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About the department

At K+31, dental medical care is provided across the entire spectrum of areas: therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic dentistry, periodontics and orthodontics.

The doctors of the clinic are constantly improving their skills by doing internships abroad, participating in international conferences and scientific activities. Many specialists are candidates and doctors of medical sciences.


Before treatment, a thorough diagnosis is carried out, including:


In the process of treatment, the main task of a specialist is to preserve the tooth. Using an extensive technical base (including modern Cerec equipment, dental microscopes, Zoom), relying on many years of experience, we ensure the quality of all types of dental procedures for adults and children.

For patient comfort, procedures can be performed under general anesthesia. With light sedation for low-traumatic procedures and with the use of anesthesia for complex surgical operations. Recovery after the procedure takes place in a day hospital under the supervision of experienced specialists.

To solve a complex problem, K+31 uses an interdisciplinary approach, involving specialists from other areas. For example, in the case of implant placement, the assistance of an otorhinolaryngologist may be required. Our own dental laboratory helps to make constructions in a short time, speeding up and facilitating the treatment process for the patient.

Aesthetic dentistry

To solve aesthetic problems, K+31 uses all modern techniques: whitening, occlusion correction, veneers and dentures.

At the first consultation, the doctor will carry out the necessary diagnostics and prepare an individual plan for its solution.

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I would like to thank Natalia Mikhailovna and her assistant for their professional approach and attitude towards the case and patients! Recommend!
I would like to express my gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna! I removed my first wisdom tooth with another doctor, and from this removal I have the worst impressions. The removal process lasted 1.5 hours, the swelling did not go away for 2 weeks, the gum was very sore. For a long time I could not decide on the next surprise, until the tooth began to bother me greatly. Natalia Vladimirovna was advised to me, and that was the best advice! My tooth was removed in 15 minutes, there was no swelling, the very next day I could eat normally, and the healing process took place without pain relievers. Natalya Vladimirovna was very attentive, explained to me the whole process of removal and reassured me. The best part is that she called the next day and asked about her health! Recently I removed another tooth, and everything went fine, although the tooth was large. Natalia Vladimirovna has magic hands, she is a very talented surgeon! I highly recommend it!
Ksenia Nikitina
I would like to thank the wonderful doctor Natalya Vladimirovna for her professional work. I found a doctor from the Internet, the reviews were all positive and after the appointment I was convinced of her professionalism. Conducted 4 operations to remove all eights. She's just a master of her craft. Performs his work confidently, calmly and very efficiently. Despite the complexity of the operations, she removed her teeth in 3-5 minutes, which was surprising to her acquaintances.) Natalya Vladimirovna is very kind and sociable. If necessary, I will come to her and recommend it to everyone! You will not regret!)
Rukia Yorova
I would like to express my gratitude to Dentist-Surgeon Natalya Vladimirovna Elfimova, the best specialist in her field, for her professionalism and the most human approach to patients. Over the past few months that the doctor has been treating me, every time I come to see her with a sincere smile and pleasure. In addition to the current treatment, Natalya Vladimirovna performed two operations on me to remove very complex impacted eighth teeth. The operations were successful and absolutely painless! I can say with confidence that Natalia Vladimirovna has "Golden Hands"! Thank you for the opportunity to be treated with you!
Purus Alina Antonovna
Many thanks to the doctor, Online was able to diagnose a complication after a wisdom tooth was removed, advised treatment, which saved me from terrible pain (which doctors in my city could not do). Now delete 8ki only to her !!!
Dear Natalia, I would like to thank you very much for your help. I was always very afraid of stomatologists and it was not easy to take decision to visit you. Extraction of wisdom tooth is not the easy task and I needed someone not only proffesional, but also sensitive for my fear. Your proposal to make it under anaesthetic was the greatest option. Important was that after all I had no pain, no complications, no necessity to remove stitches ... You are not only a good doctor, but you are also a great person. Once more I express my gratitude!
Today I removed a complex wisdom tooth with twisted roots in just a minute without sawing it. I am very grateful to Natalia for her professional work.
Gold and "light" hands. Top level pro and incredibly pleasant to talk to! Thank you, Natalia Vladimirovna
My son needed to have his wisdom teeth removed for medical reasons. And his 8s were larger than those of an adult and grew in different directions. In short, the "miracle doctor" Natalia had to work on them very seriously. The correct recommendations for postoperative home therapy helped us cope with almost none of the edema. Oh, if there were such wonderful doctors in my childhood !!! I highly recommend the Professional with a capital letter to both adults and children.
