Maxillofacial Surgery

In the K+31 Clinic, maxillofacial operations of any complexity are carried out. Our specialists widely use the most modern methods of microsurgery, which allow to suture nerve endings, damaged vessels, tissue flaps and completely restore the patient's appearance after injuries.

Maxillofacial, plastic surgery

  • Operations after injuries of the jaws, bones of the facial skeleton, nose, ears; injuries of soft tissues of the face, neck. Traumatic amputation of the nose, ears, lips.
  • Reconstruction of the face, neck after injuries and after oncological operations.
  • Microvascular facial surgery.
  • Removal of benign lesions on the face and neck.
  • Plastic surgery on the face and neck, facelift, neck lift, nose, ear, lip plastic surgery.
  • Correction of congenital underdevelopment of the face.

Dental surgery

  • Reconstruction of the jaws with complete atrophy and dental implantation.
  • Correction of malocclusion, treatment of underdevelopment and overdevelopment of the jaws.
  • Removal of teeth of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Diseases of the dentition, caries and its complications.
  • Traumatic and non-traumatic pathologies of the TMJ joints.
  • Treatment of pathology of the dentoalveolar system using cellular technologies.

Implantology and Maxillofacial Surgery

Cellular technologies are no longer an unattainable dream. In the course of modern technologies, stem cells renew and replace cells lost as a result of any damage in all organs and tissues, because they are designed to restore and regenerate the human body from the moment of its birth. The potential of stem cells is just beginning to be used by science. Undoubtedly, the application of cell technology in dental patients suffering from pathology of the dentoalveolar system, with insular insufficiency, periodontitis and atrophy of the alveolar processes is of practical interest. The use of tissue engineering technologies allows to accelerate the process of bone tissue reconstruction in case of its reduction, loss or damage. The K+31 clinic successfully uses the cell technology technique.

Methods of surgical treatment are widely used in the treatment of periodontal disease, removal of cysts, treatment of teeth that cause inflammation or neuritis of the trigeminal nerve, after injuries to the jaws and teeth, soft tissues of the face. In our clinic, we use the most modern techniques, which in most cases allow avoiding tooth extraction.

Local plastic surgery involves the use of tissues borrowed directly from the existing defect in the process of intervention.


  1. Good functional and cosmetic effect.
  2. Wound healing by primary intention (no inflammation, no scarring).
  3. Short rehabilitation period.

Reconstructive plastic maxillofacial surgery corrects most facial defects and deformities by placing individually created implants or restoring bone volume.


  1. Elimination of facial deformities.
  2. Restoration of bone volume.
  3. Low visibility of surgical intervention.

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I turned to Alexander Sergeevich as a second specialist after stitching in the neck. The doctor is very pleasant as a person and showed high professionalism. They examined the suture area (I was very worried, because I am 22 and the place is very noticeable) and offered additional ointments for better healing. After that, she applied again to improve the appearance of the scar (the choice of a specialist was no longer standing). Thanks to the injections, everything looks better. An excellent clinic and an excellent specialist, I will recommend it. Thank!)
I have long wanted to leave a review about Alexander Sergeevich, but all hands did not reach, as they say. We strive to write negative reviews as soon as possible, but positive ones, unfortunately, are often lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But today I really want to finally restore justice and write a review about a wonderful person, a doctor with a capital letter. Alexander Sergeevich is a magician! This is not an exaggeration. We all know that a child's illness is the worst thing for parents. My son is a professional athlete. During training, a tennis ball hit him behind the ear, the lymph node was damaged. A few hours after the injury, the node became inflamed so that there was a feeling that the son had a second head. We were in three hospitals, including the Research Institute of Maxillofacial Surgery. An exact diagnosis was not made anywhere, and treatment could not be prescribed. It got to the point that they were sent to urgently operate. With some inner instinct, she did not put her son on the operation, she began to look for a maxillofacial surgeon. Absolutely by chance they got to Alexander Sergeevich. And he healed! No operations and other complications. Two weeks later, the son returned to training. This doctor became the only specialist who diagnosed and cured !!! After that, they turned to the doctor again, but with another problem. Leaving the doctor's office, the son said: "He is a magician" :). Now, when health problems arise that are not related to surgery, we always regret that this doctor only accepts on issues of surgery :) there would be more such miraculous doctors. May God grant health to this wonderful specialist and person! Many thanks for the work the doctor does every day!