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Coloproctology is a field of medicine that combines abdominal surgery and gastroenterology in the study of diseases of the rectum, colon, anal canal and perianal region, and develops methods for their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This includes a wide range of pathological conditions, from hemorrhoids and anal fissures to malignant neoplasms of the colon, severe ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Causes of disease

The occurrence of such diseases is facilitated by:

  • improper nutrition;
  • bad ecology;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • and some other factors.

The severity of the disease can range from minor to life-threatening.

When to see a doctor?

Specialists of the K+31 clinics recommend contacting a doctor with the following symptoms:

  • the occurrence of pain in the abdomen, anus or perineum;
  • a systematic increase in gas formation, bloating;
  • violation of stool frequency - constipation or prolonged diarrhea;
  • discharge of blood through the anus during stool and outside bowel movements;
  • prolapse or inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • discharge of mucus or pus from the anus;
  • the occurrence of anal itching;
  • false urge to defecate;
  • fecal and gas incontinence;
  • prolapse of the rectum;
  • the appearance of tumor-like formations in the anus;
  • when these complaints are combined.

Examination and treatment

Treating a patient with a colon disease is a very delicate problem that requires an attentive and sensitive approach from a specialist. Early diagnosis of pathologies can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

For the treatment of patients in K+31, both minimally invasive (surgical and non-surgical) interventions and extensive operations for cancer, diverticulosis, inflammatory and other pathological conditions of the colon are used.

The use of new surgical technologies and anesthetic support in K+31 allows minimizing pain in the postoperative period and shortening the rehabilitation period.

Features of the initial examination

The effectiveness of your first doctor's appointment depends on how you prepare for it. At the first examination, the specialist, first of all, must examine the perineal area and perform a digital examination of the rectum. Then the doctor performs a visual examination of the anal canal and rectum - anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. It should be noted that visual examination of the rectum is an important element in the examination of the patient.

Additional research

In order to further clarify the state of internal organs, the patient can be additionally assigned:

  • ultrasound research methods;
  • endoscopic research methods: colonoscopy, video capsule colonoscopy;
  • radiation diagnostic methods, including computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.