I want to express my deep gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna Elfimova and Zulia Yakovleva's assistant for the individual approach to the patient, attention, and of course great professionalism. Thank you for taking the next step towards a beautiful smile!
Thanks to Natalia Vladimirovna, first of all for her attention, high level of knowledge in her field and professionalism. This is a master of his craft! Perfectly conducts dental restoration. The attitude towards the patient is always sensitive and reverent.
Many thanks to Natalia Vladimirovna! Three eights, one of which is quite difficult, behind! I am glad that at the very beginning I got to her! Fast, confident and professional! No hard recovery. I'll be back soon for the last eight, of course, without fear and with complete confidence !!
Natalia is a wonderful doctor. She performed 3 operations on me to remove impacted wisdom teeth. Removes quickly, confidently and neatly. After removal, there were never any complications, everything healed quickly and stably. As a person Natalia is kind and responsive, she will answer questions and explain everything. I will contact her again if necessary, and also recommend her to my friends.
Thanks to Doctor Natalia Elfimova for her sensitivity. responsiveness. kindness and the highest professionalism. For the first time in 40 years. I had a tooth removed (8th bottom) generally painless. injections. the removal procedure itself went unnoticed. And after that everything is fine too. low bow. Natalya Vladimirovna and thank you very much. to such a dentist. how you will go to a masseur. Everyone. who are obsessed with the fear of the dentist's office. I recommend Natalia Vladimirovna. do not want to leave the office, Health and happiness. Natalia to you and your relatives and friends and success in your noble cause!
Aleksey Martirosov
Thank you very much Natalya Vladimirovna for her professionalism, sensitivity and support. Faced for the first time with the need to remove a wisdom tooth. The procedure was quick and completely painless. Throughout the entire process, the doctor supported and reassured me, because I am still a coward. After removal, there were no similar effects, no pain, no fever, but only one relief. I recommend Natalia Vladimirovna as a true professional in her field. The rest of the wisdom teeth will only be removed from her) everyone who still doubts needs to get to Natalia urgently!
Margarita Kirillova
Many thanks to Dr. Natalya Vladimirovna for real professionalism, high-quality and fast removal of the impacted wisdom tooth! I was very afraid of this procedure, but as soon as I saw the determination and calmness of the doctor and assistant Murat (if I am not mistaken), I immediately calmed down !! The operation was super fast, the tooth was removed as a whole, not in pieces! Now it's only the second day, but nothing hurts and there are no complications! For which I am very grateful to Natalya Vladimirovna. He is also a very sensitive and attentive doctor! Thanks a lot to her!
Ekaterina Sutyagina
Thank you very much Natalya Vladimirovna for her professionalism, sensitivity and attention to each client! Natalya Vladimirovna removed my wisdom tooth so that during the operation nothing was felt and there were no complications after the operation, and this speaks of the high competence of the doctor!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna for the excellent work. A complex tooth was removed within an hour, everything was done perfectly, there were no problems after the extraction. I will recommend it to my friends.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna for the high level of skill and professionalism! After visiting the doctor, only positive emotions remained! It is very pleasant to be in the hands of a specialist in your field! Thank you HUGE for your work!
Natalya Vladimirovna is an excellent doctor! They removed a tooth for a son. Removal was difficult. Everything went perfectly. The dentist, whom the son was not in the least afraid of, she knows her job well, knows how to set the patient up in a good mood, this is very important! Many thanks!
I would like to write words of gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna! I want to trust such a doctor) The complex removal went perfectly! The postoperative period was uneventful. Thanks for your work!
Thanks a lot to the doctor! Professional with a capital letter! Excellent diagnostics and treatment! Thank!
I had to remove a wisdom tooth, I was always afraid of this procedure)) I got to Alexey Andreevich - a tooth of prowess in 1 minute, I did not even have time to understand what happened! After removal, nothing hurt. Now only to him !!! A professional in his field and a very pleasant person, with an excellent sense of humor))
Natalia Anosova
I was very afraid before strangling 8ki. But Aleksey's professionalism, power and positive attitude did their job! I didn't even think it would be so fast) Thank you
An excellent highly qualified doctor. Thanks you!
An excellent doctor! Everything is clear, fast, accurate! Thank you very much!
