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Otorhinolaryngology is a branch of medicine that treats diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, ear, as well as skin diseases in these areas.

In K + 31, the pathologies of ENT organs of the full cycle are treated: from outpatient to complex surgical interventions.

A comprehensive individual program is developed for the patient, taking into account all the features of the course of the disease: examination plan, treatment tactics and recommendations for preventing relapse.

Almost the entire range of surgical operations: we perform operations in the pharynx, larynx and nasal cavity. Including methods of less traumatic outpatient radio wave and laser surgery.

  • We correct the results of previous procedures.
  • We use endoscopic surgery.
  • We use the author's methods of septoplasty, without a chisel and a hammer.
  • We carry out joint treatment of patients with doctors of other areas: rheumatology, dentistry, allergology and immunology, neurology and pediatrics.


All reviews
Doctor Osipova I.A. and Gumeeva O.B. very good specialists, attentive and helpful people. I will be happy to visit them again, despite the fact that the procedures are not very pleasant. The impression of the clinic is good, starting with the contact center, reception, doctors, equipment, design and atmosphere. Many thanks to all organizers and employees!
I would very much like to thank and acknowledge the Petrovskie Vorota medical center, the services of which I was lucky to use because of the problems that prevented me from living without getting sick, and recently made themselves felt more and more often. Thank you for the high-class professionalism of the doctors and the attention of all employees of the center to my problem. Special thanks to the elegant doctor Irina Andreevna Osipova.
Operated with Osipova Irina Andreevna. An excellent specialist and doctor from God. Fills all free space with optimism! Does not leave without attention either before or after the operation. The hospital has a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. The entire staff of the Center is polite, helpful and smiling. If you have a pause between doctors' appointments, they will always offer a cup of tea. A trifle, but nice! But most importantly - many thanks for the wonderful work of Irina Andreevna Osipova! If someone needs an ENT - only to her!
V. N. Isaev
The friendly attitude and professional approach to the health of my child is what captivates me in this clinic. Easy explanation of ENT doctor, modern equipment, cleanliness, attention of the staff .... Everything was fine. Thanks to Irina Andreevna Osipova! Make a cuckoo only here!
An amazing doctor, a wonderful person and a competent specialist, very attentive and sensitive. I am very grateful to her for a very difficult operation. Osipova Irina Andreevna - a doctor with a Capital Letter! The staff is very welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive. Pleasant communication begins with a call to the clinic. Everyone explains, helps and supports.
Repeatedly my wife and I brought the child to an appointment with Olga Valerievna. Olga Valerievna showed herself exclusively from the positive side. This is a doctor with a capital letter and a professional in his field. Olga Valerievna conducts receptions in great detail and carefully. My wife and I are very pleased with the way Olga Valerievna holds receptions for our child.
She came with her son to Olga Valerievna many times. A very competent specialist. He knows a lot and very professionally prescribes treatment, which always helps the child. The doctor is very pleasant and not indifferent in communication, explains everything. I recommend to everyone.
The first time I came with the child to the ENT, although we have been seeing the clinic for a long time with the whole family. Frightened by complications after a cold. Since the child is not very sociable, it was great that the doctor was able to establish contact with the child. I recommend to everyone!
They turned to Olga Valerievna because of the constant perspiration in the child. Lor turned out to be an excellent diagnostician, scheduled tests, discovered the root cause and prescribed a supportive treatment! I am very glad that we immediately got to her.
I want to express my deep gratitude for your attention, modesty, hard work and responsiveness. Thank you very much!
Shirokov Dmitry Yurievich
Many human thanks to Tatyana Vitalievna for her attention, professionalism, kindness and humanity. I was operated on on April 9 in the clinic and during the entire recovery period Tatyana Vitalievna literally took care of my breathing comfort. You are a highly trained specialist, sensitive, responsive, great fellow, concentration and understanding of what you are doing is transmitted by calmness to the patient. This is very important and necessary during the recovery period. Thank you for your hands and may your eyes continue to glow with kindness. I recommend a doctor, competency 5+.
Natalia Dolgopolova
Tatyana Vitalievna, thank you very much. You are a true professional in your field. Golden hands and a very high level of knowledge.
Oksana Permyakova
Good afternoon, I want to express my deep gratitude to the doctor Osipova Irina Andreevna for her good knowledge of her business, she is very attentive trying to help solve all my problems, she cured my throat, I was looking for a doctor who will help solve my problems for a very long time and I found him thanks to you for such employees whom I am I completely trust and gladly go to our already difficult time!
