• Benign soft tissue neoplasms
  • Surgical gynecology
  • Oncological surgery
  • Eye microsurgery
  • Emergency surgery
  • Surgical traumatology
  • Surgical coloproctology
  • Vascular surgery


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Oleg Ivanovich

Deputy Chief Physician for Surgery, Surgeon


Sergei Evgenyevich

Oncologist-mammologist, surgeon

Sergei Georgievich

Chief Consultant in Surgery, Surgeon

Dmitry yurevich

Deputy Chief Physician for Development, Surgeon

PhD, Docent

Ivan Alexandrovich

Thoraco-abdominal surgeon, oncologist surgeon





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> 58 th patients
per year

24/7 Diagnostics

Doctors of science
& PhD

One of the main directions of the K + 31 Clinic is surgery. The department is equipped with 7 operating rooms, intensive care rooms and a comfortable multi-disciplinary inpatient unit with single and double rooms, as well as two-room luxury rooms.

For the uninterrupted operation of the department, 24/7 laboratory diagnostic services, anesthesiology-resuscitation services and a diagnostic center operate. The department is equipped with advanced equipment.

The department carries out surgical interventions in many areas, the main ones for us are:

  • general surgery;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • phlebology;
  • mammalogy;
  • thyroid surgery;
  • coloproctology;
  • oncological surgery;
  • endoscopy.

Intensive care rooms are equipped with functional resuscitation beds, artificial and auxiliary ventilation devices, monitoring systems of vital body functions, automated infusion systems and air conditioning systems.

The clinic provides both planned and emergency care. For emergency diagnostics we use: ultrasound machines, a portable express laboratory, a mobile x-ray machine.

In emergency cases, all necessary procedures are carried out within an hour.

For the convenience of our patients, the clinic has a 24/7 emergency department and a 24-hour emergency room. If necessary, our clinic will help arrange transportation of the patient to a private ambulance, and ambulance services are also available for our patients.


