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Samarin Nikolay Evgenyevich

ENT doctor

Work experience: 
15 years
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1-й Колобовский пер. дом 4
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Valid certificates in the specialties "Otorhinolaryngology" and "Laser otorhinolaryngology".


  • Conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, throat, nose.
  • Outpatient examination and treatment of adult patients and children from 0 years of age using modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods:
    • endoscopic examination of ENT organs, ear microscopy;
    • tympanometry;
    • biopsy under endoscopic, ultrasound control (nose, nasopharynx, oropharynx);
    • treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis;
    • treatment of chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, adenoiditis (including hardware methods: Tonsillor-M, UZOL-therapy);
    • treatment of nosebleeds (including with atrophic rhinitis);
  • A wide range of surgical procedures.

Surgical interventions are performed with endoscopic control or with an operating microscope, including using: shaver; surgical laser (CO2; Holmiev), radio wave technique.


In 2007 he graduated from the Yaroslavl State Medical Academy (YAGMA), faculty of medicine, diploma in "Medicine"
From 2007 to 2009 - residency in the specialty "Otorhinolaryngology" at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy.
In 2012, he graduated from the advanced training course at the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Scientific Center for Laser Medicine FMBA” in the field of “Laser otorhinolaryngology”.


In 2012, he graduated from the advanced training course at the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Scientific Center for Laser Medicine FMBA” in the field of “Laser otorhinolaryngology”.


  • A participant in the meetings of the Yaroslavl Interregional Society of Otorhinolaryngologists.
  • Conference of the Russian Society of Rhinologists, Yaroslavl, 2010
  • Russian course with international participation "Functional Rhinosurgery", Moscow, 2013
  • International course Extreme Live Surgery Arena, Varese (Italy), 2014

Natalia Solodovnikova


Nikolai Evgenievich is a wonderful doctor! Kind, responsive, and most importantly a professional! In 2021, I had an operation due to persistent nasal congestion - Nikolai Evgenievich did everything perfectly, he didn’t leave after that either - until he made sure that everything was normal with me. He provided support and was in touch both before and after the operation. And now I breathe deeply, sleep well at night, get rid of headaches and all thanks to this wonderful doctor! And without any doubt, I know that with any ENT problem, I will not even consider other doctors. It is very valuable in our time to find your doctor! Nikolai Evgenievich, thank you for your work and for the help you provide to people!

Christina Shishigina


I would like to express my boundless gratitude to Nikolai Evgenievich. For his high professionalism, attentive and human attitude. For the fact that he persistently and conscientiously treated a problem to which other doctors turned a blind eye. Thank you for the operation, which was easy and without complications - this is a surgeon who can be trusted with your life without the slightest doubt.

Anton Volodkin


Many thanks for the operation to correct the deviated nasal septum. Everything is done at the highest professional level. The operation and rehabilitation were perfect. The result is beyond expectations, for the first time I breathed with a healthy nose!



Nikolay Evgenievich! I express to you my sincere sympathy and gratitude for my daughter's recovery! You have performed a masterpiece operation! Please accept my immense admiration and admiration for your skill! Thank you for helping people every day from year to year, for your difficult, persistent and noble work. I will always remember you as the best of the people I have met on the path of life.



A young and very good doctor. We applied for a purulent sore throat in a child, the doctor made the appointment without excesses, at a minimum, but it gave quick results. In a couple of days, the pace passed and the child began to feel much better. It's nice when your child is treated by a good specialist.

Valentina Samoilova


Throat problems are hereditary in our family. Since childhood, I suffered from constant angina, now the child has constant laryngitis. When the disease overtook us again, I decided to take the child to the paid clinic Petrovskie Vorota. We made an appointment, came at the appointed time. The doctor seemed very young to me, but my distrust immediately disappeared when, on the second day of taking the prescribed drugs, the child's voice returned and the temperature subsided. Thanks to the doctor for the treatment, which gave a quick result.



I want to thank the wonderful lore in "Petrovskie Vorota" - Nikolai Evgenievich Samarin! I was very lucky that I came to him with my hypertrophic rhinitis. How many trips to different clinics, how much money spent and, most importantly, nerves! No one could treat it humanly, dry faces, haughtily writing out pieces of paper ... Nikolai Evgenievich, thank you for your warm attitude, for every question I answered and for helping to regain my breath. Thank you for being not only a doctor, but also a person!

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