I would like to leave my gratitude to the dentist-surgeon Korneeva Evgenia Sergeevna, I signed up for her for the first time, I have not met a dentist with a "lighter" hand than hers, solved my problem, gave recommendations. I really want there to be more doctors like her: qualified, not indifferent, to whom it is not scary to turn to. Evgenia Sergeevna, thank you very much, I hope you will see my gratitude, you are a wonderful person and specialist, I am infinitely grateful to you! Sincerely, Tsoi Tatiana
I got to David Aramovich by accident - I just hadn't been to the orthopedic dentist for a long time, and I had to go through an examination. He drew attention to the very strong abrasion of the teeth. This problem has been known to me for a long time. I lived in the USA for 25 years, and there they said that, most likely, my teeth would be enough for my lifetime. And one solution was offered - to put on a mouth guard at night in order to prevent further erasure (which he did). Didn't even know there were solutions. David Aramovich, already during the first visit, clearly outlined the problem and proposed a cardinal solution and several options for a partial solution. I have chosen the cardinal method. It was expensive and for a long time, moreover, the work had to be carried out by a young doctor, to whom he came by accident. But somehow instinctively I believed him. And I was not mistaken. In the course of his work, he had to solve problems with implants installed in the United States back in the 1990s, to understand numerous medical records in English. For one of the implants, the necessary spare parts were not found in Russia - David Aramovich found a workaround. He has golden hands and excellent technique - I have someone to compare with. I am grateful to him for the result that he managed to achieve. I recommend this doctor.
Sukharev Alexey Grigorievich
David Aramovich performed the installation of veneers. The work was carried out very carefully, the result is excellent, in two visits the doctor perfectly finalized the bite, left detailed recommendations for care.
Thank you very much Natalia Sergeevna Pivovarova! Professionalism and human understanding helped not to be afraid; since childhood I do not like to treat teeth, but then the fear disappeared. Now only to you.
Vladimir Dukhov
Last year I performed hygienic cleaning at Natalya Sergeevna's. Fast, as carefully and efficiently as possible. Absolutely comfortable and painless. Previously done by other specialists, there is something to compare with. I was pleased with the procedure and the work of the doctor. Now I want to get teeth whitening with this doctor.
At the end of January I did my teeth brushing. I immediately appreciated the high professionalism of the doctor and the careful attitude towards patients. Received advice on cleaning teeth and the need to purchase an irrigator for cleaning teeth, for the hotel irrigator THANKS !!! I will recommend to my friends and colleagues !!!
Valery Abysov
Pivovarova N.S. is a wonderful, intelligent, tactful and attentive doctor! Conducted oral hygiene very efficiently and painlessly.
Polina Dukhova-Krasovitskaya
About two weeks ago, I deleted the eight. I was very worried, since I had heard about stories about what complex teeth they are. Thanks to Natalya Viktorovna for her positive attitude, relieved tension, and also for her professionalism. Removal was quick, not painful. After removal, I followed her recommendations, everything healed quickly enough and without problems. PS: I was pleasantly surprised that Natalya Viktorovna also treats teeth :) She filled one tooth and changed the old filling.
A pleasant and confident doctor, she performed a quick and accurate removal of the “wisdom tooth” - it was not crooked, as usual, but nevertheless. Previously, Natalya Viktorovna justly and skillfully calmed a slightly nervous patient (me), and also competently suggested removing the tooth, without delaying the next day, right on this visit, although I was only set for a consultation. I wouldn't call the procedure pleasant, but it didn’t hurt under standard local anesthesia. By the way, the tooth didn’t even break :-) I also graduated from medicine, I have experience in communicating with patients, so I am able to evaluate this skill in others :-) Here it was at a high level.
Thanks to such doctors, the fear of dentists disappears! Accidentally got to Alexey, deleted the eight, difficult. For three years I gathered my strength) Aleksey, thank you unreal for your humanity, sense of humor (unnoticeably she will talk any coward!)) And undoubted professionalism !! Removed for a long time, but every step was commented and warned! Everything heals very well! (3 weeks have passed) The remaining 8k only to you! I don’t trust anyone else)) Thank you very much !!
Thank you very much!! I have not yet had my tooth removed so quickly and painlessly. 5 minutes and that's it!
Deleted 8k. Thanks to Alexey and his assistant for a professional approach to business, for a positive atmosphere! There would be more such people and specialists!
Many thanks to Alexey Andreevich for the atraumatic removal of the top 8, quickly, accurately, painlessly.
