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Exposure to the environment, polluted air, extreme temperature changes, UV radiation and many other factors adversely affect our skin. Cosmetology allows you to solve the main problems, such as photo- and chrono-aging, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, flabbiness, decreased skin elasticity, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, changes in facial contours.

About the department

The K+31 clinics have a team of specialists, qualified cosmetologists, dermatologists, trichologists who will help solve any cosmetic problem. In the arsenal of our specialists there are modern cosmetology techniques and devices.

The main directions of cosmetology in K+31

Cosmetology at K+31 is represented by three main areas:

  • hardware;
  • therapeutic;
  • injection.

Hardware cosmetology

K+31 clinics present modern cosmetology platforms:

  • SCARLET S RF - device for microneedle S exposure to the skin with gold-plated non-insulated microneedles;
  • HydraFacial MD - device for cleansing, rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin;
  • ULTHERA SYSTEM - a device for non-surgical skin lifting;
  • CUTERA XEO - recognized as one of the most effective and popular systems in the world for aesthetic procedures;
  • FOTONA is a medical laser system with a wide range of applications, one of the most high-tech and safe in the world;
  • ULFIT - the world's first HIFU machine with macro-focused circular dynamic action for body shaping;
  • GELIOS - neodymium laser, which removes pigment, tattoos and performs laser rejuvenation procedures;
  • PALOMAR - multifunctional cosmetology laser;
  • SOPRANO ACCORD, MEDIOSTAR - devices for laser hair removal, which are suitable for almost all skin phototypes;
  • LPG - vacuum skin massage apparatus.

Therapeutic cosmetology

Therapeutic cosmetology at K+31 is represented by classic procedures that are aimed at eliminating skin imperfections using surface application of cosmetics, massage techniques, peels, microneedle therapy, etc.

Injection cosmetology

Injection cosmetology allows you to achieve a noticeable and fairly stable effect in a short time. Injection procedures are distinguished by the least tissue trauma and a short rehabilitation period. In our clinics, specialists use a full range of injection cosmetology techniques for face, neck and décolleté rejuvenation.

  • contour plastic;
  • lip contouring;
  • biorevitalization;
  • mesotherapy;
  • botox.

Cosmetologist consultation

At the first consultation, a specialist will carry out the necessary diagnostics of your skin and select the most suitable procedures for you, as well as help with the choice of home care.


