Medvedev Yulia Alexandrovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon
Department: Ophthalmology and eye microsurgery
Experience: 9 years
Holds reception in branches:
K+31 on Lobachevskogo | st. Lobachevskogo, 42/4

Primary appointment: from 7800 ₽

Repeated appointment: from 6700 ₽

Treatment Profile

Laser treatment of retinal pathology (retinal tears, peripheral vitreochorioretinal dystrophy). Laser treatment of diabetic retinopathy, vascular pathology of the fundus.

Laser treatment of secondary cataract. Laser treatment of glaucoma.

Comprehensive examination of patients with cataracts, vitreoretinal pathology.

Comprehensive examination of patients with refractive errors, correction of all types of ametropia (myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism).

Conservative treatment of age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy. Parabulbar, subconjunctival injections.

Anti VEGF intravitreal injections for age-related macular degeneration.

Surgical treatment of eyelid pathology. Treatment of eyelid pathology with the Surgitron apparatus. Urgent ophthalmic care.

About the doctor
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Reviews 5
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my doctors Yulia Alexandrovna Medvedeva for the preoperative examination and for persuading me to have the operation!!! And of course, the wonderful, professional surgeon Sergey Igorevich, for the gorgeously performed operation!!! You weren't scared! The doctor performed the operation quickly, painlessly, and everything went in a positive atmosphere!!! Now every day I look at the world with completely different eyes, and I cry because I didn’t have the operation earlier!!! Thank you for making my life brighter and clearer!!! Sergey Igorevich, you were right that there are individual leaves on the trees and not a common green crown)))
Tatiana Plakhova
I would like to express my gratitude to Sergey Igorevich Abramov for vision correction performed a year and a half ago and Yulia Alexandrovna Medvedeva for support before and after the operation. It is very nice that doctors can calmly and clearly explain regarding all emerging issues.
Was on examination for laser correction. The doctor is very pleasant, explains everything, friendly. Now I advise many friends.
The doctor made a good impression. I carried out diagnostics, answered questions, I feel professionalism. She did not appoint any unnecessary treatment.
We were with my mother in other clinics about cataracts. We were not sure they used to say that they would help. Accidentally stumbled upon the K31 clinic on the Internet, we really liked it here. Very polite clinic staff. I want to say special gratitude to Yulia Aleksandrova, a very good specialist, she used to say everything is sure after her words it was already in my heart that they could help my mother. Thank you very much, we will wait for the applause.
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