There were constant breathing problems, I practically did not live without drops. I went to many doctors with my problem, but it was not possible to solve it for many years. After the operation, performed by lor Osipova Irina Andreevna - I finally breathe like a healthy person. For a person who has not lived half of his life without drops, this is a huge relief. Irina Andreevna is a doctor from God. She is attentive, tactful, patient. This is one of those rare occasions when you completely trust your doctor. None of my questions and doubts remained unanswered or not completely clear - the doctor calmly and patiently explained each step. The operation was very professional, painless and with maximum comfort. May God grant health to such doctors as Irina Andreevna. Sincerely, thanks.
We came with the child to Irina Andreevna's appointment on the recommendation (her friends were treated), now I recommend it myself. Everything is fine, a very pleasant, attentive doctor with a high level of competence, she was very attentive to our question and gave clear recommendations for the appointment, explained everything in an accessible and understandable way. We were satisfied.
Rita Todorova
Nikolay Evgenievich! I express to you my sincere sympathy and gratitude for my daughter's recovery! You have performed a masterpiece operation! Please accept my immense admiration and admiration for your skill! Thank you for helping people every day from year to year, for your difficult, persistent and noble work. I will always remember you as the best of the people I have met on the path of life.
Throat problems are hereditary in our family. Since childhood, I suffered from constant angina, now the child has constant laryngitis. When the disease overtook us again, I decided to take the child to the paid clinic Petrovskie Vorota. We made an appointment, came at the appointed time. The doctor seemed very young to me, but my distrust immediately disappeared when, on the second day of taking the prescribed drugs, the child's voice returned and the temperature subsided. Thanks to the doctor for the treatment, which gave a quick result.
Valentina Samoilova
A young and very good doctor. We applied for a purulent sore throat in a child, the doctor made the appointment without excesses, at a minimum, but it gave quick results. In a couple of days, the pace passed and the child began to feel much better. It's nice when your child is treated by a good specialist.
I want to thank the wonderful lore in "Petrovskie Vorota" - Nikolai Evgenievich Samarin! I was very lucky that I came to him with my hypertrophic rhinitis. How many trips to different clinics, how much money spent and, most importantly, nerves! No one could treat it humanly, dry faces, haughtily writing out pieces of paper ... Nikolai Evgenievich, thank you for your warm attitude, for every question I answered and for helping to regain my breath. Thank you for being not only a doctor, but also a person!
The doctor is friendly, gives the impression of a competent specialist. I listened carefully, explained everything during the diagnosis, answered all my questions. I will continue treatment with Irina Andreevna. Thank! I sent my eldest son to her.
About a year ago I turned to Irina Andreevna for a recommendation due to problems with breathing through the nose and sleep. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and friendliness of the doctor and agreed to an operation for a deviated nasal septum. The operation was successful and without complications, and the process until complete recovery took a fairly short time (about 10 days). I spent one night in the clinic, and then I came for examinations. A year later, there were no negative effects or sensations from the operation. As a result: breathing through the nose after the operation became incomparably better, the problems with breathing during sleep disappeared, it became easier to play sports. In other words, my quality of life has improved significantly after the operation. Irina, thank you very much for this approach to work and patients! I wish you success in your life and career!
Dmitry Shcherbakov
About a year ago I turned to Irina Andreevna for a recommendation due to problems with breathing through the nose and sleep. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and friendliness of the doctor and agreed to an operation for a deviated nasal septum. The operation was successful and without complications, and the process until complete recovery took a fairly short time (about 10 days). I spent one night in the clinic, and then I came for examinations. A year later, there were no negative effects or sensations from the operation. As a result: breathing through the nose after the operation became incomparably better, the problems with breathing during sleep disappeared, it became easier to play sports. In other words, my quality of life has improved significantly after the operation. Irina, thank you very much for this approach to work and patients! I wish you success in your life and career!
Dmitry Shcherbakov
A very professional doctor, attentive and responsible. Was at several ENTs, but only Irina Andreevna was able to identify the cause of the complaints. Many thanks! Professional success!
The coolest ENT is Irina Andreevna Osipova. She was the only one who was able to cure my little son. Before that, I don't remember how many doctors we visited. We are very grateful to her, there would be more such competent specialists.
Rosochka N.
I came to the clinic Petrovskie Vorota with right-sided sinusitis. I got an appointment with I.A. Osipova. and was not disappointed. It was she who managed to cure my purulent sinusitis. Professionalism this woman, of course, does not hold, such as she still need to look. But I would also like to note her positive human qualities, such as kindness, attentiveness and ability to empathize. After Irina Aleksandrovna, I gained faith in medicine, it turns out that not everything is lost with us.
Polina Kodyakova
Tatyana Vitalievna, thank you for your friendly attitude and competent treatment.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the otorhinolaryngologist Tatiana Vitalievna Selenina for her sensitive and attentive attitude! A very competent doctor! Thank!
