 West clinic, oncologist of the highest category, on April 14, gave an online lecture on the possibilities of treating breast cancer and the features of hormonal therapy.


Radiation therapy: world problems according to the IAEA

IAEA studies have found significant shortcomings in the provision of radiotherapy care - the treatment of cancer in children. The results showed that the existing gaps are global in scope. The study also identified ways to improve clinical practice.


Systemic review and meta-analysis of local salvage therapy after EBRT for prostate cancer (MASTER study)

The management of locally recurrent prostate cancer after radical radiotherapy remains controversial due to the perceived high incidence of severe genitourinary (GU) and gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity associated with any method of salvage radiotherapy.


Being overweight increases the risk of developing cancer

The link between obesity in adulthood and an increased risk of cancer has already been known, but the risk associated with overweight in childhood and puberty has not previously been described in detail.


Our doctor in your city

As part of expanding the network of assistance throughout the country, our experts made their first working trip to Ingushetia.


New possibilities for the treatment of oncopathologies

Sotorasib has been shown to be effective in the treatment of colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer with the KRAS G12C mutation in early clinical trials.


Influence of interruptions in radiation therapy courses on long-term results of treatment

Modern radiotherapy does not accept breaks in treatment. The loss of local control for every unplanned missed day of treatment is beyond doubt. However, the reality is that radiation oncologists are increasingly faced with the need to stop a radical course of radiation or chemoradiotherapy, for example, due to infection of a patient with COVID-19.


Should meat be excluded for cancer patients?

The consumption of red meat by patients with stage III colon cancer does not increase the risk of recurrence and does not reduce overall life expectancy.


When should you stop cancer treatment?

An interesting article was published on the rosoncoweb website in the format of a discussion scene "When the end is near: to be treated in order to live - or to live in order to be treated?". Two well-known representatives of the medical community collided in it: doctors of medical sciences, professors Zhukov Nikolai Vladimirovich and Mitin Timur.


Changes in clinical guidelines. Radiation therapy

In January 2022, the National Cancer Network (NCCN) made a number of significant additions to the recommendations for radiation therapy for rectal cancer, which are important not only for specialists, but also for patients.


The use of aspirin in breast cancer

The use of aspirin after combined treatment of early breast cancer does not reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


Allergy medications to reduce cancer risk?

The researchers concluded that the use of antihistamines may reduce the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with viral hepatitis B and C, but further research is needed.



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Thanks a lot! Helped my dad. The disease is currently in remission.



Excellent doctor, erudite, positive and kind professional! Helped me cope with the problem after several operations in one well-known network of clinics! He explains everything very clearly, the reception and all procedures take place in a relaxed atmosphere, the doctor has a very light hand. Thanks to Cherdakov A.V. I again believed in doctors and with pleasure I recommend this specialist to my relatives and friends!



A positive, kind and competent doctor with a huge amount of knowledge not only in his specialty, but in general in medicine. Everything is clearly explained, tells and shows in the picture. The inspection itself is in very comfortable conditions and minimal discomfort. In general, the clinic is just excellent, but for such a clinic, the doctor is absolutely appropriate - a professional with golden hands. I definitely recommend Dr. Cherdakov and the medical center.



You know, I'm amazed at how easy and comfortable an appointment with such a delicate specialist can be! The doctor is simply excellent, he looks and explains everything in detail, and his drawings are generally just a work of medical painting! I consider Cherdakov the best in his specialty!



Thank you for catching melanoma in such a timely manner!!!



How lucky I was that at the right time I was advised to apply to K31 to Elena Fedorovna. I enjoyed neoadjuvant therapy! The department has created maximum comfort for patients, each employee in his place is professional and empathetic. Thanks to Elena Fedorovna for her work, she is always in touch, you can always contact her and get a quick and competent answer. So, after complete pathomorphosis, I am undergoing targeted therapy at K31!

Guseva Julia


At the K-31 clinic, I underwent treatment, where a doctor, Anton Vladimirovich, was appointed to me. I want to express my gratitude to him. He is a very responsible, punctual and pleasant young man, which is rare for young people nowadays. Always trying to do what is best and more convenient for the patient !! At the first appointment, he will guide you around the clinic, tell you where to take what, where to undergo treatment (not all doctors do it !!!) He quickly works with the documentation, prepared an extract instantly. I never had to wait for him, always at the workplace. I am very glad that I got such a doctor !!!



A very competent specialist, the treatment was prescribed promptly. He will always answer all your questions, help with advice, instill faith and hope



I want to express my endless gratitude to Alexei Valerievich. He not only helped to cope with the problem once and for all, but also gave amazing moments of happiness and positive from communicating with him! Very knowledgeable, highly professional, intelligent and kind! I am infinitely glad that by the will of fate and the recommendations of my colleagues at work, I ended up in the hands of Dr. Cherdakov! Thank you and kudos for your work!



I want to thank Aleksey Valeryevich from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful successes of my treatment, or rather, for correcting the horror that laser surgeons have done to me! He is a very thorough doctor, sympathetic and kind, always in touch and most importantly, always ready to help! Thanks Dr. Cherdakov for my health!



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