All reviews
A good specialist, very pleasant and calm person.
Thank you very much Natalia Aleksandrovna Stegunova for the operation - blepharoplasty. I am very pleased with the result! A doctor from God! I will always be grateful to her!
I did several procedures with Yulia Filippovna. In addition to the fact that everything was done at the highest professional level, they explained to me in clear language how and what is being done. The injections were not painful and the result was excellent. Before Yulia Filippovna I had several other cosmetologists, but now I only go to her. Thank you for making me happy :)
I wanted to thank the doctor for the high-quality facial cleansing. I liked everything very much. Will definitely be back!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to my doctor-cosmetologist Lysenko Yulia Fillipovna. Only when I got to her I understood, learned and was convinced from my own experience that cosmetic procedures can be really effective and, most importantly, safe! This is a doctor with golden hands, brightest brains and a big heart! Thank you very much for my beauty and youth!)
Thank you very much to Yulia Filippovna for the professionally performed procedures and excellent results! I did facial cleansing and biorevitalization and was very pleased! This is a doctor you can trust. After the bio, not a bruise remained. The skin is filled and radiant. Thank you for making us more beautiful!
Julia Filippovna, I would like to express my gratitude to you for carrying out the laser procedure on your super new and modern apparatus (I did not remember the name). I was very afraid that there would be a red face and it would be painful, but everything went just perfect, thanks to the magical doctor and her golden hands !!!!! She listened to me carefully, explained everything in detail, reassured me. I left after the procedure happy, with a beautiful face !!! The next day, there was no swelling, redness, peeling on my face, the complexion became more even, fresh. I am thrilled with the result !!!!! Thank you very much!!!!
Elena Konik
How difficult it is to find a `` my '' cosmetologist, but I was lucky to meet Yulia! To say that he is a master of his craft, not to say anything. Thank you for the beauty and see you again!
February 18, 2019 Yulia Filippovna gave me laser photorejuvenation. This is the first time I've decided on this. For me, this procedure turned out to be completely painless, only a tingling sensation at the time of the outbreak. Already after one procedure, the result is noticeable: the stars on the cheeks disappeared, and most importantly, the age spots began to disappear. I know that the cells are still activated and the regeneration process in the dermis starts. My friends noticed the fresh look on my face. I will definitely repeat this procedure. Many thanks to the doctor, she is a professional in her field, you can trust her !!!!
09/04/2019 was at the reception. After the consultation, the papilloma was removed in a very inconvenient place - near the priests. Did it very quickly, absolutely did not hurt + gave detailed advice on how and how to handle it. I was satisfied with everything
While going through the check-up at the clinic, I accidentally came to Yulia Filipovna, I have never met such a wonderful doctor, professional, sincere and leading patient in Russia! Thank you very much for your support, for the best me and for my confidence in each procedure, including without anesthesia))) this is just the beginning, always together, thank you very much
She underwent a course of hair treatment with the trichologist Lysenko Yulia Filippovna. Great doctor! Very disposed to himself, carefully studies the problem, can find an approach to each client. The treatment result is amazing! Hair stopped falling out, thicker and faster began to grow. thank
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the doctor for bringing back my smooth and clean skin. After numerous appointments with other doctors, in other clinics, spent time and big finances, I finally found a specialist who knew what was wrong with me and how to treat. That I came to the second appointment already healthy. Thanks to both the clinic and the doctor.
Gulnara Shakirovna left only pleasant impressions. She listened carefully, was able to immediately identify the problem, prescribed the necessary medications. 100% satisfied with the reception
I would like to note the high professionalism of Dr. G.Sh. Zakirova, as well as her personal qualities: sincere interest in solving my problem, close observation during the treatment process, focus on results. After 4 months of unsuccessful attempts at treatment with several doctors, on a recommendation, I got an appointment with Gulnara Shakirovna, who within 2 weeks was able to eliminate my dermatological problem irrevocably.
At Lebedinskaya she removed mimic wrinkles. I had them in the area of the eyes and in the corners of the lips quite a lot. And it seems that they are not old yet, but they strongly spoiled their appearance and mood. Therefore, I decided to get rid of them anyway) Daria Alexandrovna performed all the procedures very carefully. I really like the result, now I am as old as I look;)
Katerina Medovaya
Cosmetologist Ivlieva M.G. Qualified, excellent doctor! She is attentive, friendly, knows her job. As for the work of the call center, there are no comments.
Competent, competent, pleasant and communicative specialist
Valery Kuznetsov
Olga Yurievna is a wonderful doctor. Very competent and attentive. One of the best cosmetologists in Moscow
I want to express my deep gratitude to Olga Yuryevna for a very professional approach, for a sensitive and attentive attitude to the problem with which I came to her and for the excellent result from the work done) thank you very much
An excellent doctor! It's nice to come to the procedures, he will not advise too much, he will tell everything clearly and clearly.
An excellent specialist, highly professional doctor with extensive experience. For several years I have been entrusting my health, youth and beauty to one of the most competent cosmetologists in Moscow - Olga Yurievna. An integrated approach, competent advice, excellent results!
Olga Yurievna is a wonderful Master of her craft! Thank you very much for your care, beauty and attention! You are the best!!!
I want to say a huge thank you to Olga Yurievna for her attentive and sensitive attitude, as well as for the useful information provided and for the correctly prescribed treatment! I always go to the reception with pleasure! I recommend everyone to contact her for help!
Dear Elena Alexandrovna, I want to say thank you very much for the treatment of my daughter Ksenia. Thank you for your sensitive attitude and for the correct treatment. Always be healthy. Thank.
Irina Grigorievna
Many thanks to Elena Aleksandrovna for the correct diagnosis and effective treatment! Elena Aleksandrovna is very pleasant in communication, she is always glad to see the patient, she supports and encourages! An excellent specialist!
Elena Aleksandrovna, I want to express my gratitude to you. Having cured my Demodectic mange, they helped me a lot !! I remember so much an oval complex about these rashes and it's good that I came to you with this problem! About people like you they say, a doctor from God. In addition to all the treatment, thanks for the moral support at that time I needed it :))) Now my face is healthy. It's been three years already .. Thank you very much! All the best)))
Elena Alexandrovna, thank you for everything! For over ten years I have followed you everywhere. You have cured acne, from which I have suffered all my adult life, carefully and sensitively approach all my skin problems and not only. You are always supportive and helpful, and you also instill confidence that any problem can be dealt with. I trust you infinitely. I know that you are a Great Professional and just a very sympathetic person. There are no longer counting how many of my friends and acquaintances you have helped. Thank! An integrated and individual approach to each patient, a deep study of the issue, the eternal search for new solutions and constant professional development, strict adherence to medical ethics - this is what characterizes Elena Aleksandrovna. Doctor with a capital letter! Thank!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Elena Aleksandrovna Bystritskaya. Thanks to the complex treatment, I was able to solve a long-term problem. She is really a Doctor with a capital letter, who does not treat symptoms, but seeks the cause and eliminates it. It is a pity that I came to her only after many years of torment. Elena Alexandrovna thank you very much!
The case brought me to an appointment with Elena Aleksandrovna Bystritskaya, which I was immensely happy about - the doctor saved me from a long-term problem (rosacea, acne, and other related things). In addition to proper treatment and all subsequent medical recommendations, Elena Aleksandrovna initially set herself up for a positive outcome, which greatly facilitated the recovery process. To everyone who thinks and takes care of themselves, I recommend meeting Elena Alexandrovna)
Hello, I want to leave my gratitude to Elena Aleksandrovna Bystritskaya. After long and unsuccessful visits to specialists in other clinics, we turned to Elena Alexandrovna. Already at the first appointment, a very comprehensive consultation and treatment plan were received. To date, the results are very good and in line with expectations. Elena Aleksandrovna is not just a doctor, she is a highly qualified specialist and a wonderful person. I am very grateful to her. Now the female half of our family for beauty and health comes only to Elena Alexandrovna. Best regards, Natalia Kalyuzhnaya.
Natalia Dmitrievna Kalyuzhnaya
Yesterday I was at the reception of Dr. Ivlieva Marina Georgievna - a dermatologist, venereologist, cosmetologist, trichologist. According to the testimony, Maria Georgievna gave me a facial massage and biorevitalization. I would like to note the high professionalism of the doctor, extensive knowledge in the field of cosmetology, the use of the latest world developments in anti-aging. I am pleased with the clear work of the contact center: confirmation of receipt, duplication by SMS - very convenient. The reception works well, harmoniously, the managers are also great, especially Olga Yavorskaya, she solves issues quickly, clearly and adequately makes adjustments as needed. Just smart.
I really like the cosmetology room in K+31. For me, it is important that a beautician has a medical education, and can really understand what happens to the skin. I have very light skin and always had a question with red spots, I thought that nothing could be done with superficial vessels. But cosmetologist Ekaterina Kazantseva helped me choose the right skin care cosmetics, though very expensive. After that, my skin became much better, and the consumption is small. It's good when the doctor focuses on you, and not just acts according to a template!
Annet florana