Was at a reception with Ilya Sergeevich Sadikov this week. I liked the doctor very much. I came to him on the recommendation of friends of doctors. Competent, extremely friendly, says everything in the case, does not impose services that are not required. He gave me an email so that the picture could be sent, and another doctor could make an additional paid appointment.
The doctor is magnificent, more than a month ago rhinoseptoplasty was performed, the result is gorgeous. I love this doctor, he is God
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the excellent specialist, doctor Sadikov Ilya Sergeevich. I rarely try to see a doctor, but it so happened that I was tormented by diseases of the ENT organs, no matter how many doctors I did, everything was useless, the sores did not recede. Until I once again turned to the K + 31 clinic with my problem. And this time I was quickly and efficiently put back into operation by an excellent specialist, otorhinolaryngologist, Ilya Sergeevich Sadikov. Thanks to him and thanks to your clinic!
I express my deep gratitude to the wonderful doctor from God - Sadikov Ilya Sergeevich! On December 2, 2015, she operated on for septoplasty and vasotomy. She lived on Xymelin for 20 years. Today, December 18, for a long time and wonderfully I breathe through my nose without drops! Dear Ilya Sergeevich, thank you very much for my new life without drops and other side problems! You have golden hands! May God give you health and happiness, good luck, success and fulfillment of desires! Happy New Year! Magic and prosperity in all matters! With gratitude, your patient Vladislavleva Olga
Vladislavleva Olga
Ilya Sergeevich, many thanks! take care of yourself!
I express my deep gratitude to Ilya Sergeevich Sadikov and the K31 clinic in general. An excellent modern clinic, but as they say, everything is done by the hands of people. On April 28, 2015, Ilya Serneevich made me septoplasty of the nasal septum and vasomotor renitis (I may be wrong in terms) - everything went quickly, perfectly without unnecessary stress. Thanks to the nursing team and the nastesiologist for their professional and well-coordinated work. Of course, as after any operation, the rehabilitation period begins - I now have the 3rd day, I feel great, I am going home. I recommend everyone who is worried about the nose to contact Ilya Sergeevich without taking the problem to the extreme. The current level of medicine is in professional hands - it is worth it not to start problems with dogs because of fears of surgery, etc. Thank you all again and good luck!
I express my deep gratitude to the doctor Sadikov I.S for the excellent operation performed. A real professional in his field! The nose became straight and beautiful, it became easy to breathe and not any drops! Thank you for such a professional approach !!! everything is done at the highest level , your hands are from God !!! Many thanks to you and all the staff of the clinic.))
Muravyov Alexey
Many thanks to the wonderful surgeon Ilya Sergeevich Sadikov for the successful operation I performed on November 11, 2014. The operation was planned. I chose a doctor for a very long time and carefully and was not mistaken. Ilya Sergeevich is a doctor with a capital letter, a high-level professional, and what is important for the patient is a pleasant person, not pretentious, positive. I was pleasantly surprised that immediately after the operation (rather complicated under general anesthesia) I could breathe through my nose, there were no bandages, tampons and other things. Thanks again and my best wishes personally and professionally for the New Year! About the clinic itself: the European level (I have something to compare with), modern equipment, clean, functional, comfortable, the absence of a heavy hospital smell inherent in domestic hospitals. The staff is friendly and professional.
Tatiana Anatievna
Hello,! I express my deep gratitude to the doctor, Tatyana Aleksandrovna Koblova. Thank you very much for her attention, sensitivity and qualified help.
An excellent doctor! Clever and beautiful! It's nice to see such a specialist! Thank you, Tatiana Alexandrovna
Thank you for your golden hands. I wish you and your loved ones health. Septoplasty and turbinate vasotomy were performed on October 1, 2018. I never thought that a healthy nose breathes like that, it sucks all the dust from under the feet) thank you very much
Krylov Danil
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ilya Sergeevich Sadikov! Having learned about the doctor on the recommendation, I was personally convinced that Ilya Sergeevich is not only a highly qualified professional in his field, but also a wonderful, benevolent person with an incredibly positive energy, whom you want and can safely trust! It is amazing that a surgeon of this level not only performs operations, but also leads his patient from the moment of the initial consultation to complete rehabilitation, always answers any questions and dispels any anxiety! It is extremely rare to see a doctor, from whose office people come out with a smile on their face and in their eyes !!! I also thank the anesthesiologist and the entire medical staff of the clinic for the work done and for their attentive attitude towards patients!
Tatyana Vitalievna is a real doctor. Professionalism in work, correctness, optimism, humanity towards the patient are her inherent qualities. Tatyana Vitalievna, thank you very much for your help!
