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  • Shin and buttock surgery


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Today, the desire of many patients to change something in their appearance is easily realized. Modern plastic surgery allows you to be more attractive so that you feel more confident. The success of the operation always depends on the doctor, therefore, first of all, you need to contact a trusted specialist.

Plastic surgery K+31

  • a team of high-level specialists with many years of experience gained in leading Russian and foreign medical centers;
  • 1.5 hours - the average duration of the operation, monitoring the patient’s health status in the intensive care unit;
  • 24 hours hospital stay, fast recovery technology;
  • certified medical materials of the highest quality of European and American manufacturers.

Plastic surgeons at K+31 Clinic have high professional skills and work according to international standards, drawing on the experience gained during internships in Europe and America. Our doctors have the most modern, safe and most effective methods of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons K+31 perform a large list of operations in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. We have our own operating rooms and intensive care units. They are equipped with equipment of leading European companies, which ensures the reliability of any surgical interventions.

The main directions in plastic surgery offered by Clinic K+31:

  • mammary gland surgery;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • tummy tuck;
  • face plastic;
  • liposuction and lipofilling;
  • intimate surgery;
  • removal of scars and neoplasms;
  • surgery of the legs, buttocks.

The advantages of plastic surgery K+31

Modern anesthesia

  • Anesthetics from the leading manufacturer Drager - the highest standard of anesthesia and the safety level of anesthesia.
  • BIS monitoring - control of the depth of drug sleep and patient sensitivity during surgery.
  • General anesthesia protocols for multicomponent microdosages.

Strict control

  • Compulsory observation of each patient after surgery in intensive care wards by resuscitation doctors.
  • 24-hour work of the inpatient department with surgeons on duty and nurses.
  • Possibility of complex treatment with specialists of other specialties.

Fast recovery

  • A wide range of drugs and hardware methods provide quick recovery after surgery.
  • Closed cycle - specialists from the departments of cosmetology, physiotherapy, endocrinology and dietetics will help recover much faster.
  • The developed protocol for the treatment of pain will help to transfer the operation calmly and comfortably.

Advanced equipment

  • Modular operating room - an integrated multifunctional operating room that allows performing surgical operations at the highest level of visualization and providing comfort for the patient.
  • Surgical instruments from German and American manufacturers, allowing operations to be performed more accurately.
  • Advanced ultrasound capabilities: MRI, CT, PET technology.

