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Sergei Igorevich

Head of the Ophthalmology and Eye Microsurgery Clinic, ophthalmologist, laser surgeon


Svetlana Sergeevna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Yulia Alexandrovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Karina Gevorgna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Ekaterina Valeryevna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Victoria Anatolievna

Doctor ophthalmologist, laser surgeon

Eleanor Rinatovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Larisa Victorovna

Pediatric ophthalmologist

Olga Nikolaevna

Leading Ophthalmologist



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About the department

The Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Microsurgery of the K+31 Clinic diagnoses and treats all types of diseases of the organs of vision, including at the preclinical stage. Most of the operations are performed on an outpatient basis, without hospitalization. Almost all surgical interventions are painless, minimally invasive, less traumatic and seamless.

Diagnostics and treatment of diseases

The department helps patients with pathologies:

  • myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism;
  • cataract of any complexity;
  • retinal detachment;
  • retinal tears and degenerative changes;
  • age-related macular dystrophy;
  • epiretinal fibrosis;
  • pathology of the vitreous body;
  • hemophthalmos;
  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • glaucoma;
  • post traumatic and postoperative complications;
  • diseases of the conjunctiva, cornea, accessory apparatus of the eye.

The department is equipped with a special operating room for microsurgical interventions, diagnostic equipment of the latest generation: Schwind, Zeiss, Topcon, Tomey, laser and multifunctional equipment from the best manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment: Schwind, Zeiss, Bausch & Lomb, Iridex, Dorc. The department uses high-tech intraocular lenses: Alcon, Abbott, Zeiss, Rayner, Bausch & Lomb, and artificial implants: Allergan, Alcon, Dorc, and also selects orthokeratological lenses.

The department's specialists use only modern equipment and disposable consumables in their work.

Vision correction in K+31

The department is equipped with one of the most modern vision correction lasers AMARIS 1050 RS, which allows laser vision correction using the LASIK technique. The features of this technique are:

  • You will be able to see well within 1-3 hours after the operation;
  • no pain;
  • anesthesia without injections (drops);
  • the procedure lasts 10-15 minutes (laser exposure will take about 30 seconds);
  • accuracy and safety.

More about the procedure

When to see an ophthalmologist?

We recommend contacting an ophthalmologist if you have the following symptoms and previous diagnoses:

  • if you notice a decrease in visual acuity, the appearance of a "veil"/"fog" before the eyes; the appearance of a gray spot in the center, curvature of straight lines; loss of part of the field of view, the appearance of a "curtain" in front of the eye; "flashes"/"sparks" appeared, floating flies in front of the eye;
  • previously diagnosed with cataract;
  • if you want to see the world without glasses and contact lenses - laser vision correction;
  • when planning and during pregnancy;
  • with an injury to the eye or eyeball;
  • with an annual comprehensive examination for the timely detection of pathology, which can be asymptomatic for a long time.