I removed two wisdom teeth from Alexey Andreevich. I am delighted!!! This is a virtuoso job! The top 8 was removed (or rather unscrewed) in less than a minute. The lower, complex one, about which other doctors said that it is imperative to cut the gum, because the crooked root was carefully removed from the hole without a single incision. Everything healed in a couple of days, I didn't even have to drink antibiotics. A true master of his craft! And besides, he is positive, benevolent, responsive. I highly recommend it. Level - "five +".
An excellent doctor, I really like it already as 11 years old only to Valentina Frantsevna and I go, the doctor is very sensitive, attentive, professionalism at the highest level, will always listen and give good recommendations on the care of teeth and oral cavity.
Thank you immensely Nana Nugzarovna for such a sensitive attitude towards patients. She literally in one go removed my fear of dentists, which had been with me for 15 years. The most comfortable, fast and painless techniques. To her reception - like a holiday!
Many thanks for the painless treatment, attentive and sensitive attitude. In addition to the treatment, I also received advice on dental care, the selection of funds that really helped me and advice on further actions! I recommend Nana Nugzarovna to all my friends now
Professional in his field !!!!!! A good dentist should also be a psychologist (childhood traumas and fears of doctors) ... Nana is just that! She's super-attentive to every tooth ... works very neatly. Thank you very much (I was treated 2 years ago ... all the fillings are in place !!!!) ❤️
I entrusted my teeth to Nana Nugzarovna and did not regret it! I have never met a more attentive and sensitive specialist! It's amazing how, with such a busy schedule, you find time for professional development. May your kindness return to you many times and success accompany everything!
Have been at the reception more than once at this wonderful doctor! We have never met such attention and patience, we treat teeth with pleasure and are always happy to go to an appointment.
Egorova Natalya Vasilievna is an exceptional professional and a wonderful person. She coordinated the work of various specialists: neurologist, orthodontist, orthopedist to achieve the best result. Now we are still in the process of treatment, but I am 100% sure that together with Natalia Vasilievna and her team we will come to my perfect and healthy smile.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the dentist Natalya Vasilievna Yegorova for professionalism, sensitive attitude to patients, for the correct vision of the problem and assistance in a prompt solution, for golden hands and attentiveness! Natalya Vasilievna is always attentive, benevolent, able to calm down and adjust to treatment. The treatment procedure is painless and the doctor is constantly interested in sensations! Thank you for seven long years of quality treatment!
Dr. Egorova N.A. is very attentive to patients and the treatment plan, neat and tactful. I will only be observed at her. I went to the clinic with a completely destroyed tooth, it was necessary to clean the canals and restore the contour of the tooth, the doctor very carefully cleaned the canals under a microscope, took a picture and put a filling, finally forgot what a bad tooth is!
The reception was excellent, the doctor is very responsible and attentive. Since I was at a preventive appointment, the doctor described the situation to me and gave me some advice. Now I plan to treat my teeth only with Timur Olegovich and I recommend it to everyone!
Timur Olegovich is an excellent dentist! In addition to the fact that he is a very pleasant person to talk to, he knows his job - he does everything quickly and I felt almost nothing.
Is the dentist the doctor everyone fears? But no! With Timur Olegovich, time flies by, the injections are painless, the anesthesia works magically, and the results of the treatment exceed all expectations. Thank you very much for the fanaticism with which you treat your business!
I would like to sincerely thank the dentist, Timur Olegovich Zakutsky! An excellent specialist with a "light hand" and the highest class of performance of his professional duties! If all dentists worked at this level, going to the "dental" would not cause such excitement in patients.) Thank you, Timur Olegovich!
Cherkasov Ivan Valentinovich.
I have been using the services of your clinic for more than three years, and one of the reasons why I choose this particular clinic is such doctors-experts in their field as Timur Olegovich Zakutsky. On my recommendation, about 10 of my friends have already approached him and everyone admires his professionalism and the results of treatment, thank you very much
I was at the reception of your specialist, dentist-therapist Timur Olegovich Zakutsky, I wanted to thank and say a huge thank you to him and his assistant for their professionalism, attention, accuracy and courtesy, the procedure was performed at the highest and very professional level. Previously, I used the services of your dentists, but I want to leave gratitude only to Timur Olegovich, I will definitely advise the doctor to friends and relatives. Thanks again.
Maria Nagliashvili
I have been visiting Egorova Natalya Vasilievna for more than 5 years. She is a great professional! Attentive, sensitive, kind. I always go to the reception with pleasure and ease. Highly recommend!