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Dear Sergey Vladimirovich, Many thanks to you and your colleagues for a successful hernia operation in March this year !!! Thank you for your polite attitude, attention and professionalism !!! I feel great! I also wish you great health, interesting and successful work !!!
Ivanov Denis Vladimirovich
I am very grateful to Sergei Vladimirovich for such a professionally performed laparoscopy. At all stages of the process - from admission to the hospital to postoperative rehabilitation - Sergey Vladimirovich clearly explained everything, supported, inspiring optimism and the right attitude. As a result, being an alarmist, I went to the operation with a light heart and woke up from anesthesia with the feeling that everything would be fine. When communicating with Sergei Vladimirovich, I felt that my health was in professional and responsible hands. I would not like to face surgical intervention in the future, but if there is anything, I know exactly who to contact. THANK!
This year I met with Doctor Korolyov twice: as an operating surgeon (he operated on my mother) and as an attending physician (I have breast surgery) It's hard to say which time he struck me more. Then, when I saw my mother a few hours after the operation, sitting and smiling, or when he was dressing me, he looked after me as if I were my closest relative. Always in a great mood. A smile illuminates everything around, instills confidence in recovery. "... an ideal doctor is a person with a deep knowledge of life and the human soul, who intuitively recognizes any suffering and pain of any kind and restores the world by his mere presence" (Henri Amiel) - this is about Sergei Korolev !!!!!!! !
Natalia Firsanova
Dear Sergey Vladimirovich! With all my heart I want to thank you for the successful operation to remove the gallbladder. You are a wonderful doctor and empathetic person. Thank you for your attention and care in the postoperative period, as well as for your willingness to listen to the patient and answer all questions of interest in the difficult period of preparation for the operation! I would like very much that there would be as many doctors as you. Thanks again!
Anastasia Ch.
We say many thanks to our doctor Sergei Vladimirovich Korolev for competently and without any consequences the operation performed on October 23, 2013. We wish him good health for many years and good luck in his hard work.
Hello! He removed the gallbladder at K + 31 (operated on by Oleg Ivanovich Yudin and Sergey Vladimirovich Korolev). Everything went well, from the initial consultation to discharge. High level of qualification of medical personnel and clinic. Success to everyone! With great respect and gratitude to all the staff of K + 31, V. Krivulets.
Victor Krivulets
Dear Sergey Vladimirovich, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your high professionalism, you performed a unique operation, which not every surgeon would have dared to undertake. Thank you for the health you have presented! Best regards, Svetlana Kuzemina
I went to the clinic K + 31 on the issue of laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the highly professional surgeon Oleg Ivanovich Yudin, the team of anesthesiologists and accompanying medical staff. At the initial consultation, Oleg Ivanovich attentively listened to all my complaints, made a clear and understandable assessment of my diagnosis, explained how the laparoscopic operation would be performed and made a necessary and sufficient program of preliminary examinations, and sent me for a consultation to an anesthesiologist. The operation was planned, the general anesthesia was performed at the highest level, and the postoperative support in the K + 31 department was excellently organized! I am very glad that I made my choice and applied to K + 31. Just 5 days after the operation, I was already able to start my favorite job. Many do not trust other people's reviews, especially those published on the Internet, and even on the website of the clinic itself. But believe me, K + 31 is really a very high-tech clinic with an experienced and professional staff! The level of assistance really meets all the highest standards! With respect to real professionals and with gratitude, Lev Nodelman
Lev Nodelman
From the bottom of my heart, I thank the surgeon Oleg Ivanovich Yudin for the elaborate operation to remove the gallbladder. I sincerely wish you well-being in your personal life!
In April last year, Oleg Ivanovich performed an operation to remove my gallbladder. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the highest level of skill of this doctor! Women will understand me - scars do not decorate us :( So, thanks to Oleg Ivanovich, the aesthetics of the body was preserved (I saw traces from laparoscopy in others: ((() An attentive, knowledgeable surgeon! I recommended him to my friends - they were also satisfied. Thank you very much, Oleg Ivanovich !!!!!
Oleg Ivanovich arrived at night on his day off to help the team that operated on my mother. They saved her! The operation lasted six hours. They all have golden hands and hearts! Low bow!
Oleg Ivanovich arrived at night on his day off to help the team that operated on my mother. They saved her! The operation lasted six hours. They all have golden hands and hearts! Low bow!
Yesterday we operated on the gallbladder, there were 3 small glued stripes on the body. The doctor very quickly made the right decision to urgently operate, as the stone got stuck in the duct. And this is very dangerous and painful! Today everything is over! Many thanks to the wonderful Doctor, I also thank the entire K + 31 team, you are the best!
Olga Olegovna
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the very best doctor Malygin Sergey Evgenievich for his professionalism, attentiveness and truly golden hands. Sergey Evgenievich, thank you for everything! After each visit to you (and this is for almost 12 years), I always feel absolutely calm about my health as a person and I know that with any health problem I can turn to you and I will always receive the correct and necessary help or very necessary advice ... Thanks you! Girls, women, if you have problems with the mammary gland, go straight to Sergei Evgenievich and do not hesitate at all - they will listen to you, they will definitely help you and, most importantly, you will be healthy!
Sergey Evgenievich Malygin is an excellent mammologist-oncologist. This is where no woman wants to go, but if you really go to Sergei Evgenievich. A balanced approach without agitation and pressure. His calmness allows him to find his head in a difficult situation. Thank you.
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I did the operation at Sergei Evgenievich on December 22, everything went fine, no complications or visible scars, an excellent doctor with the right approach to the health of patients. Thank you very much!
A very competent and attentive doctor. He told in detail what and how to do at home. The dressings are done carefully, not painful, and at the same time thoroughly. You feel in good hands! Thank you very much! Good luck!
Very attentive and knowledgeable doctor. At the same time, he also explains everything clearly. Friendly. Yesterday I was in the bandaging for the last time. I won't say that I regret it, but I really liked the doctor very much.
Elena Leonova