Service record


All reviews
An excellent surgeon and a wonderful person! I underwent a circular blepharoplasty, the result is excellent! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much!!! Mkhitar Isakovich made me just a beauty. September 2013 Gold man with a heart of gold. May God grant him health and long life.
Elena Makarova
Many thanks to Mkhitar Misakovich for his beautiful work (abdominoplasty), performed in 2011. Wonderful surgeon! Skillful fingers!
Golden hands, wonderful professional, amazing person !!!! You can go to Mkhitar Misakovich with your eyes closed and not be afraid of anything. Does his job GREAT. He did it to me, my friends. We are very pleased with the result. You are a genius! Thank you very much !!
Zhukova Veronika Vasilievna
True professional!! I recommend this specialist. Everything is just great and very competent. Health, health and once again health to this person with Golden Hands !!
At the end of November, she underwent rhinoseptoplasty at Mkhitar Misakovich's. It so happened that in my entire life there were two injuries to the nose: the acquired deformity complicated the operation itself. I was afraid that the process of restoring and sculpting the nose would be very difficult, but thanks to the skillful hands of Mkhitar Misakovich, anesthesiologist Dmitry Mikhailovich and the whole team, the period passed incredibly easily, without any problems. What else was a pleasant bonus - the work of nurses and comfortable wards. Now I can finally breathe calmly without difficulty and enjoy the appearance I have acquired.
Maria Miller
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Meloyan Mkhitar Misakovich and nurse Mozhaeva Nadezhda Vasilievna. The doctor performed the procedure quickly and clearly (removal of the neoplasm), and Nadezhda Vasilievna surrounded me with care and attention. It is very sweet and pleasant. Thanks you! There would be more such wonderful people)))
Elvira Sh.
I went to the clinic with breathing problems, perforation of the nasal septum, hump, nose bridge shifted to the left, elongated nose. Plastic surgeon Mkhitar Misakovich Meloyan. The examination took place in conjunction with the ENT doctor. They all explained and said what was the best thing to do. Listened to my wishes. The reception was very soulful, in a relaxed atmosphere. The doctor made the best impressions. The medical staff knows their stuff. Everything went at the highest level. Outcome: rhinoseptoplasty. The result exceeded my expectations. Breathing was restored. The perforation of the septum was removed. The hump was removed. The nose became even, the length was reduced. The tip was slightly raised.
For several years I could not afford an open swimsuit and tight things, because I was embarrassed about my belly. After giving birth, he was very stretched, despite the fact that there were not many stretch marks, but the skin hung and I could not really pump up the muscles after cesarean, despite the fact that the whole body was put in order very quickly, but it was just like a thorn on the eye. Last year I didn't even go to the sea, citing the pandemic and fears, and in this I decided that I needed to go to a plastic surgeon. I was lucky that a friend made eyelids and advised me to Meloyan Mkhitar Misakovich. He is truly a doctor from God who does his job just perfect! Now I can not just go safely to the sea, I have returned myself, my confidence! It is very important to like yourself, to feel comfortable in your body!
I thank Ruzanna Esaievna for the help provided, for the warmth and care, you rarely meet such a warm, polite and bright person. Always sincere and friendly. If all the specialists were like that, then visiting the clinic would bring only pleasure and joy!
Dear Ruzanna, thank you for everything: humane approach, display of the highest qualifications and iron determination. Without your help, I would never have dared to deal with my problems. Your kindness is comparable only to your professional jewelry precision. In addition to the joy of recovery and gratitude, I have a mixed feeling: on the one hand, I don’t want to get sick again, of course, but on the other hand, there was a blind desire to experience your care again, the result of which is the life of a healthy person. All the best to you! Michael
Georgy Eduardovich, thank you for the excellent operation! You have real talent and golden hands !! My face began to look 10 years younger, no less, now I receive compliments and questions from everyone on how to do the same. It is you, Georgy Eduardovich, that I recommend to them! I wish you a successful continuation of your practice, health and happiness
Good evening everyone))) I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Georgy Dashtoyan Eduardovich. Doutler from God, performed breast reduction operation for me, super work, after a couple of hours I began to walk ,,,, a dream of my life. Girls, dream, everything comes true ,, Here Dr. Gregory works wonders, believe me. Separate thanks to the staff of the clinic, everything clearly did their job, the nurses did not leave us all night, checked the condition of their patients. The clinic is clean, and they are also fed. THANK YOU Dr. GEORGTY EDUARDOVICH to YOU again
Georgy Eduardovich you have made my dream come true, your hands are golden. May God grant you health always so that you can give everyone such beauty as me ,,,, I am very pleased with your work ,,, very much I will recommend to everyone who gets up along the way.Thanks to the staff of this clinic, caring for patients simply cannot be conveyed how attentive they are in the middle of the night, 5 times came and looked after us
At the age of 38, I went to a plastic surgeon for the first time. I was so worried that later it would be worse, or something would go wrong. But I was not even offered any serious surgery during the consultation. So a little forehead lift was prescribed. And I really had a lot of longitudinal wrinkles and vertical interbrow wrinkles. It was already too late for the fillers. It turned out. That the operation took literally an hour, but of course I went to the clinic the day before to do all the tests and be monitored in the morning. After the operation, I stayed in the hospital for a day and was discharged. Of course, I went to the clinic for a long time. After some time, the bandages were removed, the swelling disappeared, and everyone who had not seen me for a long time told me. That I was 10 years younger. :) The surgeon Georgy Dashtoyan is simply amazing, I would have such a husband!
I would like to express my gratitude to the most wonderful surgeon with golden hands Dashton Georgy Eduardovich, as well as to the caring and helpful staff of the clinic K + 31 Petrovskie Vorota !!! I am very glad that I fell into the hands of this wonderful surgeon, which is important, with a good sense of harmony of the female body) The operation was carried out successfully, I am a happy owner of a beautiful breast and abdomen. There is no limit to my joy! A wonderful clinic, excellent surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, administrators !!! Thank you very much!
Still, he did not mention everyone in his previous review: he forgot to thank the nurses from Mkhitar Misakovich's office who participated in the dressings. Thank you very much again