Egorova Natalya Vasilievna is a Doctor, a specialist, without exaggeration, with a capital letter. She is very attentive to the problem, very thoughtful about her solution. And offers the most optimal and best solution. A very delicate approach and one feels that he is a professional who does not stand still, but continues to develop and keep pace with modern technologies in dentistry. I strongly recommend getting to her, and all your problems will be solved!
A very professional doctor, a real specialist in his field! Although not many dentists have met in my lifetime, Natalya Vasilievna is the best of them.
I liked absolutely everything! Natalya Vasilievna is a super doctor and mega-man. Thinking for a long time and finding fault with everything – it will not work to find cons. I am very afraid of dentists, super strong, but Natalya Vasilievna is a doctor to whom I can come myself and trust.
I would like to express my special gratitude to the Head of the Dental Department, Natalya Vasilievna Yegorova! We arrived at the clinic from Serpukhov Mos. region on the recommendation of our relative. Our child is now 5 years old and she was the first to see a dentist in her hometown. Apparently, the local doctor caused her severe pain! And it turned out that the child did not allow the temporary filling and medicine to be removed from the tooth. My wife and I went to clinics in our city for a week without results - the child has a panic fear of dentists. We arrived at the Clinic K + 31 and were with the child all the time. Only love for children, high literacy of the Staff helped us to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem. They performed a MIRACLE! :))) THANK YOU.
I put crowns on my grandmother, my grandmother is capricious, moreover. And it has always been like this, let alone with age ... So, first of all, I thank the doctor Natalia Vasilievna Yegorova for her approach to the elderly. Further, the crowns fit perfectly. It is difficult to please my grandmother, so if she says that it is good, then it is good. Well, and of course, if some problems surfaced later, she would also hate it. :) He has been wearing crowns for six months and will not be praised.
I have been undergoing treatment with Egorova Natalya Vasilievna for 5 years already. I want to express my deep gratitude to the doctor and honey. staff! They are always attentive, friendly and really see that they want to help me solve my problem.
Was with Egorova Natalie Vasilievna. EXCELLENT! A very good specialist!
It all started a long time ago, when I had a complex tooth inflammation and all dentists, even in very expensive clinics, said that it needed to be removed. I first came to Egorova Natalya and she undertook to treat this tooth and eventually saved him. 7 years have passed since then, and my whole family and I have been treating teeth only with Natalia Egorova. I express my deep gratitude to Natalia for everything she does and her golden hands!
I go to Natalya Vasilievna to put in order aesthetically my teeth after wearing aligners. The teeth are beautiful, neat, white, thank you very much Natalia for the comfortable treatment! Professionalism and pleasant atmosphere! I go to the dentist to relax! My mother also visits Natalya Vasilievna and we are very glad that we found our doctor.
The most painless and best dentist visit in all my 32 years! A specialist of the highest level! Thank you so much!
An excellent doctor, a professional in his field. He does his job very well. It is a pleasure for the patient to be under the patronage of this professional.
I am a mother, Alexandra Litvinenko, thanks your clinic and personally Omar Makhachevich for the attitude towards children, for my conscientious work, for saving teeth. The child does not go, but runs to your appointment! We admire you, you are a doctor with a capital letter !!! Thank you so much, Omar Makhachevich, that you are !!!
It is very surprising that the child, for the second time after the first visit with a freeze, jumped to the reception! Thank you for the fact that after you the child does not even know that dentists can be afraid)))
Got an appointment with a doctor from another doctor. attentively looked at the picture of the teeth, told everything clearly and clearly, in simple language. and most importantly, I removed the 8 wisdom tooth, which I did not even feel - quickly and efficiently. No blood, no bruises, no long manipulation. I am very grateful to the doctor, I was so afraid, but everything went quickly and without pain.
Julia A.
I have been treating Vladislav for almost a year, everything is fine, 3 extractions of teeth, 3 installations of implants, a shaper, bone augmentation. All without any problems. By removing the stitches, everything heals perfectly) Orthopedics is next in line, but there is no doubt about professionalism and experience. Thank!)
My favorite doctor not only among dentists, but among all directions. This rarely happens for dentists to be favorites, but Natalya Mikhailovna - May love) Sensitivity, professionalism, competence and golden hands!
Visits to the dentist can be pleasant if the doctor is N.M. Polozova. She is very attentive and competent. Natalya Mikhailovna, thank you! PS. Caution! The doctor has too beautiful eyes!))
Awesome doctor! Thank you for your professional and responsible approach to your business.
