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Konstantin Evgenievich

Head of the oncology clinic, oncologist


Alexei Alexandrovich

Deputy Chief Physician for Drug Therapy, Oncologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Pavel Ilyich

Head of the Urology Clinic, Deputy Chief Physician for Urology, Urologist

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Sergei Evgenyevich

Oncologist-mammologist, surgeon

Ani Levonovna



Alexei Sergeyevich

Oncogynecology consultant, obstetrician-gynecologist


Lyudmila Sheralievna

Radiotherapist, gynecologist


Ivan Alexandrovich

Thoraco-abdominal surgeon, oncologist surgeon


Michael yurevich

Oncologist, chemotherapist

Senior research fellow

Tatyana Vladimirovna

Oncologist-mammologist, radiologist

Alla Fedorovna

Oncologist-mammologist, surgeon

Doctor of Sciences, PhD, professor

Margarita Alexandrovna

Mammologist, oncologist, radiologist

Madina Petrovna

Mammologist, radiologist, oncologist


Elena Alexandrovna

Mammologist, radiologist, oncologist




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About the department

The Oncology Department at K+31 provides highly qualified medical care in accordance with modern world standards.

The clinics are equipped with almost all the necessary range of diagnostic equipment for a quick and reliable diagnosis in case of suspicion of oncological pathology. The department is equipped with MRI, CT, mammography, ultrasound machines, etc. For morphological confirmation of the diagnosis under ultrasound control, biopsies of mammary glands, skin, soft tissues, liver, pancreas, lymph nodes are performed, followed by cytological, morphological and immunohistochemical studies.

All of the above allows to establish a diagnosis and determine the tactics of treating a patient in the shortest possible time.

Cancer council at K+31

Among the many options for a treatment strategy - a combination of radiation therapy, surgery or chemotherapy - the right choice is necessary, which cannot always be made by one specialist, which is why a multidisciplinary, or team, approach to the treatment of oncological diseases is correct in modern practice. For this, the K+31 clinics have implemented the possibility of holding an oncological consultation, where, in the course of a collective discussion by doctors of various specialties, the established diagnosis is clarified or corrected and the most effective individual treatment plan is drawn up.

The composition of the council

The council usually includes:

  • oncologist-chemotherapist;
  • surgeon;
  • radiotherapist;
  • diagnostic specialist.

Specialists of related specialties can be involved in the council.

Drug therapy

In the clinic, targeted, immuno- and chemotherapy is carried out for patients with tumors of various localizations:

Chemotherapy is carried out according to regulated protocols according to world recommendations. A personal treatment regimen is drawn up for each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the oncological disease. Chemotherapy is also carried out for patients who come from other countries with an already prescribed treatment regimen. This treatment can be carried out in a hospital setting.

If necessary, in the case of a serious condition of the patient, detoxification treatment is first carried out before chemotherapy to improve his condition.


The employees of the K+31 clinics also provide rehabilitation assistance to patients aimed at correcting water and electrolyte disorders, protein deficiency, detoxification, symptomatic and restorative intravenous therapy using medical nutrition, transfusion of blood components, as well as examination of patients who need dynamic observation after an oncological treatment.

An important area of the Clinic's oncological service is palliative (supportive) care for cancer patients in serious condition for pain relief, additional nutrition, and correction of other disorders.

Patients are provided with spacious, comfortable, 1 or 2-bed rooms, or suites. Patients are under the supervision of an attentive medical staff around the clock.

Preventive diagnostics

The Department of Oncology pays special attention to preventive work, the essence of which is to identify benign, potentially dangerous, precancerous diseases, as well as malignant tumors in those patients of the clinic who are being treated in other departments or are consulted by other specialists.

This is realized thanks to the close cooperation of oncologists with specialists from other profiles of K+31 clinics.