Mkhitar Misakovich is a very good surgeon, a true professional in his field. The planned operation to remove the cyst was successful, the recovery period proceeded without complications and on schedule. Mkhitar Misakovich gave detailed recommendations on how to prepare for the operation. His predictions for a recovery have come true. On the Internet, I came across a lot of horror stories about this operation: that it will be very painful in the first days after the operation, that it is unrealistic to remove the stitches, etc. Fortunately, none of the horror stories was confirmed: I could walk normally the next morning after the operation, the pain and discomfort were not so strong, pain-relieving injections were needed only for two days. And when the stitches were removed, I did not feel anything at all. As a result, I will definitely recommend this surgeon to my relatives, friends and colleagues. I would also like to thank the other doctors and staff at the K31 + clinic who participated in my operation on June 18th. 1. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the anesthesiologist, but the doctor is very good. I only remember that he looked quite young. I almost did not feel the injection for spinal anesthesia, there was no pain after. 2. Anesthesiologist who consulted before the operation 3. Kapitonov Aleksey (dressing nurse): perfectly prepared me for the operation. Patient and attentive to detail. Exemplary nurse 3. Nurses on duty on the 6th floor in the afternoon and evening of June 18: 3.1. Biryukova Inna 3.2. Martynova Natalia They gave very useful recommendations after the operation 4. All other nurses who were on duty on June 18-20 on the 6th floor 5. Nurses from the operating room 6. Nurses from the intensive care unit (they kindly agreed to turn on the "kind warmth", as I was a little cold after the operation ) 7. Administrator Sazheneva Olga Olegovna, who kindly agreed to make photocopies of my analyzes. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Thanks a lot, everyone!
Many thanks to the head of the plastic surgery clinic, Professor Ruben Tatevosovich Adamyan, and the plastic surgeon Fyodor Yanovich Kraskovsky for their high-class work and attention. I am very pleased with the result. I underwent plastic surgery of the gastrocnemius muscle. The hospital has created very comfortable conditions for patients. Thanks to all the medical staff!
I am very grateful to Ruben Tatevosovich for his high professionalism, understanding and perfectly performed tasks. Ruben Tatevosovich is a wonderful surgeon! Now I am not afraid to do subsequent plastic surgery, knowing how competently and correctly Ruben Tatevosovich treats his work.
I had a circular blepharoplasty two years ago. On a score of 4, I would say: the eyelid above the right eye has become asymmetrical in relation to the left. I arrived (03/26/2020) to your consultation in order to find out your professional opinion on this matter. You, alas, could not admit your not very professional work and said: I do not see any asymmetry (((. 5 plastic surgeons before this consultation recommended me a second operation to eliminate the resulting asymmetry of the eyelids. Maybe you were scared that I would ask for a discount on a new operation? No! No more foot to you!
I thank Ruben Tatevosovich that he, as they say, gave me a second life. May Allah give you health and success. I had hepospodia stem form in 2013, I had an operation, I am married and I have two children. Low bow to you.
Erzolzoda Usmonali
Operated in March 2014. The result is very good! Thank you very much !!!! the doctor is not only a professional, but also a delicate and tactful person (which is now a rarity among doctors!). I will recommend to all my friends !!!! Thanks again!;)
Operated by Igor Valerievich on February 3, 2014. The result is excellent! IGOR VALERIEVICH! YOU ARE A GREAT SURGEON! THANKS YOU! Sincerely, Vladimir
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Igor Valerievich for his understanding, warmth and a high level of knowledge of his profession. Thank you very much for your help, competent advice and support! Igor Valerievich is a very polite, kind and bright person with a sense of humor!)
An excellent surgeon, a master of his craft and a wonderful person, many thanks to him! I am very glad that I did the operation with him. With all my heart I wish Igor Valerievich further success in his professional activity and in life!
Many thanks to Igor Valerievich for my now ideal figure! Abdominoplasty 100%! Very attentive, true professional, with a great sense of humor! A wonderful doctor! I’m glad I turned to him!
Girls' best friends are not diamonds, but a plastic surgeon. I entrusted him not only my breasts, but also my eyes and a facelift. Bleforaplasty was the worst for me, because the eyes are visible to everyone, especially when they are large and pay attention to them. I have never regretted my choice! How did you start choosing a surgeon? From my clear decision that I want this operation. The drooping upper eyelid, small and sagging breasts and ptosis on the face have already spoiled the mood. On the recommendation, she outlined a list of surgeons and signed up for a consultation, Igor Valerievich was the second. After him I didn't want to go to others, he calmly and clearly answered all my questions, even those that I did not have time to voice. Dispelled all my doubts and ignorance. Warned about the risks and possible complications. He did not impose any of his services, but on the contrary, he even dissuaded me from some things. I was in no hurry with the operation, I was at the consultation in April, the operation was done only in September, it was he who proposed to postpone it to a less sunny season, so that the seams would not tan before our eyes. It is important for the doctor not only to make us beautiful, but also to preserve our health, which is why we discussed many details. This person loves his job, you can see and feel it at the first consultation, it is very captivating. It should be noted the team of the clinic K + 31, they are all great professionals! My morning of the day of surgery was very exciting. But from the contracting staff, administrators, anesthesiologist, people in the operating room, to the nurses in the ward, these are all real professionals who create a calm and cozy atmosphere in which you relax and trust yourself. Special thanks to the nurse, who braided my pigtail in the ward, because it was very hot to lie from the loose hair, and it was impossible to raise your hands to braid yourself after the operation. Everyone is very caring. Everything went as I wanted: operation-rehabilitation period-result
I want to say a big thank you to Igor Valerievich! He is really an excellent specialist, a competent doctor and, which is important, a sensitive and attentive person. Removed lipoma in a very inconvenient and visible place. The doctor told everything in detail at the consultation, dispelled all fears. The operation went quickly, calmly, without any nervousness. During the rehabilitation period, I had questions, the doctor is always in touch and ready to answer. And most importantly, everything is done so carefully that the seam is not visible !!!!! I advise very much, it's really super - doctor !!!
In July, she underwent rhinoplasty with Mkhitar Misakovich. I am delighted!!!! I am very grateful to you! You are the best doctor !!!
I express my deep gratitude to the plastic surgeon of this clinic, Galina Sergeevna Telnova. The most professional, intelligent, talented and insanely beautiful girl is all Dr. Galina Sergeevna Telnova. Three operations with the best result. And with great support. I really liked the doctor and the clinic. Many thanks to all the clinic staff.