All reviews
We express our deep gratitude to the incredibly talented specialist and excellent personel - Alexey Valerievich Cherdakov! For many years I suffered, experiencing pain and discomfort, and not a single doctor was able to figure it out, write competent treatment and identify the problem. Alexey Valerievich not only found a subtle psychological approach, in one step he identified the problem, made a clear and correct diagnosis and sent for further examinations! Thank you very much, we will be infinitely grateful to you for everything! For the fact that they gave hope for recovery, they were competently directed, and also always support and prompt! Thanks to your talent and work, there is hope for a long and healthy life! There is a belief that in our time it is possible to find competent specialists who know their business, who are not indifferent to the fate and lives of people! You are doing a very difficult, but very rewarding job from a pure heart !!!!
Lyubov Toporikova
The best doctor in my life. The attitude towards the patient is just super. These are the people who should stand at the gates of medicine! Thank you very much Kirill Valerievich. He did not feel any discomfort, he exudes kindness. Just like in the fairy tales of Aibolit
Kirill Valerievich, you are the best doctor, surgeon! Thank you for helping so many people get back to normal life. Good patients to you! And success in your new place!
Anna Timokhovich
I turned to Kirill Valerievich with a running problem on the recommendation, now I recommend it to everyone! I operated on, restored my health and normal life. A real professional, attentive and caring person. Thank you, doctor!
I would like to express my gratitude to Kirill Valerievich for his professionalism, kindness and attentive attitude. I wish you success and good health!
I will endlessly thank the doctor for his help! I was twice unsuccessfully operated on by the luminaries of proctologists, who flash on television and tell me how great they are. For two years I suffered from the consequences and looked for real help from doctors. Aleksey Valerievich not only cured me, he made me believe again that a doctor today is the MOST NOBLE PROFESSION, WHICH HELPS AND SAVES HEALTH AND LIFE, and does not just provide services and draw up treatment programs! Thank you Doctor! You are just an incredible person and a real wizard!
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Probably I will never be able to find words of gratitude to a doctor, a DOCTOR with a CAPITAL LETTER. The doctor not only cured me, correcting the consequences of the intervention of charlatans from other clinics in my disease, but also was able to restore the lost faith in real specialists. A very erudite, thoughtful and positive doctor with golden hands. Thank you for your help and return to a fulfilling life.
I would like to thank the coloproctologist Aleksey Valerievich for his professionalism and human attitude, for his smile and, of course, the desire to help the patient and explain all the nuances of research and disease. During my life, I have repeatedly asked for help, but at the reception with Alexei Valerievich, it was so relaxed, easy and, perhaps, imperceptible and painless. Huge human gratitude to Dr. Cherdakov for his high-quality professional work. Special thanks to the administration of the polyclinic that such excellent doctors work for you.
I want to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful DOCTOR with a CAPITAL LETTER - Coloproctologist Alexei Valerievich Cherdakov! I turned to this doctor, on the recommendation, you will not believe, from another clinic, already desperate to solve the problem. It seemed to me that I was a terminally ill patient who simply exists and does not live. But Alexey Valerievich did the impossible. In a matter of days, he did not just put me on my feet, but made me a healthy person. I have never met such a talented doctor, and his psychologist is simply amazing. Thank you doctor. Your most grateful patient, Mikhail S.
Kirril Valerievich is simply the best doctor. May God grant you health !!!
Kirill Valerievich is an outstanding, rare doctor. I took on a very difficult case with my mother, when most of the specialists in leading clinics gave the most negative forecasts. We coped with it. Exceptionally attentive and careful attitude towards the patient. Highest qualifications and vast experience. Many thanks to Kirill Valerievich
I am directly related to medicine and, perhaps, therefore, my review is replete with specialized terms. But this is not an advertisement, but a real experience that I want to share. Having decided on an operation, you need to do two things: choose a clinic where to do the operation and choose a surgeon who will do it. I chose K + 31 because I was well aware of the impeccably organized surgical service in this clinic. In three words, "quickly, not painful, qualitatively." Real "same-day surgery" like in Europe. You go home the same day, or the next, even in difficult cases and large operational volumes. IMHO, this is primarily the result of the use of modern surgical technologies and materials by surgeons who know how to apply them. In fact, quick healing, shortening the rehabilitation period, a quick return to a full life. Several people close to me have operated here, and I can imagine what I am talking about. I delayed the solution to my problem: bleeding began, it was difficult to play sports, going to the toilet turned