All reviews
I was surprised to see the name "Tryakin" in the clinic where we are being treated. A low bow to you, Alexey Alexandrovich. Thank you for the health of the mother you treated in 2011 for stage 4 cancer. "Immature teratoma t4m0nx" seems to be so written on the direction. I think you will remember this 105 kg patient. The entire department had to explain why she spent 108 days in the chemotherapy department and in intensive care, without going outside. Thanks you. You are a GREAT Person for us. Since 2011, so much time has passed ... our mother is alive, well, working .... the retroperitoneal tumor inside remains, but does not develop .... the state of remission for more than 8 years!
Olga Kuzmina
Good afternoon, I rarely leave reviews, but to be honest, I'm glad to tears that I came across such a wonderful doctor. So far there was only an initial appointment, but the doctor calmly explained everything, was very careful, communicated very well, and this is so important in such a delicate topic. Thank you to the doctor that after so many years of practice you remain a human and thanks to the clinic k31 Petrovsky Vorota for keeping such good specialists
Tatyana Vladimirovna is an excellent specialist and a very calm doctor))) For those who are afraid to go to a mammologist even for a consultation, I highly recommend this specialist. Everything is calm and safe! Many thanks!
T.V. Chichkanova high-class specialist, sensitive person. The impression of the call center and administrators is good, everything is very well organized.
I was at the reception of T.V. Chichkanova and A.F. Kartashova, I did an operation in your medical center. All services were rendered at the highest level, all employees of the center are highly qualified specialists, people with golden hands and big human hearts. Thank you very much, good health to all. All medical personnel are friendly and competent in their work, good luck and success to you.
Shashkina Yu. I.
I have been seeing Tatyana Vladimirovna Chichkanova for several years, and I want to write the kindest words. Thank you very much for your professionalism, sensitivity and attention. For the fact that you can calm down and help, get into the situation, and in a difficult situation find and collect all the necessary specialists and extend your working day for several hours. Thank you so much, I was at the reception yesterday - yes, everything was professional, calm, confident, excellent)))
To become a specialist, you need to graduate from the university, to become a good specialist, you need to continue to expand theoretical knowledge and practice, in order to become a professional, you need to competently combine knowledge, experience and be a sensitive, attentive person. Tatyana Vladimirovna is a real professional in her field. I am very glad that I came to this particular doctor. An attentive and individual approach to the issue of health - this is exactly what happens at Tatiana Vladimirovna's receptions. Thank!
If you need professional advice, help, you need to go to Tatiana Vladimirovna. For a person who faces health problems, the approach and attitude of the doctor is critical. Tatiana V. is a professional with a capital letter. I am very glad that I found “my” oncologist / mammologist. Thanks you!!!!!
I would like to express my gratitude to Anya Levonovna for her broad outlook on the patient. In addition to a thorough examination of the mammary glands, Ani Levonovna was the only doctor who noticed that the fact that my axillary lymph nodes were visualized was a reason to undergo additional examination of the body. At the same time, I have had these lymph nodes since 2014 and not a single mammologist oncologist has ever drawn my attention to this moment. As a result, I underwent an additional examination by an infectious disease specialist in another clinic, from where, just in case, I was sent to the regional tuba dispenser to exclude latent lung disease (which, in turn, could also provide visualization of the lymph nodes). In the tuba dispensary, pulmonary pathologies were excluded, but they found a rather large thymoma, which had been sitting for so many years and did not make itself felt. More precisely, in 2017-2018, I was also examined at K + 31 and other clinics by neurologists, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists and therapists for dizziness and a periodic decrease in leukocyte counts, but none of the doctors suspected anything strange and attributed these manifestations to stress and recommended to drink antidepressants. So, thanks to Anya Levonovna's instinct, a random chain of examinations was obtained, which made it possible to detect a tumor and take measures to operate it in time. Now I continue to see Anya Levonovna and monitor the condition of the mammary glands after the thoracic operation. The doctor always gives detailed answers to all questions and gives recommendations not according to a "template", but with an individual approach. There would be more such specialists!