Service record


All reviews
The doctor made a good impression. I carried out diagnostics, answered questions, I feel professionalism. She did not appoint any unnecessary treatment.
We were with my mother in other clinics about cataracts. We were not sure they used to say that they would help. Accidentally stumbled upon the K31 clinic on the Internet, we really liked it here. Very polite clinic staff. I want to say special gratitude to Yulia Aleksandrova, a very good specialist, she used to say everything is sure after her words it was already in my heart that they could help my mother. Thank you very much, we will wait for the applause.
They turned to Larisa Viktorovna as a specialist in apparatus treatment. Everything went well and without any complications. A very good doctor! She treats the children with attention and care, so we will only observe her.
I would like to express my gratitude to Larisa Viktorovna Sycheva for her help! For a long time I was looking for an experienced professional who can help a very small child. Finally we got to Larisa Viktorovna, a wonderful doctor and person. I recommend to everyone!
Was on examination for laser correction. The doctor is very pleasant, explains everything, friendly. Now I advise many friends.
Excellent highly qualified doctor (assessment of a neuropathologist). Everyone is polite and attentive.
Thank you very much, Elena Pulodovna! An attentive, friendly, competent doctor! Professional!
My left eye is crippled: six months ago there was an extensive retinal hemorrhage, almost 50% of it was saved, but, alas, I cannot read it. Right - with glaucoma and cataracts, complicated ... 84 years behind; Needless to say, what the operation of this eye meant for me ... But everything went remarkably well. Ophthalmologist S. I. Abramov and his assistants have done their jewelry work. However, Sergey Igorevich is a famous surgeon, and my opinion will add a little to his brilliant reputation. I feel no less gratitude to the charming Olga Vladimirovna Grishchankova, a young ophthalmologist. She nursed me carefully and for a long time, since the postoperative period was not smooth. Fears about her insufficient experience turned out to be completely in vain, and in case of need I will not go to anyone else. There is a hope that the eye will not fail, and I will be able to continue to work. I bow low to the whole team!
DI. Berman
An excellent doctor! For the first time I received such a voluminous consultation and so much information about the state of my vision! I will recommend it to everyone.
From September 8, 2020, I started having vision problems. I went to DKTs 1, but they could not establish a diagnosis for me .. September 21, 2020 I went to the clinic K + 31, to the doctor Seropyan Karina Gevorgna. She listened to me attentively, carried out a full eye diagnosis. Based on the results of the diagnosis, I wrote a conclusion, commented in detail and clearly on the results of the diagnosis, told how to carry out the treatment. I was pleased with the results of the admission. The clinic is spacious and clean. The staff are friendly. The equipment is modern (there is no such thing as a DCC). I am very grateful to Dr. Karina Gevorgovna Saropyan and the staff of the K + 31 clinic.
Kildyushova Irina
Very attentive doctor, I recommend!
An attentive and thoughtful doctor. Professional approach. With his rare pathology, he bypassed many ophthalmologists. Many of them brushed off my complaints and strange symptoms. I found "my doctor" here. If you have a need for laser intervention, I definitely recommend this doctor!
A very good specialist. Solved my problem completely. Before that I turned to other ophthalmologists, but nothing helped. And Yulia Alekseevna chose the treatment that suits me. I advise you to contact her
I had to meet the ophthalmologist when black dots began to appear in front of my eyes. Then I found out that a fairly large number of people see them, but at first I was very scared. The impression of the clinic was very positive. At first, I thought to go to the district one for free, but I thought that all this equipment would not be there. Yes, it turned out that way. Of course, this is not the case in any district clinic. I also really liked the doctor. In general, I liked everything. It turned out that I had nothing to worry about, the retina was just a little rubbed and there was little eye pressure. We wrote several drugs, and with a replacement - our version or imported more expensive and physiotherapy. The operation does not need to be done yet. Just be watched.
Good afternoon, You were the right ophthalmologist O. N. Vershinin to work :) Let the prices cannot be called sparing, but I will still come to the appointment. I'm terribly glad that I found O.N. Best regards, Olga Simonova
After my mother underwent cataract surgery in an ophthalmological clinic, she began to be observed at the Petrovsky Gate by an ophthalmologist, Elena Mikhailovna Rudkovskaya. The rehabilitation period was successful, my mother feels very well, and I really liked the attitude of the doctor and medical staff towards the patients. Elena Mikhailovna is a kind and sympathetic doctor who, with her professionalism, tries to alleviate the patient's suffering. Again, always smiling and with a kind word, she tries to make patients less worried. Thank you very much!
Oksana Vypirajlo
Rudkovskaya E.M. the doctor I saw was very kind. She allowed me not to go to physical education at school for one week and did not send me to school the next day due to the fact that I could not read and write because of the drops. With the help of this doctor, I began to see the world much more clearly than before.