Good day! I would like to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful specialist Selenina Tatiana Vitalievna. Firstly, the doctor performed a very qualified appointment, a delicate examination and gave a detailed account of my condition. But most of all I was touched by her attitude and truly caring for the patient, since I arrived in a very nervous state, having previously read horror stories and thought of a bunch of illnesses for myself, although in fact it turned out that, on the whole, almost everything was fine with me. She dispelled all fears and concerns, supported and prescribed treatment. I highly recommend this doctor! I'm ready to visit her regularly, if only for the sake of chatting and cheering me up!)) Thank you very much, Tatyana Vitalievna) And in general, many thanks to Clinic 31 for such wonderful specialists and individual approach. Tatyana Vitalievna is not the only doctor to whom I have consulted, all the specialists are very qualified and pleasant people to talk to.
I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to Tatyana Vitalievna. She is a great fellow and a great professional. Always collected, attentive and responsive. Feel free to trust your health to this fragile girl who absolutely deserves the title of DOCTOR !!
Yulia Markelova
Tatyana Vitalievna, a wonderful doctor, a very kind and good person. I cannot write everything that is in my heart after meeting her. Very calmly and professionally performed the treatment I needed, despite my very exciting state. Huge thanks.
Zolotova Natalia
thank T.V. Selenina for professionalism and goodwill. Thanks you!
Anna Kasyanova
Tatyana Vitalievna! Thank you so much for the competently prescribed treatment. You are a true doctor and professional. Best regards, Elena Ginter
I want to say a huge thank you for the professionalism and persuasiveness of Tatyana Vitalievna. And, of course, for the attention and care during the treatment. Further success in your profession. Thanks for all!!! Irina Malakhova
Many thanks to Selina Tatiana Vitalievna and all the staff of the department for their high professionalism and attention to patients.
Lyubov Osepyan
I would like to thank Tatyana Vitalievna for the postoperative treatment and examinations. In my opinion - the best ENT of those whom I have seen anywhere. She is very professional and benevolent, sometimes scolds (if you do not do what, then she says to do), answers everything, sometimes very stupid questions, and just a pleasant person to talk to (unlike many doctors, she is not rude and listens carefully, she is not bursting with pride in being a doctor). I recommend to everyone! Tatyana Vitalievna, many thanks!
Kirill Otchenashev
Good afternoon, I specially waited a year to write my own review of the operation. 12/24/18 I had an operation (septoplasty and vasotomy), I am very happy. Before that, she was treated with drugs for about 8 months, and when nothing could help, then everyone was frightened with the terrible word `` operation ''. Once at K + 31, I decided to have an operation after the first appointment at the clinic. Not even 3 weeks have passed from the moment of the decision to the operation, everything is fast, efficient, soulful and most importantly professional. After the operation, any runny nose now disappears in 2 days. I thank Ilya Sergeevich and wish you a Happy New Year! Professional success and more healthy patients :)
Ilya Sergeevich, more than a year has passed since my operation, everything is fine! The result is fantastic !! You are a super doctor !!
a: 2: {s: 4: "TEXT"; s: 2483: "Thanks to Ilya Sergeevich! I came for an appointment on the recommendation, after repeated appointments of many doctors. The quality of life was reduced (despite the six-month treatment with drugs), headache and practically lack of smell, polyps. At the reception, Ilya Sergeevich clearly outlined the problem and solutions. The doctor listens and hears! Answers the questions posed in detail. Before the conversation with Ilya Sergeevich, the word "operation" caused at least a panic attack. Operation in K + 31 " with golden hands "by Dr. Sadikov - a dream operation! Everything that I read and heard before about the operation" on the septum "has nothing to do with my operation! At 8.00 registration in the hospital, at 10 a conversation with the doctor, at 10.30 a pleasant conversation with anesthesiologist and "sound sleep", awakening in 2 hours, around the medical staff, the head is clear and the nose already hears everything. Nothing to do with stories about "cotton swabs" and "inability to breathe." I breathed like never before from the first minute of awakening. there is nuances with nasal hygiene, taking care of yourself for a week, BUT! No unpleasant "painful" procedures (I am very afraid of them), everything was so careful that I didn't want to be discharged. A week later I made a 4-hour flight, a month later 2. There are no unpleasant sensations, only pleasure and immense gratitude to Dr. Sadikov I.S. I recommend with all my heart and health for the sake of
Elena Guzenko
Wonderful Doctor, professional in his field. I suffered for a long time with my throat, or rather with constant purulent tonsillitis. I went to many clinics and doctors. But only Tatiana Alexandrovna helped me. For which, thank her very much.