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  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Urodynamics
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment


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Pavel Ilyich

Head of the Urology Clinic, Deputy Chief Physician for Urology, Urologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Armais Albertovich

Chief Consultant in Urology, Urologist

Academician, professor, Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Boris Evgenyevich

Head of the Department of Urology, Urologist


Nika Dzhumberovich

Urologist, andrologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD




Two hospitals

> 58 th patients
per year

24/7 Diagnostics

Doctors of science
& PhD

Urology is a very multifaceted specialty. The Department of Urology is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male and female genitourinary systems. Urology is one of the most advanced and high-tech medical fields. Our department is equipped with advanced equipment and has in its arsenal all modern technologies:

  • DaVinci Robotic Surgery;
  • laser surgical systems;
  • digital operating microscope;
  • specialized laparoscopic and endoscopic operating rooms;
  • in vitro fertilization technique;
  • urodynamic research laboratory;
  • seven equipped operating rooms.

Over the past 10 years, medicine has stepped far forward, and many diseases that have recently seemed incurable, today can be eliminated reliably, quickly and almost painlessly. The most striking examples of such changes relate to the field of oncology and, in particular, oncourology. We have become available technologies that 10 years ago seemed to be attributes of a “distant future”.

Patients of our clinic can use robot-assisted surgery using DaVinci - the most complex and advanced medical technology in the world. The introduction of robotic radical prostatectomy (removal of a prostate cancer-affected cancer) made it possible to achieve excellent functional and reliable oncological results. A few days after the intervention, the patient leaves the clinic, leaving his problem in the past. The K + 31 clinic employs specialists who have pioneered the implementation of these operations in Russia and have accumulated unique many years of experience in their implementation.

Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for tumors of the kidney, prostate and bladder - all these methods are used daily in operating rooms K + 31 to help our patients in the fight against the disease.

For the greatest comfort of our patients, examination programs have been developed in the department, from a wide range of which everyone will find the most suitable.


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