I am very glad that I turned to the Petrovskie Vorota Center! The highest culture of treatment of patients and the encyclopedic knowledge of specialists: ophthalmologist Elena Mikhailovna Rutkovskaya and ultrasound doctor Maya Alexandrovna Klyp! I recommend to everyone!!!
All the following doctors of the Petrovskie Vorota clinic from our family bow deeply and deeply respect for their high professionalism and humanity. Rudkovskaya Elena Mikhailovna (ophthalmologist), Bunova Svetlana Sergeevna (cardiologist, gastroenterologist, therapist), Gulyaeva Olga Borisovna (gastroenterologist, therapist), Vlasova S.S. (Ultrasound diagnostics). Thanks to the well-coordinated work of all the specialists of the clinic, a common, very pleasant, calm, working atmosphere reigns in it, full of goodwill and complicity in solving the patient's problems. Many thanks to the management of the clinic for recruiting personnel and organizing such an impeccable work.
There are no words to convey your feelings after your stay in the clinic. I had a very difficult operation under general anesthesia. After the conversation with Abramov Sergey Igorevich, he stopped being nervous, after a few words he inspired me with optimism, his simplicity in communication is amazing, sometimes I just wanted to hug him. The operation was successful, but in the postoperative period I was looked after by Fadeev Victoria Anatolyevna, a professional doctor, and just a warm person. It is difficult to express in words about the team of the department before and after the operation, it must be seen. Thank you Sergey Igorevich that he is like that, long years of life for him and success in his very difficult business. I believed you once and trusted myself
Edward. Gvinjilia
I sincerely express my gratitude to the head of the clinic of ophthalmosurgery, S.I. Abramov, who performed laser vision correction for me using the Super Lasik technique. You are a specialist with a capital letter, attentive, sensitive, worried about your patient. The procedure went quickly, painlessly, before she could blink, it was over. Thank you very much!!! The world that I saw after the operation became clear and bright.
Dear Sergei Igorevich! Let me thank you, and in your person is the whole wonderful operating team of ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, everyone who gave me the happiness to see again. I sincerely wish you personally, doctors S.S. Vinnichuk, I.A. Medvedeva and everyone, everyone, everyone - health, professional growth, recognition, so that it would be interesting and joyful for you to be engaged in your noblest, so difficult and so necessary for people profession ... Happiness to you! With great respect, gratitude and gratitude L.A. Peshkova, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Lyudmila Peshkova
Dear Sergei Igorevich! Let me thank you, and in your person is the whole wonderful operating team of ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, everyone who gave me the happiness to see again. I sincerely wish you personally, doctors S.S. Vinnichuk, I.A. Medvedeva and everyone, everyone, everyone - health, professional growth, recognition, so that it would be interesting and joyful for you to be engaged in your noblest, so difficult and so necessary for people profession ... Happiness to you! With great respect, gratitude and gratitude L.A. Peshkova, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Lyudmila Peshkova
I finally did it! Namely, laser correction! I had high myopia -9. Thank you for life without glasses and lenses! Many thanks to surgeon Sergei Igorevich Abramov and Yulia Alexandrovna Medvedeva (preoperative examination and postoperative follow-up).
In the spring she underwent laser surgery to correct her vision. Many thanks to Sergey Igorevich Abramov for my new view of the world !!! It is very cool!!! I was very afraid and worried, but the doctor was very attentive, told everything, answered all questions and constantly commented on his actions during the entire operation. Skillful fingers!!! Thank!!!
I sincerely thank the surgeons-ophthalmologists Sergey Igorevich Abramov and Yulia Aleksandrovna Medvedeva for the excellent operation for cataract of the right eye. Everything was done at the highest professional level. The operation itself did not cause any discomfort, by the evening the eye could already see perfectly, and the next day the vision of the operated eye was 80%. In addition to medical professionalism, I was very moved by simply human attention and concern for the patient's comfort before and after the operation. I sincerely wish Sergey Igorevich and Yulia Alexandrovna health and further success! Thank you very much! Akimov V.V.
Akimov Valery Vasilievich
I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful surgeon S.I. Abramov. For his professionalism, for his golden hands and for such jewelry work. 3 months ago I made myself a vision correction with him, the operation is absolutely painless, there is no discomfort after the operation, vision has fully recovered within 2 hours after the operation! I decided to do this for a very long time, but now I understand that I shouldn't have thought for so long !! My minus was about -5.0, now I see even more than 10 lines! Life has become more beautiful and brighter !! I would like to express special gratitude to the doctors of this department: Vinnichuk S.S., Lebedeva O.V. , they are very kind, polite and very competent doctors! I also want to note the humanity and professionalism of the nurses, very nice and kind girls! THANK!!!
