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Laser hair removal

Countless hairs grow on our body. Each of them has a core and a hair follicle containing the bulb and papilla, in which the vessels and nerves are located. Each hair also has its own growth and life cycle. 85% of them are in the active growth phase, about 14% are in the prolapse stage, and about 1% are in the “sleeping” state. One hair follicle is programmed to produce more than 25 hairs. When some hair dies and falls out, other hair begins to grow in their follicle. Therefore, hair growth is a constant and continuous process. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair: shaving, waxing, special creams and others. However, all of them at best contribute to the removal of hair from the bulb without affecting the root. Therefore, after some time, the hair begins to grow from the already "processed" follicles.

The methods that destroy not only the hair but also its follicle are most effective in combating hair on the body and face. In the medical center "Clinic K + 31" the most comfortable of such techniques is used - laser hair removal .

The essence of the method is the effect of the laser beam on the hair and its root, at which their instant heating occurs. In this case, thermal energy acts primarily on the main hair dyeing enzyme, melanin, which results in thinning of the hair and subsequent destruction of the bulb with coagulation of the follicle.

Due to the long laser wavelength, energy destroys even the deepest follicles, as well as the vessels that feed them. Laser hair removal acts exclusively on the hair, without damaging the subcutaneous tissue and epidermis, so that the procedure can be performed on the most sensitive parts of the body - in the bikini and armpits, on the face.

Rays of the laser destroy hair in an active state, they "weaken" hair only weaken. Therefore, after some time, when those “sleeping” hairs are activated, a repeated procedure will be required. However, after the first procedure, you will notice that the growing hair is thinner than before and has a duller color.

In the clinic "Clinic K + 31", doctors conduct the procedure on the apparatus of the German company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH - MeDioStarNEXT. Due to the high power of the laser emitter, high processing speed of problem areas is maintained. The hair removal procedure on this preparation is comfortable, safe, and also very effective.

Laser hair removal is recommended for:

  • aesthetic indications;
  • severe shaving irritation in men;
  • hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth in those areas where the presence of hair is a physiological norm);
  • hirsutism (hair growth in women according to the male type).

The required number of procedures:

To achieve a lasting effect, 4-5 procedures are recommended. For each person, this number of “personal” procedures, as different people grow hair of different structure and color, which means that the results of laser hair removal in one person will differ from the results of the same procedure in another person.

Duration of the procedure

Fluctuates from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the area of hair removal.

The procedure is not recommended for:

  • pregnancy
  • oncology;
  • infectious skin diseases.

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