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  • Acute nasopharyngitis
  • Otitis
  • Hearing loss, including hearing loss
  • Benign formations of the nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx




Two hospitals

> 58 th patients
per year

24/7 Diagnostics

Doctors of science
& PhD

Otorhinolaryngology is a branch of medicine that treats diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, ear, as well as skin diseases in these areas.

In K + 31, the pathologies of ENT organs of the full cycle are treated: from outpatient to complex surgical interventions.

A comprehensive individual program is developed for the patient, taking into account all the features of the course of the disease: examination plan, treatment tactics and recommendations for preventing relapse.

Almost the entire range of surgical operations: we perform operations in the pharynx, larynx and nasal cavity. Including methods of less traumatic outpatient radio wave and laser surgery.

  • We correct the results of previous procedures.
  • We use endoscopic surgery.
  • We use the author's methods of septoplasty, without a chisel and a hammer.
  • We carry out joint treatment of patients with doctors of other areas: rheumatology, dentistry, allergology and immunology, neurology and pediatrics.


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