Emergency Coloproctology

In clinical practice, a number of coloproctologic diseases or conditions require urgent medical attention. Delayed surgical or therapeutic treatment can lead to serious consequences.

Emergency round-the-clock coloproctological care in Clinic + 31 solves the problems of specialized medical care for patients and ensures a favorable outcome of the pathological condition, and in some cases it is the life saving of the victim.

According to statistics, the most common pathology that is subject to emergency surgical treatment is purulent-inflammatory diseases of the anorectal and sacrococcygeal zones: acute inflammation of hemorrhoids, acute paraproctitis, suppuration of the epithelial coccygeal passage, suppuration of the dermoid cysts of the pelvis. Most often, patients turn to a general surgeon, and an incorrectly performed operation can cause a relapse of the disease or anal incontinence. The further course and outcome of the disease is largely determined by the adequacy of the surgical intervention at this stage.

Causes of diseases requiring emergency care of a proctologist surgeon

The causes of purulent-inflammatory diseases are manifold, and it is erroneous to associate them with insufficient hygiene. For example, the epithelial coccygeal passage is a congenital defect in the development of the intergluteal fold. It suppurates with mechanical trauma or blockage of the primary pinholes, which are located in the midline above the sacrococcygeal joint. Suppurative processes in the pelvis can be caused by a congenital pathology in cases with dermoid cysts, as well as inflammatory processes in the anal canal or rectum.

Traumatic injuries of the pelvic organs and intestines of various origins (industrial, domestic, gunshot, foreign bodies, etc.) also apply to cases where emergency coloproctological surgical care is indicated.

Specialized emergency care is needed for patients with inflammatory diseases of the colon: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. This may be an initial attack of the disease, relapse of the disease or its complications in the form of bleeding, perforation or intestinal obstruction. In the last decade, complications of diverticular disease of the colon (diverticulitis, bleeding from the diverticulum, perforation of the diverticulum with the development of an abdominal abscess, etc.) became frequent. Patients with such complications are shown urgent hospitalization and, in some cases, emergency surgical intervention.

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When is emergency coloproctologic care indicated?

If the following symptoms occur, consult a doctor immediately:

  • an increase in temperature to 38-39 C against the background of intestinal disorders or pain in the pelvis;
  • the appearance of increasing pain in the rectum, perineum, anocoptic zone;
  • acute abdominal pain with previously or for the first time diagnoses: diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, inversion of the intestine, dolichosigma;
  • acute pain during bowel movements;
  • painful swelling in the anal canal, perineum, or anocoptic zone;
  • prolonged constipation, painful urge to defecate, or painful urination;
  • frequent false desires for an act of defecation with mucus and an admixture of blood;
  • rectal bleeding;
  • traumatic damage to the perineum, anal sphincter, rectum and colon.

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