An excellent doctor and specialist! Knowledgeable and respected doctor. Margarita Alexandrovna is very attentive to patients. Thanks!
Olga B.
Madina Petrovna is a very friendly and attentive doctor. I visited her several years ago in another clinic and remembered this soft voice, clear and detailed answers to questions, excellent command of her topic. Thank you very much for these doctors!
I was lucky that there were good people who advised me to Borisov Konstantin Evgenievich, an oncologist. He is an experienced specialist who knows, and what is no less important, he is not indifferent! Borisov took over my treatment and guided me until the cancer was cured. I went through a lot, and I don’t want to remember it again. I want to say one thing that I am sincerely grateful to my doctor! The most important role was played by his correct decisions, correct appointments. And also for me the psychological support of the doctor, attitude, his faith in my recovery played a big role. I recommend the oncologist Borisov to everyone who is faced with a difficult situation and needs help.
I would like to express my gratitude to Alla Fedorovna Kartasheva for the excellent work. Patients are always treated with attention, even giving excellent advice in unusual situations. A sensitive doctor and a good person. Thanks again! Sincerely, Elena.
I was operated on by Alla Fyodorovna Kartashova back in 2004 with not the most positive diagnosis, now I only go to routine check-ups (fortunately!). And I can say that as a specialist and a person she is super! ONLY THANKS TO HER, I DIDN'T TOUCH MY HEAD after all this treatment. I trust her, and I didn’t even have a thought to go somewhere else, such as whether they would make my stitches more beautiful. You might think that I probably haven't seen any other doctors. I saw it. And free medicine sipped over the roof. Turn on your gut and look for your doctor who will really help. This is the only way to come to a good result, especially in the issue of oncology.
Dr. Sergei Evgenievich Malygin is the coolest oncologist surgeon, and I was lucky that he agreed to operate on me, because he doesn't take everyone. It is a great fortune to be his patient. Personally, I was looking for a doctor for 3 months about different countries, despite the fact that I needed an urgent operation. It sounds rather strange, but I took the risk of delaying the operation because a good result was more important to me than just surviving at any cost. After all, I have one body and one life, and it was important to both survive and preserve a beautiful body. This requires a high-level specialist. Serey Evgenievich is not only golden hands, but also a bright head and humanity, this is such a rare combination in the modern world, where a doctor is obliged to observe the basic rule, the covenant which he promised to follow in his work and it is so difficult to fulfill in practice, this is the “DO NOT HARM” rule. It is almost impossible to make it so that after the operation it would be better than it was before the illness ... This is an art that Dr. Malygin masterfully masters. In addition, Sergei Evgenievich is a man of a new formation, it is so valuable that such doctors have finally appeared in Russia, this is an absolutely disinterested person, this does him honor, and the "Honest Name" is dear in our time. I am very grateful to Doctor Malygin Sergey Evgenievich for his work, for his attitude, for his advice and support, for my recovery, for my new, improved body. If someone is looking for a doctor and I advise you to ask only to him, if he agrees, you are in good hands.
Donnelly N.Yu.
A very polite, empathetic, attentive doctor! Cured my anemia that I fought endlessly
I want to thank Alexey Sergeevich for taking on my difficult case and so that it does not remain unique, I will leave such a detailed review, let it help someone. In 2014, an ovarian tumor was found, the tumor and one ovary were removed, according to a biopsy - serous-papillary cystadenoma - a borderline tumor (operated by another doctor, she came to Shevchuk later). In all the leading cancer centers in Moscow, I was strongly recommended to remove both the second ovary and the uterus - it is supposed to treat tumors. By the way, this tumor is not subject to chemotherapy, if anything. At my own peril and risk, I did not do such an operation. In 2018, my husband and I decided to have a child and were faced with the fact that this requires permission from an oncologist (for any help from doctors in the field of reproductive medicine - from hormones to eco). Again, all the oncologists were strongly opposed. But, fortunately, I got an appointment with A.S. Shevchuk, I learned about him from the