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Pavel Ilyich

Head of the Urology Clinic, Deputy Chief Physician for Urology, Urologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Armais Albertovich

Chief Consultant in Urology, Urologist

Academician, professor, Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Boris Evgenyevich

Head of the Department of Urology, Urologist


Nika Dzhumberovich

Urologist, andrologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD



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Urology is a very multifaceted specialty. The Department of Urology is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male and female genitourinary systems. Urology is one of the most advanced and high-tech medical fields. Our department is equipped with advanced equipment and has in its arsenal all modern technologies:

  • DaVinci Robotic Surgery;
  • laser surgical systems;
  • digital operating microscope;
  • specialized laparoscopic and endoscopic operating rooms;
  • in vitro fertilization technique;
  • urodynamic research laboratory;
  • seven equipped operating rooms.

Over the past 10 years, medicine has stepped far forward, and many diseases that have recently seemed incurable, today can be eliminated reliably, quickly and almost painlessly. The most striking examples of such changes relate to the field of oncology and, in particular, oncourology. We have become available technologies that 10 years ago seemed to be attributes of a “distant future”.

Patients of our clinic can use robot-assisted surgery using DaVinci - the most complex and advanced medical technology in the world. The introduction of robotic radical prostatectomy (removal of a prostate cancer-affected cancer) made it possible to achieve excellent functional and reliable oncological results. A few days after the intervention, the patient leaves the clinic, leaving his problem in the past. The K + 31 clinic employs specialists who have pioneered the implementation of these operations in Russia and have accumulated unique many years of experience in their implementation.

Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for tumors of the kidney, prostate and bladder - all these methods are used daily in operating rooms K + 31 to help our patients in the fight against the disease.

For the greatest comfort of our patients, examination programs have been developed in the department, from a wide range of which everyone will find the most suitable.


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Many thanks again to urologists Osmolovsky Boris Evgenievich and Abramov Roman Andreevich, I can't imagine where I could get a more professional and sensitive attitude. They are where they are always needed. Thank!!!
I have been suffering from diabetes for more than 4 years. Every year I do an ultrasound of the liver. In December 2017, during the next examination, an ultrasound scan of the liver revealed a small cyst. The endocrinologist sent for a CT scan where the cyst of the right kidney was initially found (the liver cyst was subsequently not confirmed). No treatment was prescribed, they said follow-up, ultrasound and CT scans in 3-6 months. After another examination in March 2018, the diagnosis is almost the same. I was consulted by a urologist-oncologist. He said education is small, there is no need for surgery. No treatment was prescribed either. Only dynamic observation. Arriving home, I began to look for alternative options on the Internet. I found the site of the clinic "Help with kidney cancer and tumors Pshikhachev Ahmed Mukhamedovich". I wrote an e-mail to Akhmed Mukhamedovich with extracts and photographs attached. After looking at my pictures, he answered me by e-mail after an hour that he could resect the right kidney while preserving the kidney. In addition, he explained in detail the features of the upcoming operation and the most likely prognosis of my disease. After that I decided to have an operation in Moscow. The operation was successful. The tumor was removed within healthy tissues, and the kidney was preserved. 3 days after the operation, I was able to go home to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Two months after the operation, a series of MRI tomograms shows a picture of postoperative changes in the right kidney. There were no data for the recurrence of a mass of the right kidney. Ahmed Mukhamedovich! You are truly a Doctor with a capital letter and a very talented surgeon! Thank you for your work, for your love for people and for your profession. Special thanks to the head of the urology clinic, attending physician Osmolovsky Boris Evgenievich - a professional with a capital letter. Also, a big gratitude to the staff of the intensive care unit and hospital, nurses for a job well done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best regards, Nikolay Ignatov.
Nikolay Ignatov
Timur Barasbievich very carefully, professionally and promptly helped to identify and cure pyelonephritis. Thank you very much!
Anna L.
Thank you very much to the doctor Timur Soblirov! I made a diagnosis with such ease. I am very pleased with the treatment. They found a stone in the ureter, Timur Borisovich said that he would kick it out with medication, without surgery. And indeed he succeeded. Thanks doc!
I completely agree with the previous reviews. Communication with Dr. TB Soblirov inspires confidence and calmness. One can feel the qualifications and competence. There will be fewer such doctors and fewer patients.
I want to express my gratitude to the doctor from God! Timur Borisovich quickly diagnosed and correctly prescribed treatment. A very attentive and competent doctor, and also just a pleasant person to talk to.
Passed the examination, everything is at the highest level! I recommend a doctor!
There are people in the world for whose health I will pray to God for the rest of my life - Boris Evgenievich Osmolovsky and Pshikhachev Amed Mukhamedovich. They saved my husband's life, professionals with a capital letter, very empathetic people, excellent doctors. We performed a complex operation and supported me in the postoperative period, when my hands give up, others turn away and in confusion - you don't know what to do. Cured, helped, saved. Thank you very much.
Valery and Anna
“It was not at all scary to be treated, because I knew that my doctor OSMOLOVSKY BORIS EVGENIEVICH is a real professional. I can only say good things about him! He treated me carefully, was attentive, a doctor with a big and kind heart. I wish you all such doctors ... "
An excellent doctor and a talented surgeon. I chose him from many for the implementation of falloprosthetics. The professor performed the operation at 5 plus. I left the clinic the next day and after 2 months I joined the ranks of full-fledged men, having resumed sex life. Clinic K + 31 pleased us with its comfortable conditions. It's not cheap here, but I needed the treatment to be flawless. Nika Dzhumberovich recommended to be operated here, as there is special ventilation in operating room K + 31, which almost excludes infection of the prosthesis. He also operates in EMC, but there it is 25% more expensive in the absence of a significant difference in quality. I can conclude that Professor Akhvlediani is one of the best genital surgeons in Europe. He studied a lot abroad and is constantly updating his knowledge, fluent in English. Thanks to him for the restored male usefulness.
Medvedev Alexander Alekseevich is the specialist whom you start to trust from the first minute of your appointment. Professionalism and friendliness are the components that instill confidence that you are in good hands. I am very glad that specialists of such a high level are in this clinic. I wish you, Alexander Alekseevich, professional success in the field of protecting our health, the health of your grateful patients. THANK!!!
An excellent doctor who knows his business, gives really working recommendations! Thank you very much, Dzhabrail Abdulazizovich!
I advised this doctor to a friend and she looked at the reviews about him. She said that they are not. I didn't believe it. Amazed. The doctor is very knowledgeable and very attentive and humane. He treated and operated on my dad. Dad is 80 years old. He was afraid of doctors like fire, but it was this doctor who actually changed his attitude towards doctors and hospitals. Thank you very much! But I wonder why people don't write reviews, although I write myself, a year later, in fact :(
Pluta Elena
An excellent doctor, explains very clearly and easily. He was able to cure an ailment that other clinics could not help with. Recommend