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Magnetic resonance imaging


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Dmitry Sergeyevich

Head of the diagnostic center, radiologist

Mikhail Viktorovich

Head of the department of radiation diagnostics, radiologist

Valentine Evgenyevich

Chief Consultant in Radiation Diagnostics, Radiologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Michael Lvovich

Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician


Tatyana Vladimirovna

Oncologist-mammologist, radiologist

Eugene Valerevich

Leading CT Specialist, MRI

PhD, leading research fellow

Eugene Igorevich

Leading neuroradiologist in MRI and CT diagnostics

Yulia Nikolaevna

Radiologist, leading specialist in radiation diagnostics



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Magnetic resonance imaging is an effective research method in radiation diagnostics.

Lack of X-ray radiation, and therefore no harmful effects on the human body.

The non-invasiveness of the method, in which most studies, in contrast to computed tomography, are carried out without intravenous contrasting due to obtaining a good contrast of soft tissues, also MRI allows you to obtain images of blood vessels without the introduction of a contrast agent.

MRI in K+31

K+31 presents MRI machines in every clinic.

Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5 Tesla at K+31 Petrovsky Gate.

SIGNA™ Architect AIR™ Edition 3 Tesla in K+31 at Lobachevsky.

MRI examination

On average, an MRI scan lasts 15 to 45 minutes.

During the study, it is necessary to maintain complete immobility. This should be taken into account in patients with severe pain syndrome. If, due to severe pain, it is not possible to be in a forced position for a long time, then before the examination it is necessary to perform anesthesia with your attending physician or come for an examination after relief of acute pain.

After MRI examination

After the examination, according to the results of the scan, you will need to consult a specialist doctor - a neurologist, traumatologist, surgeon, urologist, gynecologist or others. The final diagnosis is made by your attending physician and, according to him, prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Contraindications to MRI

There are absolute and relative contraindications to MRI. If there are absolute contraindications, the study is impossible, if there are relative contraindications, the question of conducting the study is decided individually with the MRI doctor performing the study.

Absolute contraindications to MRI:

  • The presence of a pacemaker.
  • Brain vascular clips after surgical treatment.
  • Large metal implants and debris in the body.
  • The presence of metal shavings, debris in the eye area.
  • Middle ear implants (fixed hearing aids).

Relative contraindications for MRI:

  • Heart valve prostheses.
  • Pins.
  • Neurostimulators.
  • Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces).
  • Decompensated heart failure.
  • Hemostatic clips (except for cerebral vessels).
  • Pregnancy (first 13 weeks).
  • Having an inner ear prosthesis.
  • The presence of tattoos, especially in the area of interest.
  • The need for monitoring cardiac activity.

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To become a specialist, you need to graduate from the university, to become a good specialist, you need to continue to expand theoretical knowledge and practice, in order to become a professional, you need to competently combine knowledge, experience and be a sensitive, attentive person. Tatyana Vladimirovna is a real professional in her field. I am very glad that I came to this particular doctor. An attentive and individual approach to the issue of health - this is exactly what happens at Tatiana Vladimirovna's receptions. Thank!
If you need professional advice, help, you need to go to Tatiana Vladimirovna. For a person who faces health problems, the approach and attitude of the doctor is critical. Tatiana V. is a professional with a capital letter. I am very glad that I found “my” oncologist / mammologist. Thanks you!!!!!
Anna Vadimovna noticed a crack in the bone on the X-ray, because of which all my problems were. Before that, doctors could not understand the reason. I am very grateful to the doctor for his skilled work and skill in reading pictures.
D.V. Dushkova did CT and MRI, in both cases the doctor was very polite, friendly and described the results in some detail.
I want to express my gratitude to the personnel doing the MRI, alas, the patient turned out to be extremely claustrophobic and the procedure did not take place, but the patience and professionalism with which the girls treated their work are invaluable! We will return to the clinic again.
Angelika Simonova
You cannot find words for saving a person's life, for a correct diagnosis, for making loved ones happy! Thank you for being there, Alexander Razhdenovich !!!
I would like to express my gratitude to Mazo Mikhail Lvovich (Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor) for high-quality treatment, high professionalism and kind attitude. The latest technologies developed and applied by him allow people to improve the quality of life and instill hope for a further happy life. When I entered the office, the fear disappeared somewhere, because the doctor is so able to calm the patient down that it becomes absolutely not scary. The procedure was performed under anesthesia and everything went well. Mikhail Lvovich is a professional in his field.
Superb, caring support from manager Yuliya Kulak. Both before and after and during treatment. Thanks a lot! At all stages I have a very positive impression of the interaction with the staff. And in Dr. Mazo M.Yu. I had no doubts.)
I have been seeing Tatyana Vladimirovna Chichkanova for several years, and I want to write the kindest words. Thank you very much for your professionalism, sensitivity and attention. For the fact that you can calm down and help, get into the situation, and in a difficult situation find and collect all the necessary specialists and extend your working day for several hours. Thank you so much, I was at the reception yesterday - yes, everything was professional, calm, confident, excellent)))