reproductive specialist. Aleksey Sergeevich suggested that I do a diagnostic laparoscopy to make sure that I do not have a recurrence of the tumor, and then get pregnant and give birth. But still, foci of the same borderline tumor were found. It would seem that there are zero chances of having a child, but Shevchuk A.S. suggested that I freeze the embryos, immediately remove the second ovary and then do IVF. And so they did. And at the end of 2019, I gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby. The delivery was natural, without stimulation and epidurals. So if you are told that you cannot give birth with borderline tumors, do not believe it and go to Shevchuk for an appointment! This is an excellent specialist in his field, who, although he has a lot of experience, never ceases to constantly improve his qualifications in Russia and abroad. Thank you from all our FAMILY !!!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Alexey Sergeevich! I got to the doctor with cervical cancer at an early stage. Surprisingly calm, collected, serious, but with a subtle sense of humor, and this perfectly defuses the atmosphere with such diagnoses! Alexey Sergeevich also operated on me, 2.5 months have passed and the neck is like new (according to my attending gynecologist, I myself do not understand much about this =). Golden hands, kind heart! Thank you very much!
I have been suffering from diabetes for more than 4 years. Every year I do an ultrasound of the liver. In December 2017, during the next examination, an ultrasound scan of the liver revealed a small cyst. The endocrinologist sent for a CT scan where the cyst of the right kidney was initially found (the liver cyst was subsequently not confirmed). No treatment was prescribed, they said follow-up, ultrasound and CT scans in 3-6 months. After another examination in March 2018, the diagnosis is almost the same. I was consulted by a urologist-oncologist. He said education is small, there is no need for surgery. No treatment was prescribed either. Only dynamic observation. Arriving home, I began to look for alternative options on the Internet. I found the site of the clinic "Help with kidney cancer and tumors Pshikhachev Ahmed Mukhamedovich". I wrote an e-mail to Akhmed Mukhamedovich with extracts and photographs attached. After looking at my pictures, he answered me by e-mail after an hour that he could resect the right kidney while preserving the kidney. In addition, he explained in detail the features of the upcoming operation and the most likely prognosis of my disease. After that I decided to have an operation in Moscow. The operation was successful. The tumor was removed within healthy tissues, and the kidney was preserved. 3 days after the operation, I was able to go home to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Two months after the operation, a series of MRI tomograms shows a picture of postoperative changes in the right kidney. There were no data for the recurrence of a mass of the right kidney. Ahmed Mukhamedovich! You are truly a Doctor with a capital letter and a very talented surgeon! Thank you for your work, for your love for people and for your profession. Special thanks to the head of the urology clinic, attending physician Osmolovsky Boris Evgenievich - a professional with a capital letter. Also, a big gratitude to the staff of the intensive care unit and hospital, nurses for a job well done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best regards, Nikolay Ignatov.
Nikolay Ignatov
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the very best doctor Malygin Sergey Evgenievich for his professionalism, attentiveness and truly golden hands. Sergey Evgenievich, thank you for everything! After each visit to you (and this is for almost 12 years), I always feel absolutely calm about my health as a person and I know that with any health problem I can turn to you and I will always receive the correct and necessary help or very necessary advice ... Thanks you! Girls, women, if you have problems with the mammary gland, go straight to Sergei Evgenievich and do not hesitate at all - they will listen to you, they will definitely help you and, most importantly, you will be healthy!
Sergey Evgenievich Malygin is an excellent mammologist-oncologist. This is where no woman wants to go, but if you really go to Sergei Evgenievich. A balanced approach without agitation and pressure. His calmness allows him to find his head in a difficult situation. Thank you.
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I did the operation at Sergei Evgenievich on December 22, everything went fine, no complications or visible scars, an excellent doctor with the right approach to the health of patients. Thank you very much!
One of the best oncologists whom we had to deal with, thanks to Borisov's dad, they made the correct diagnosis.
Sergey Zhukov