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Ophthalmology and Eye Microsurgery


  • Cataracts of any complexity, including secondary
  • Epiretinal fibrosis
  • Retinal dystrophic changes, including age-related
  • Hemophthalmus
  • Post-traumatic and postoperative complications


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Sergei Igorevich

Head of the Ophthalmology and Eye Microsurgery Clinic, ophthalmologist, laser surgeon


Svetlana Sergeevna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Irina Mikhailovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Eugene Pavlovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon


Olga Vladimirovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Yulia Alexandrovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Karina Gevorgna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Ekaterina Valeryevna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Victoria Anatolievna

Doctor ophthalmologist, laser surgeon

Eleanor Rinatovna

Ophthalmologist, Laser Surgeon

Ekaterina Sergeevna


Doctor of Sciences, PhD




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> 58 th patients
per year

24/7 Diagnostics

Doctors of science
& PhD

In the Department of Ophthalmology and Microsurgery of the Eye of Clinic K + 31, all types of diseases of the organs of vision are diagnosed and treated, including at the preclinical stage. Most operations are performed on an outpatient basis without hospitalization. Surgical interventions are practically painless, minimally invasive, less traumatic and, basically, seamless.

The department helps patients with pathologies:

  • myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism;
  • cataracts of any complexity;
  • retinal detachment;
  • retinal breaks and dystrophic changes;
  • age-related macular degeneration;
  • epiretinal fibrosis;
  • pathology of the vitreous body;
  • hemophthalmus;
  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • glaucoma;
  • post traumatic and postoperative complications;
  • diseases of the conjunctiva, cornea, adnexa.

The department is equipped with a special operating room for microsurgical interventions, the latest generation of diagnostic equipment: ZEISS, TOPCON, TOMEY, laser and multifunctional equipment from the best manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment: ZEISS, BAUSCH & LOMB, IRIDEX, DORC. The department uses high-tech intraocular lenses: ALCON, ABBOTT, ZEISS, RAYNER, BAUSCH & LOMB, and artificial implants: ALLERGAN, ALCON, DORC, and also selects orthokeratological lenses.

Specialists of the department use only modern equipment and disposable consumables in their work.

The department is equipped with one of the most modern lasers for vision correction AMARIS 1050 RS, which allows laser vision correction according to the LASIK technique, the main advantages of this technique are:

  • You will be able to see well already 3 hours after the operation;
  • lack of pain
  • anesthesia without injections,
  • the procedure lasts 10-15 minutes (laser exposure will take about 30 seconds);
  • accuracy and safety.

Learn more about LASIK

We recommend contacting an ophthalmologist if you have the following symptoms and previously diagnosed diagnoses:

  • if you notice a decrease in visual acuity, the appearance of "veil" / "fog" in front of the eyes; the appearance of a gray spot in the center, the curvature of straight lines; loss of part of the visual field, the appearance of a "curtain" in front of the eye; “flashes” / “sparks” appeared, floating flies in front of the eye;
  • previously diagnosed with cataracts;
  • if you want to see the world without glasses and contact lenses - laser vision correction;
  • when planning and during pregnancy;
  • with an injury to the eye or eyeball;
  • with an annual comprehensive examination for the timely detection of pathology, which can be asymptomatic for a long time.


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