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Norayr Grairovich

Head of the clinic of traumatology-orthopedics, traumatologist-orthopedist


Rasul Nikolaevich

Head of the Department of Traumatology-Orthopedics, Traumatologist-Orthopedist


Nikolay Olegovych

Head of the outpatient department, traumatologist-orthopedist

Alan Vasilevich

Orthopedic Traumatologist

Alexei Todorovich

Orthopedic Traumatologist


Rostislav Olegovych

Deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work, traumatologist-orthopedist

Rinat Ravilevich

Orthopedic trauma surgeon, vertebrologist


Olga Sergeevna

Orthopedic Traumatologist


Sergei Vladimirovich

Orthopedic Traumatologist


Egor Valerevich

Orthopedic Traumatologist


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Clinic K + 31 provides a full range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Today, thanks to the use of innovative technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the K + 31 Clinic doctors are able to achieve results that were considered unattainable several years ago - to completely restore lost motor activity and to return a person to normal life in a short time.

Clinic K + 31 provides a full cycle of services from diagnosis and conservative treatment to surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation of patients with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their consequences.

At each stage of treatment, the patient is closely monitored by a specialized specialist - an orthopedic traumatologist, guided by all modern methods of care, thanks to constant internships in foreign clinics and participation in international conferences. The principle of "one specialist" significantly improves the quality of treatment, and the constant interaction of the doctor and patient increases confidence in the doctor and makes the treatment psychologically comfortable.

Close interaction of the clinic’s doctors with specialists of the departments of radiation diagnostics and rehabilitation provides a comprehensive, collegial approach to solving the medical problems of patients with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and allows you to choose an effective path to recovery.

The clinic uses both traditional approaches to the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathologies - laboratory tests, ultrasound, radiography, CT and MRI, as well as modern, gentle, minimally invasive methods of arthroscopic examination of joints and their treatment.

All surgical interventions are performed in the operating clinic using high-tech techniques, using the most modern arthroscopic equipment and instruments, under the constant supervision of an anesthetist.

Doctors perform various arthroscopic and minimally invasive operations on joints, bones and muscles using the most modern and advanced technologies of leading medical centers. The use of advanced techniques in the surgical treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system allows minimizing the invasiveness of operations, reducing the time spent in the hospital to 1-2 days and accelerating postoperative recovery.

The clinic has created all the conditions for the rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative period - the opportunity to undergo a course of therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, reflexology, electrical stimulation, and receive recommendations on physiotherapy exercises. The clinic also uses a highly effective method of shock wave therapy on the apparatus "PiezoWave" with dosed, targeted action for various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is one of the few technologies that allows you to deal with such difficult to treat diseases as the “heel spur”, “tennis player’s elbow”, “jumper’s knee” and many others.


