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Coloproctology is a field of medicine combining abdominal surgery and gastroenterology in the study of diseases of the rectum and colon, anal canal and perianal region, developing methods for their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This includes a wide range of pathological conditions from hemorrhoids and anal fissures to malignant neoplasms of the colon and severe ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

The emergence of such diseases is promoted by: unhealthy diet, poor ecology, genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, etc. The severity of the disease can range from minor to life-threatening.

When to see a doctor

  • The occurrence of pain in the abdomen, anus, or perineum;
  • A systematic increase in gas formation, bloating;
  • Violation of the frequency of stool - constipation or prolonged, more than 1 week, diarrhea;
  • Isolation of blood through the anus during stool and outside bowel movements;
  • Prolapse or inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • Isolation of mucus or pus from the anus;
  • The occurrence of anal itching;
  • False urge to defecate;
  • Fecal incontinence and gas;
  • Prolapse of the rectum;
  • The appearance of tumor-like formations in the anus.
  • Various combinations of these complaints are possible.

Examination and treatment

The treatment of a patient with a colon disease is a very delicate problem, requiring a careful and sensitive approach by a specialist. Early diagnosis of bowel disease can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

For the treatment of patients at Clinic K + 31, minimally invasive (surgical and non-surgical) interventions for hemorrhoids and other diseases of the anal canal are used, as well as extensive operations for cancer, diverticulosis, inflammatory and other pathological conditions of the colon.

The use of new surgical technologies and the best anesthetic support at K + 31 Clinic helps to minimize pain in the postoperative period and shorten the rehabilitation period.

The effectiveness of the first examination by a doctor depends on how you prepare for it. At the first examination, the specialist, first of all, must examine the perineum and perform a digital examination of the rectum. Then the doctor performs a visual examination of the anal canal and rectum - anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. It should be noted that a visual examination of the rectum is one of the main elements that make up the examination of a coloproctological patient.

In order to further clarify the condition of internal organs, the patient can be additionally assigned:

  • Ultrasonic research methods;
  • Colonoscopy
  • Radiation research methods, including computed tomography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

The main tasks of the specialists of our department are - the return of intestinal comfort and excellent health, as well as the maximum possible improvement in the overall health of the patient.


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