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Robotic surgery

The K+31 clinic is equipped with one of the most modern devices for performing radical prostatectomy - the Da Vinci robot. The use of this system in robotic surgery significantly improves the outcome of the intervention, reduces postoperative complications and helps the patient recover faster. Experts say that the main advantage of endoscopy is that surgery is performed through several small incisions. When compared with standard laparoscopic technique, when using the Da Vinci robot, the surgeon sees a high-quality volumetric image in real time - this allows him to control his actions and perform extremely accurately manipulations. Da Vinci instruments have a unique multi-hinge mechanism that provides the greatest possible freedom of manipulator control and movement - the operation is verified, accurate and minimally traumatic.

Benefits of radical robotic prostatectomy

  • minimal soreness after surgery;
  • quick recovery, short postoperative period;
  • minimal blood loss;
  • a small risk of infectious complications;
  • maximum preservation of potency;
  • maximum preservation of urinary retention function.

Recovery from radical robotic prostatectomy

The first day after the intervention, the patient spends in the intensive care unit, on the second day he can move independently, and on the third day his life differs little from the life of other people (except for limiting physical activity).

Such a quick recovery is simply not possible with the classic open surgical technique.

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