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Many human thanks for the operation to remove the metal structure after installation in a clinic in Germany. Closed fracture of the medial condyle of the tibia and the head of the fibula of the left tibia. Thank you Kirill.
Efimov Maxim Vladimirovich
I am very grateful to the clinic for its high service, from parking and ending with sick leave, if necessary. Of course, a special thank you to the young, but very competent and competent specialist Kirill Alexandrovich, who dealt with old injuries, coordinated everything, advised and is conducting treatment. For me, as an athlete and coach, such care is vital. Thank.
Anna Murashko
I would like to express my HUGE gratitude to my treating doctor and great professional in his field - Tuktarov Rafael Rifatovich for the treatment, excellent operation, attentive and sensitive attitude and postoperative support! Only 2.5 months have passed since the operation, and I am already confidently walking, driving a car and do not experience any significant inconveniences or restrictions in movements. From the very first visit to the doctor, there was 100% confidence in success and complete confidence, which was not previously the case when visiting other specialists. Always look for your doctor! I recommend Rafael Rifatovich to everyone who needs professional help. For information, the following was performed: diagnostic arthroscopy of the ankle joint, joint debridement, removal of a bone fragment of the lateral section, arthroscopic reconstruction of the peroneal-talus and peroneal-calcaneal ligaments with an autograft from the tendon of the femoral muscle using knotless anchor fixators.
Wheat Julia
I would like to express my gratitude to the orthopedic traumatologist Tuktarov Rafael Rifatovich for the excellent operation: arthroscopy of the shoulder joint, refixation of a complete rupture of the tendon part of the muscles of the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Now I am relieved of the debilitating pain and limited mobility. After the operation and the rehabilitation carried out in the Clinic, I fully restored the mobility of the joint: I swim 2.5 km and enjoy life, I recommend a doctor - a highly qualified specialist.
Shangin Vladimir Alekseevich
Huge THANKS to Rafael Rifatovich Tuktarov for real qualified help in restoring my leg. To say that I am simply happy about this restoration would be to say nothing. After all, before meeting Rafael Rifatovich, I suffered for three and a half years (!) With a sore Achilles tendon on my right leg, unable not only to run, but also to walk normally. I visited many clinics during those years (from 2014 to 2018), including CITO, saw many different doctors (orthopedists, surgeons and others), tried many different treatment methods recommended by them. The diagnosis has always been the same - chronic tendonitis. On the one hand, I was told that it is necessary to treat. But on the other hand, the same specialists did not give me much hope, warning me that, they say, it would be impossible to fully restore the functionality of the leg. For example, the head of the district clinic, to which I am attached, once answered me directly: `` It will remain so with you. What do you want? No one will make a new joint for you! '' Such words, of course, did not encourage me. Even though I am 56 years old, I feel like I am 25! I want to live actively in every sense! And keep fit. This includes continuing to run marathon distances as before until injury. But WHO is able to understand this correctly ?? .. Everyone would only need to unsubscribe ... Even an MRI scan, which was done to me in polyclinic No. 8 in 2016, was described as tendonitis without rupture of Achilles. While there was still a partial gap. Only for some reason no one saw him. In short, for three years I knocked down the doorsteps of clinics and was treated for the wrong thing. Meanwhile, my condition worsened, my leg hurt more and more ... I don't know how lucky I was to find Rafael Rifatovich, but I found him via the Internet. I made an appointment. And what the previous specialists could not see on the MRI, he saw immediately. Partial rupture of Achilles. And plus a bunch of scars around it, causing additional discomfort. If I had known before whom to come, I would have come to Rafael Rifatovich three years ago! On February 22, 2018, he performed an operation on me: he removed the old scars and fixed the torn Achilles in the right place with special anchors (I looked at this in the new MRI scan). And that's it! After the rehabilitation period, the problem was practically eliminated. Six months have passed since the operation. I not only walk well, but also run. Although not a marathon yet, of course, I run three kilometers quite easily, without discomfort. Although Rafael Rifatovich warns me not to rush to increase the load, and I, of course, agree with him, but I have already seen SUCH progress only in a dream! Yes, this is truly a great relief! When you regain lost health, you enjoy it much more than before you lost the first time. Once again, MANY THANKS to Rafael Rifatovich! There would be more specialists like him. May God grant him health! And further success in his wonderful and valuable work for society!
Orlyankin Sergey Vadimovich
She was being treated at the K + 31 clinic in March 2018. I learned about the clinic from a doctor friend. I consulted a traumatologist-orthopedist Rafael Rifatovich Tuktarov. Rafael Rifatovich diagnosed a full-thickness rupture of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, progressive impingement syndrome of the right shoulder joint, and in detail, in a form accessible to a layperson, he told and showed what happened in my shoulder and what possible actions. An operation was recommended to repair the rupture of the rotator cuff of the shoulder (supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles) using anchor fixators. After I talked with the doctor, there were no doubts about the need for surgery and the choice of an operating surgeon. The operation and subsequent recovery were successful and now the functions of the hand have recovered almost in full. I want to express my deep gratitude to the wonderful doctor Tuktarov Rafael Rifatovich for his high professionalism, efficiency, attention, warm attitude, sense of humor and ability to create an optimistic mood, to feel that everything will end well in the end. The entire treatment process took several weeks. I would also like to thank the rehabilitation physician Ivan Sergeevich Molchanov and senior managers Tatyana and Natalya for the warm and friendly attitude of the rehabilitation physician Ivan Sergeevich Molchanov. One cannot fail to mention the clinic itself, which seems to be a modern medical institution: modern equipment, high standards of patient service, a good highly professional team of employees. In general, many thanks to everyone!
Lydia Levina
In February 2020, I was injured while skiing (with a ruptured cruciate ligament and lateral meniscus). She was operated on by Rafael Rifatovich Tuktarov (arthroscopic ligament reconstruction with an autograft from the tendons of the thigh muscles, meniscus suture). The doctor was recommended to me as very experienced and attentive. The recommendations were fully justified. The doctor does not leave his appointments without explanation, he performs all the manipulations quickly, but at the same time extremely carefully. Extremely responsive! And it is especially important that the doctor inspires confidence in the patient, and this is one of the key indicators when deciding on the choice of a doctor during surgery, as well as an important aspect in the recovery process. It is important that you are not afraid of the operation, because you trust the doctor - and then you will recover faster. From my point of view, the experience and responsiveness of the doctor are of paramount importance. I would like to express my gratitude to Rafael Rifatovich Tuktarov and K + 31 Clinic for the medical assistance provided.
Bulygina Olga
I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to my friend, colleague, excellent doctor and person with a capital letter - Sergeev Kirill Aleksandrovich, who practically in the field managed to correct the most difficult fracture and save me from surgical treatment. Cyrus, thank you very much, your professional prosperity and success in the trauma field. Kambegova A.A.
Kambegova A.A.
Good evening, Excellent doctor, I just have a complicated case with a knee, Nikolaev did the left one much better than Tuktarov (it is not clear where the show-off comes from) the right one. Pustovoichenko is a pro, he is trying to fix what Tuktarov has done (maybe he didn’t do it out of malice, but somehow he didn’t like the approach).
I liked the doctor, explained everything clearly, did not prescribe anything unnecessary. I visited this specialist for the 2nd time, but I can't even compare with the previous one in another clinic!
Rostislav Olegovich, thank you for your quick and professional help!
I really liked Rinat Ravilevich's reception. It seemed to me that this is a very attentive specialist who is trying to understand everything thoroughly. In addition, I want to note the benevolent, patient and polite attitude towards patients.
Dear Kirill Alexandrovich! Thank you very much for your attention and treatment of my knees. Unfortunately I had to leave urgently. But even the incomplete course of treatment brought good results. I am thinking about the operation that you recommended to me. Best regards, grateful patient.
Irina Mikhailovna
A wonderful doctor, he treated Kirill Aleksandrovich's knees, everything is great at skiing like a saiga. Kirill Alexandrovich is an excellent professional and positive person, which is important in traumatology :)
a real professional, correctly diagnosed, prescribed qualified treatment! Everything healed, the knee no longer bothers. I will confidently recommend it to all my friends. Many thanks to Alan Vasilyevich.