into a whole event. As a result, a radical operation is required. It was scary. But fortunately, I fell into the hands of Kirill Valerievich Bolikhov. A surgeon with a capital letter. From the first minute of communication, he explained everything to me, how what would happen, what options are there, what complications are possible, and what we will do to prevent them. Golden hands, on the second day after the operation (usually 5-7 days in the hospital) I went home. Everything healed quickly, the problem was completely resolved. It really didn't hurt, neither before, nor during, nor after the operation. They know how to work with anesthesia in this clinic, and I have never heard words like “you have to be patient”. Kirill Valerievich also accompanied me throughout the postoperative period, resolving all issues before they could worsen my condition. Result: on the second day home, on the seventh - to work, a month later I began full preparation for the marathon. Thank you, dear, skillful, responsive, caring doctors and nurses K + 31 for your work!
I turned to Kirill Valerievich with a running problem on the recommendation. I really liked the attitude - an attentive, competent specialist.
Igor Yurievich
I would like to express my gratitude to Valery Mikhailovich for the emergency assistance provided to me in the operation to remove the coccygeal cyst. Thanks!
If someone has a question about which doctor to choose in order to make the correct diagnosis in proctology, then I sincerely recommend you Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich. Today I was at the second appointment after Longo's surgery. 12 days have passed, I feel great and have practically recovered. The doctor allowed me to exercise and allowed me to return to my old life. I express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the clinic and to Valery Mikhailovich. I also want to note that the doctor's correct decision on how to perform the operation affects your further recovery. I am very happy that I listened to my intuition and chose this doctor and this clinic.
I am immensely grateful to Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich for the correct diagnosis, for the operation, after which I already feel great! And today is only the fifth day !!! My choice happened quickly and without hesitation, because after the first consultation and examination I had the feeling that no one was looking at me (nothing hurt at all), unlike visiting other doctors, whom I had to turn to for 10 years ... None of the previous doctors, even in assumptions, made the diagnosis that Valery Mikhailovich immediately made. Many thanks to all the attendants of the K + 31 clinic, all the nurses. I am thrilled to be in the right hands with the right people! I wish you all good health!
Ekaterina Mikhailovna
I would like to thank Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich - a wonderful specialist and a good person! A thinking doctor, prescribed competent treatment, and not immediately an operation, as the doctor suggested who crippled me, without even warning about the risks and complications of such a procedure. It was only thanks to his golden hands that I avoided the operation of the anal fissure, which appeared after removing the fringe from another doctor. Professionalism, caring and attentive attitude to the patient. Valery Mikhailovich, thank you very much!
As always, you want to postpone your visit to the doctor, because you are not always lucky and you can harm your own health. Therefore, this time I turned to my friends for help, who advised me to contact Valery Mikhailovich. A very attentive doctor, a real professional, he explained everything clearly and told about the method of treatment. Absolutely no doubt agreed to surgery. The operation was successful, I feel well, for which many thanks to Valery Mikhailovich and the medical staff. The clinic is wonderful, for which special thanks to the head.
I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful doctor, coloproctologist Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich for his difficult, but very professional work. She suffered from hemorrhoids for many years. I kept postponing the visit to the doctor. It was scary and embarrassing, because, as F. Ranevskaya said, "the hated disease of hemorrhoids: neither to look at it, nor to show it to people." Made it to the last stage. All my fears and doubts disappeared after meeting a very delicate, neat and courteous doctor - Valery Mikhailovich. The operation he performed gave me hope for a new life - life without constant pain. Thanks to his professionalism, his golden hands, the postoperative period went smoothly, almost painlessly, I quickly got back on my feet. Now I feel great. Valery Mikhailovich, thank you very much !!! Svetlana
My whole family is grateful to Valery Mikhailovich, he is the only one of many doctors who did not refuse to operate on my 85-year-old mother, made a difficult decision and saved her from severe torment and constant painkillers. High professionalism and kind heart distinguish this doctor. He can gently and delicately discuss all the patient's problems, he can patiently work with an elderly patient. Thank you, many thanks and wishes for good health!
