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Why is it worth contacting us?

  • The mammologists of the K+31 clinic are unique specialists who know all the methods of examining the mammary gland, which allows a woman to be examined by one doctor.
  • Individual approach - we prescribe only those examinations and treatments that are required individually for a woman.
  • The clinic's service is based on love for women and European quality standards.
  • All necessary research is carried out on the day of treatment.
  • The equipment is not only of high precision, but also recognized by most patients as the most comfortable.
  • Almost all stages of treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and subsequent rehabilitation.
  • Convenient location: three branches in Moscow. Addresses.

Why is it worth contacting the K+31 mammology center?

  • You are an absolutely healthy woman. Regular mammography is recommended for all women from the age of 40, regardless of the presence or absence of complaints from the breast.
  • You have complaints. If you experience any symptoms (chest pain, nipple discharge, induration, etc.), it is extremely important to see a doctor to rule out breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer risk assessment. Should be passed if first-line relatives (mother, father, sister, daughter, son) have breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma.
  • Comprehensive treatment for breast cancer.
  • Rehabilitation, recovery after treatment.
  • Follow-up after treatment.

Service record


All specialists
Michael Lvovich

Mammologist, radiologist, ultrasound diagnostician


Tatyana Vladimirovna

Oncologist-mammologist, radiologist

Maria Andreevna

Head of the mammological center


Sergey Evgenyevich

Oncologist-mammologist, surgeon

Maya Otarovna

Radiologist at the breast center

Maria Yaroslavovna

Oncologist, radiologist, mammologist