I am very grateful to ophthalmic surgeon Abramov Sergey Igorevich for cataract operations and destruction of the vitreous body in front of our eyes. The results are great. Top-class professional, helpful and attentive doctor. I wish you good health and thank you from the bottom of my heart. From SW. TLashkova
Tatiana Lashkova
Sergey Igorevich! Even in the mighty Russian language, it is difficult to find words to express my deep gratitude to you and your wonderful team for returning me the ability to see the world without glasses, clear and colorful! Not only the ability to see has changed, my whole self has changed - my health, mood, working capacity, communication with people and even my gait! What was I like before the operation? Cataracts in both eyes, wore glasses. The image doubled, constant headache, unsteady gait - the earth “floated” in front of me, the mood was zero. Now it's all over! And it was done by your hands Sergey Igorevich, you are a surgeon from God! Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate you and your team on the upcoming New Year! I wish you further creative success!
Vyacheslav Rossik
I am grateful to Destiny for bringing me together with a wonderful doctor, a unique ophthalmic surgeon Sergei Igorevich Abramov. I think that only the one on whose eyes the darkness fell can fully appreciate the huge gift that such specialists of the highest class as Dr. Abramov give us, giving us back our sight. I wish you, Sergey Igorevich, interesting, creative work, I wish you that work will bring you satisfaction and the joy of discovering something new. Be happy!
Ekaterina Georgievskaya
Sergey Abramov is a very good and helpful doctor. It is a great success to get to him for consultation or treatment. I wish you success and good health Sergey !!
I want to thank the wonderful ophthalmologist S.I. Abramov. for his professionalism, for my new vision and for his golden hands! also the whole team of the ophthalmological department, Pankratovskaya O.V. , for such an attentive attitude to their patients! Thanks you!
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Vinnichuk Svetlana Sergeevna! Thanks to her, I decided on laser vision correction. First, I underwent the necessary examinations in the same clinic K + 31 and then they assigned me the date of the operation. Everything went quickly and painlessly, although earlier I was sure that it would take a long time and then I would have to stay in the hospital. This is not true. After the operation, you can go home in an hour. I thank Doctor Svetlana Sergeevna, just golden hands!
Maria Semenchenko
A wonderful doctor, everything is clear, competent and at a high level at work, plus she is very pleasant to talk to. As a result, a great mood for the whole day! I recommend from the bottom of my heart.
I was simply amazed at the approach: How attentively, thoughtfully and benevolently Dr. Vinnichuk conducted the examination. There would be more such specialists!
Plyuta Vladimir Petrovich
She underwent examination for retinal fibrosis and cataracts in the ophthalmology department of the K + 31 clinic. Doctor Vinnichuk Svetlana Sergeevna conducted research at a high professional level and turned out to be a very attentive and benevolent person. I am very pleased with the visit to the clinic and meeting this wonderful doctor. I think in the future to be observed by specialists of this department. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and expert advice.
Braverman Nina Romanovna
After the birth of her second child, her eyesight dropped dramatically. Before that, I thought about correcting it, but now it has become a necessity, because lenses and endless doctor's consultations in the end would take more money than the operation itself. I did not choose the clinic with a finger to the sky, I learned good reviews from my friends. On the advice of a friend, I went to the doctor Sergei Igorevich for an operation. The operation itself went smoothly and very quickly, although I was a little scared. They didn’t give me injections, only drops, but I didn’t feel anything at all. The result is worth it! The world stopped being a collection of colored nebulae and became clear. I especially appreciated this on the first of September in the kindergarten, when I didn't have to guess where my eldest was in the combination of colors on her clothes. Thank you so much for my beautiful eyesight!
Great! Great team! Many thanks to the laser surgeon Sergei Igorevich Abramov, anesthesiologist and medical staff. Many thanks to the attending physician Karina Gevorgovna Seropyan. Great job! After lens replacement surgery and postoperative treatment, I see the world around me in vivid colors and high definition, which, it seems, should not have been, according to my previous feelings. Thank you all for your highest professionalism and respect for people. Best regards, Valentin Mikhailovich.
Valentin Mikhailovich
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the ophthalmic surgeon Abramov Sergey Igorevich and the staff of his department for their professionalism and sincere attitude. I recently had both eyes operated on for cataracts. In one eye, I lost sight 10 years ago, the second saw 30%. Sergei Igorevich restored my vision, and despite my age (78 years), both operations were smooth and painless. I wish the Department of Ophthalmology great success in its work and good health to you and your patients! Thank!
Svetlana Ivanova