For two months now, I have been grateful to all the higher powers that brought me to this doctor. 4 months after the second birth, in another clinic and by another doctor, an absolutely unnecessary operation was performed, which entailed serious consequences. A medical error, which another doctor tried to hide, almost robbed me of my normal life. Valery Mikhailovich did not immediately give any guarantees, but promised to do his best! And he worked a miracle !! In just a matter of days, he put in order the consequences of the operation, and I was able to give up painkillers. For me V.M. became truly a miracle worker! Thank you very much to him !! Thank you for not giving up and correcting the mistakes of others. Thank you for helping, so quickly and efficiently! And besides high class professionalism, he is the kindest and sweetest person. Thanks again!
Thanks to Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich - for professionalism, for an individual approach to a patient, for attentiveness and correctness in solving our not simple problems !!! Health to you, grateful patients, new achievements, good luck, health to you and your loved ones! I had an operation exactly a year ago on May 5 - and there would not have been a day when I would not remember with gratitude the golden hands of Dr. Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich! Irina Pavlovna (Kamchatka)
Slepchenko Irina Pavlovna
I appeal to all women giving birth! I know how embarrassed we are after the birth of the discomfort in the intimate sphere and with the intestines and do not know with whom to discuss this, who to trust, is it possible to change something and where to start ?! And we endure the inconvenience, sometimes pain in the anal passage and do not dare to admit that we have problems. Hemorrhoids sounds so embarrassing! I dragged on for many years, solved constipation and fermentation with the help of pureed food, helped myself with my fingers when I went to the toilet and did not know how it was to go to the procologist. I decided to make a knee saving under anesthesia, at the same time gastroscopy, I went to the hospital, it was possible without it, but I'm glad that I pampered myself. She was treated as a "white man", after the knee of the copy, the first thing she asked was: "Do I have hemorrhoids?" And when you hear "yes", immediately "write to the procologist, why be afraid, I am" clean "after the examination, I even lost weight, and the thought, what if the examination is enough for him?! After 5 minutes in the office of Dr. Rusinovich Valery Mikhailovich, I said something that I did not discuss with my friends, not that with my husband, and at the same time we felt great, an amazing doctor! He loves his profession so much that you are not afraid of him to be "offended" by your indecent details! Amazing! I relaxed and on the recommendation to do the operation "Longo" (15 minutes of anesthesia and no restrictions after), I did not stand for the operation tomorrow (and I had already been examined and all the tests are ready, why wait). After the operation, they immediately feed, no pain, I even refused from sleeping pills, it was not needed! And now I feel better than when I was young, which is what I wish everyone! Olga Mikhailovna 50 lux
A wonderful clinic, everything is at the highest level, the doctors are just super, the nurses are caring, day and night, they are always ready to help. This is the BEST CLINIC IN MOSCOW, and maybe in Europe! I would like to express special gratitude to the doctor of the clinic Rusinovich Valery Mikhailovich! SUPER DOCTOR, SUPER SPECIALIST, DOCTOR WITH A CAPITAL LETTER, HIGH-CLASS SPECIALIST AND JUST VERY WONDERFUL, GOOD PERSON! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!
Dear Valery Mikhailovich! Thank you for the excellent operation to remove the fistula and hemorrhoids and the quick recovery after. I regret that I did not apply to the K + 31 Clinic earlier. Thank!
Many thanks to Valery Mikhailovich! For several months I could not get rid of my problems associated with coloproctology. And only Valery Mikhailovich got rid of these problems. A very competent approach, necessary examination, modern equipment. And most importantly, an excellent doctor. Thanks you.
Many thanks to the K + 31 clinic! Especially Rusinovich Valery Mikhailovich. Dear Valery Mikhailovich! Thank you very much for the quick and painless operation performed on an outpatient basis. Your surgical treatment (thromboectomy from the hemorrhoid, 10/10/2016) relieved me of the problem accurately and in a timely manner. Thank you very much! Everything was very skillful and delicate.
Dear future patients! If you have doubts about which of the doctors to turn to with the problems of proctology, feel free to go to Valery Mikhailovich without hesitation. A highly professional, at the same time, with the most reverent attitude towards his patients. Nowadays it is very rare. I have already forgotten how it happens when a doctor lives with you both your operation and your rehabilitation. When you are not left alone with your new reality, but you know for sure that there is a doctor next to you who helps you until your full recovery. We solved my problem of many years delicately and almost painlessly. Valery Mikhailovich, thank you very much for the qualitative change in my life. Long professional life and many patients that you make healthy.
Rusinovich Valery Mikhailovich is a very good specialist. The operation was at the end of October, it was successful, everything healed according to plan and on time, now I have almost forgotten about old problems. Thank!
Pavlova Natalia