I'm going like a holiday!
Many thanks to the dentist-therapist Natalya Mikhailovna Polozova for the attentiveness, sensitivity, professional approach using modern technologies, which makes people beautiful. Natalia Mikhailovna is a beautiful, competent and talented specialist with high psychological abilities and a jewelry master. For the first time I came across such an understanding of the patient, attentiveness and care, which, combined with high professionalism and precision in work, gives amazing results and a smile of patients. I am very grateful to her for a decent high-quality treatment, for her Golden Hands, patience, loyalty to her work and excellence of the highest level in the field of dentistry.
I am a mother, Alexandra Litvinenko, thanks your clinic and personally Omar Makhachevich for the attitude towards children, for my conscientious work, for saving teeth. The child does not go, but runs to your appointment! We admire you, you are a doctor with a capital letter !!! Thank you so much, Omar Makhachevich, that you are !!!
A good doctor with a big heart and an open mind. We met at the Be Healthy Clinic, and my daughter was terrified of all dentists. After talking with Omar Makhachevich, I went to the second appointment with a smile. Now every visit is like a holiday for her, besides there is trust in other doctors, thanks to which her teeth are healthy. Thank you for such people, experts from God. I wish you health and success in your work!
Master of his craft. Works smoothly, clearly, quickly and accurately. Everything went painlessly and there was absolutely no discomfort. In addition to a good specialist, Timur Olegovich is also a very pleasant person to talk to, respectfully and calmly told and explained everything in a language accessible to ordinary people.
Not so long ago, a filling fell out, it took about three months without it, probably because I was afraid of dentists since childhood. But I understood that I needed to do something about it, so I made an appointment and got to Timur Olegovich. I did not feel the prick when they were drilling too. If it were not necessary to keep my mouth open, I would have fallen asleep, to such an extent I was comfortable and not painful) As a result, I decided to immediately heal all the teeth and clean them at the same time))) Thank you very much for the quality performance of my work)))
Alina Gotovchenko
Many thanks to the doctor for the excellent work. I made an appointment for the first time based on feedback left by people earlier. I didn’t regret it. The doctor enjoys the result of his labor. I wish you success and even more skill.
The best dentist I've ever met. It relieves pain not only with an injection but also with positive communication. A professional in his field! It's a pity he doesn't accept the kids
Ekaterina B.
A wonderful and attentive doctor, I go to appointments with pleasure, usually brushing teeth and caries treatment. He healed caries in his wisdom teeth, other doctors refused to take.
An excellent specialist! No discomfort either during treatment or after. Sensitive approach to work and patients. I never thought that a dentist appointment could be so wonderful. Many thanks!
Super master, I have diabetes, so I lost my teeth, and I'm still 56 years old. I applied for an artificial jaw. This is a very delicate work, who does not know, it seems that this is a relic, and kind of for old people. But actually no. There is also a category of people like me with diabetes (and probably with other ailments). The ambush of a diabetic is that any rubbing and wounds do not heal at all. Therefore, the jaw should fit perfectly. Should not press and pinch anywhere. These are not shoes and are not carried. And thanks a lot to Sergey Vladislavovich - he (and a dental technician, too, of course) managed to do everything for me as I need it. I have been walking with my jaw for 4 months already, everything is fine.
Gorgeous doctor! I would like to applaud the person for his professionalism and ability to find a common language with young children. My daughter is now 5 years old, we have been going to Omar for about 2 years. During the first two or three visits, my child fell in love with dental treatment, and this is very important for a 4 year old child. The child's Omar Makhachevich is a favorite doctor, and the child asks himself - when will we go to have our teeth treated next time or if I already want to have my teeth treated. And all this in spite of the fact that every time it is drilling teeth and freezing injections. Thanks you! PS we are coming to you tomorrow)
Dmitry and Alisa
Doctor from God !!! We went to his clinic `` Be Healthy '' on Suschevsky. When the doctor went over, we had a problem - the child refuses to be treated by other doctors. We walk with bad teeth. We were looking for Doctor Bagaev via the Internet. We found it and were very happy. Now we will make an appointment with him. Thank you Omar Makhachevich for being you !!
LETTER OF THANKS I express my gratitude to the dentist Natalya Mikhailovna Polozova for professionalism, moral and psychological support, emotional attitude, application of modern methods of treatment. I wish you health and success in your difficult and noble work. Thank you, DOCTOR! Best regards S.V. Shabaev. 03/02/2020.