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About the department

Rehabilitation Clinic K+31 offers its patients rehabilitation treatment programs based on modern methods of rehabilitation therapy. The main task of the rehabilitation department is to restore the health and performance of patients in the shortest possible time, so the treatment is carried out in a comprehensive manner. The capabilities of the rehabilitation department of the K+31 clinic allow us to develop individual recovery programs and carry out a full list of preventive procedures.

Directions and services:

  • Physiotherapy.
    Individual and group lessons for rehabilitation after injuries and operations, exercises in the gym on simulators. Medical Fitness on specialized equipment under the supervision of professionals.
  • Physiotherapy.
    It is based on the influence of natural and physical factors such as cold, heat, ultrasound, magnetic field, electric current of various frequencies, laser, etc. on body tissues, which gives a pronounced therapeutic effect.
  • Massage according to various methods.
    In addition to classical massage, our clinic offers its clients massage in an electrostatic field using the Hivamat apparatus, LPG massage and vacuum roller massage.
  • Manual therapy.
    One of the most affordable, safe and effective methods of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spine.
  • Osteopathy.
    Non-traumatic and drug-free method of treatment. Increased loads, as, for example, in athletes, require adaptation of the human body, and this process helps to facilitate the work of an osteopath.
  • Acupuncture.
    An effective method, often recommended for the complex treatment of various diseases. Carrying out procedures in parallel with medical treatment will help speed up recovery.
  • Rehabilitation for children.
    The clinic provides rehabilitation even for the smallest patients with various diseases.
  • Hardware rehabilitation.
    Diagnostics and rehabilitation with biological feedback using the CYBEX Humac Norm system (USA).

The direction of sports medicine functions separately.

Rehabilitation and recovery

At the clinic, patients undergo rehabilitation after injuries, operations and various diseases.

We accept patients of all degrees of severity for various nosologies:

  • strokes;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • spine and spinal cord injuries;
  • spine diseases: scoliosis, dorsopathy, herniated discs, after neurosurgical treatment;
  • joint damage, ligament rupture, bone fractures;
  • diagnostics, restoration of mobility of muscles and joints;
  • conditions after neurosurgical treatment;
  • conditions after endoprosthetics, arthroscopic operations of any joints;
  • conditions after the treatment of cancer;
  • obesity;
  • activation of the elderly;
  • acceleration of recovery after plastic surgery;
  • rehabilitation in gynecology, urology, coloproctology (including after surgical treatment).

Rehabilitation program

The Department of Rehabilitation is equipped with rehabilitation equipment that allows for a comprehensive assessment of the state of the body. Based on the diagnostic data obtained by the doctors, a comprehensive program of rehabilitation treatment is drawn up using physiotherapy and hydrotherapy technologies; physiotherapy exercises using unique restorative exercises and unique simulators, gymnastics in water, various types of massage.

The main principles of the Department of Rehabilitation are an integrated approach to patient rehabilitation, drawing up a treatment program and constant monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment measures.

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An excellent specialist!
Thanks to a well-chosen set of exercises, understandable explanations and the attention of Alexander Bikeev, the mobility of the limb and joint after the injury returned completely. Many thanks!
Dear Andrey Viktorovich, thank you very much for your work, for your communication, for your sensitive attitude! I wish you success in everything! Respectfully yours, Maria Gennadievna.
Maria Gennadievna
Anastasia is very helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to recover with her. And the smile makes you forget everything. Unfortunately, the reception time is limited :-)
Wonderful doctor! The prescribed treatment has brought the expected results! Anastasia Valerievna is a professional, delicate and attentive, reliable with her). Thank you!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Pavel Alekseevich for his sensitivity and great professionalism. An indifferent doctor, a professional in his field and just a kind person. I literally came to life after acupuncture.
An excellent specialist. I am glad that I got to him.
Huge thanks to the doctor! Real professional. Sensitive, positive, extremely thorough, accurate to the smallest detail. I have never been examined so comprehensively and in detail. He gave useful recommendations in his specialty and indicated the direction of additional research on other possible age-related problems. Thank you, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich!
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich guru of manual therapy. At the first appointment, he examined, felt all the clamps, problem areas in the cervical and thoracic regions, prescribed a course of therapy (5 sessions). In the middle of the course, I felt light, and after the course, the pain in my back went away. Dmitry Vyacheslavovich has not only golden hands, but also a great sense of humor)
I went to the doctor with pain in my arm, but the treatment left both headaches and back pain. Great doctor, nice person.