For the first time I got an appointment with Valery Mikhailovich back in Minsk, it was 20 years ago. And all this time, mentally and aloud I thanked this doctor for his help in treating our delicate problems. This is really a Doctor with a capital letter and a wonderful person. Therefore, many Belarusians want to come to him already in the Moscow clinic. This time, the reception was at the highest level, as always. A very thorough examination, highly professional consultation, the doctor gave more than comprehensive answers to all the questions that worried me. He is a wonderful doctor and his attitude towards patients is very sensitive and friendly. Valery Mikhailovich, thank you very much and deep bow.
I would like to thank Valery Mikhailovich for his professionalism and human attitude. Indeed a doctor of the highest category. The clinic, the medical staff - everything is at a very good level.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the wonderful doctor Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich. There are few such doctors in Russia, they are worth their weight in gold. Thank you, doctor, for your professionalism, sensitive and attentive attitude, understanding and patience. Health and all the best.
Valery Mikhailovich, thank you for the excellently performed operation and for the excellent result. In December 2018, an operation was performed to remove hemorrhoids, rehabilitation was calm, the stitches were removed on day 7. I really liked the warm attitude, professionalism and calmness of the doctor and his assistants. The longstanding problem was solved in the most delicate way. Many thanks!
Three weeks ago I had an operation on Valery Mikhailovich. I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness and delicacy of the doctor. Nice clinic and wonderful doctor! Recommend!
I am writing these words with great gratitude: thanks to the wonderful doctor and his assistants who saved me! At the 34th week of pregnancy, I came with a clearly expressed problem. I am 27 years old, the baby will be the second, but this is the first time I have encountered such a disaster. As Valery Mikhailovich said, I have an unusual case - several circulating nodes, which not only caused discomfort, but did not allow me to live normally. As a result, already at the second appointment, when it became clear that the treatment was not working, a much-needed operation was performed. For which I am very grateful, since only a professional will take such a risk - to remove nodes from a pregnant woman. Exactly one week later my stitches were removed. Everything went great! Now I regret that I did not make an appointment a week earlier, perhaps I could have avoided surgical intervention. In any case, you should never delay. THANK!!!! again!!!!
Valery Mikhailovich, thank you very much for your highest professionalism, for your sensitive attitude towards patients! I recommend everyone only to you, and all my friends after visiting you thank me as if the treatment was provided by me personally) Good luck and health!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful Doctor - coloproctologist Valery Mikhailovich Rusinovich! I turned to Valery Mikhailovich at the K + 31 Clinic with a "magnificent bouquet" of problems: after the first unsuccessful operation to excision the crack, she underwent two more operations to eliminate the consequences of the first. For several years, I literally did not live, but suffered. Life has turned into a continuous "pain syndrome". It seemed to me that I had lost the quality of a normal life forever. Valery Mikhailovich, assessing the "scale of the disaster", immediately proposed to operate. And he performed the most complicated operation. At the same time, I thought about the aesthetic side of the issue, trying to do not only qualitatively, but also .. beautifully !!! Here I want to note that I do not tolerate pain very well. More precisely, I cannot stand it at all. The pain threshold is extremely low. So: Valery Mikhailovich treated me like a small child - sensitively, understandingly, kindly, patiently, trying in every possible way to calm me down and ease my pain! I was not nervous, I did not shout: "Lady! Control yourself!", "Be patient!", "Stop yelling!" etc. What happiness and what a rare fortune to get into the hands of such a Doctor! Extremely delicate and courteous, empathetic and caring, kind and tolerant, with an amazing male charisma and incredible charm !!! Super professional who loves his job! Superman radiating goodness! A super physician bringing people back to normal! Dear Valery Mikhailovich! You gave me a chance for a new life - a life without pain. I still can't believe that my long-term problem has been solved! Thank you very much for what you tirelessly do every day - save us from suffering, give us health! Thank you for being there !!! Long professional years of your life and many grateful patients whom you are literally saving! You are a kind Wizard !!! Only thanks to your golden hands my life has qualitatively changed for the better! Low bow to you and many years! With unfailing respect and deep gratitude to you, emotionally labile Elena :)
I want to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful doctor with golden hands Rusinovich VM! Thank you for your professionalism, attentiveness and just a wonderful attitude! With you, Valery Mikhailovich, everything seemed not so terrible. Immediately on the mend :) I wish there were more such kind wizards!

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