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Department of dentistry
at K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

Assistance is provided across the entire spectrum of areas: therapeutic,
surgical, orthopedic dentistry, periodontics and orthodontics




About the department

About the department

At K+31, dental medical care is provided across the entire spectrum of areas: therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic dentistry, periodontics and orthodontics.

The doctors of the clinic are constantly improving their skills by doing internships abroad, participating in international conferences and scientific activities. Many specialists are candidates and doctors of medical sciences.


Before treatment, a thorough diagnosis is carried out, including:

  • Panoramic and 3D diagnostics.
  • Intraoral dental scanning.


In the process of treatment, the main task of a specialist is to preserve the tooth. Using an extensive technical base (including modern Cerec equipment, dental microscopes, Zoom), relying on many years of experience, we ensure the quality of all types of dental procedures for adults and children.

For patient comfort, procedures can be performed under general anesthesia. With light sedation for low-traumatic procedures and with the use of anesthesia for complex surgical operations. Recovery after the procedure takes place in a day hospital under the supervision of experienced specialists.

To solve a complex problem, K+31 uses an interdisciplinary approach, involving specialists from other areas. For example, in the case of implant placement, the assistance of an otorhinolaryngologist may be required. Our own dental laboratory helps to make constructions in a short time, speeding up and facilitating the treatment process for the patient.

Aesthetic dentistry

To solve aesthetic problems, K+31 uses all modern techniques: whitening, occlusion correction, veneers and dentures.

At the first consultation, the doctor will carry out the necessary diagnostics and prepare an individual plan for its solution.


ServiceCost, RUB
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-стоматолога-терапевта первичныйfrom 4 600.00
Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-стоматолога-терапевта повторныйfrom 4 100.00
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Location of clinic

K+31 Petrovskie Vorota

1st Kolobovsky lane, 4
Trubnaya, Chekhovskaya metro st.
Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00 – 20:00


A very professional doctor, a real specialist in his field! Although not many dentists have met in my lifetime, Natalya Vasilievna is the best of them.



Egorova Natalya Vasilievna is an exceptional professional and a wonderful person. She coordinated the work of various specialists: neurologist, orthodontist, orthopedist to achieve the best result. Now we are still in the process of treatment, but I am 100% sure that together with Natalia Vasilievna and her team we will come to my perfect and healthy smile.



I would like to express my deep gratitude to the dentist Natalya Vasilievna Yegorova for professionalism, sensitive attitude to patients, for the correct vision of the problem and assistance in a prompt solution, for golden hands and attentiveness! Natalya Vasilievna is always attentive, benevolent, able to calm down and adjust to treatment. The treatment procedure is painless and the doctor is constantly interested in sensations! Thank you for seven long years of quality treatment!



Dr. Egorova N.A. is very attentive to patients and the treatment plan, neat and tactful. I will only be observed at her. I went to the clinic with a completely destroyed tooth, it was necessary to clean the canals and restore the contour of the tooth, the doctor very carefully cleaned the canals under a microscope, took a picture and put a filling, finally forgot what a bad tooth is!



Super master, I have diabetes, so I lost my teeth, and I'm still 56 years old. I applied for an artificial jaw. This is a very delicate work, who does not know, it seems that this is a relic, and kind of for old people. But actually no. There is also a category of people like me with diabetes (and probably with other ailments). The ambush of a diabetic is that any rubbing and wounds do not heal at all. Therefore, the jaw should fit perfectly. Should not press and pinch anywhere. These are not shoes and are not carried. And thanks a lot to Sergey Vladislavovich - he (and a dental technician, too, of course) managed to do everything for me as I need it. I have been walking with my jaw for 4 months already, everything is fine.



Got an appointment with a doctor from another doctor. attentively looked at the picture of the teeth, told everything clearly and clearly, in simple language. and most importantly, I removed the 8 wisdom tooth, which I did not even feel - quickly and efficiently. No blood, no bruises, no long manipulation. I am very grateful to the doctor, I was so afraid, but everything went quickly and without pain.

Julia A.


I have been treating Vladislav for almost a year, everything is fine, 3 extractions of teeth, 3 installations of implants, a shaper, bone augmentation. All without any problems. By removing the stitches, everything heals perfectly) Orthopedics is next in line, but there is no doubt about professionalism and experience. Thank!)



Competent and caring doctors. I especially want to note the high professionalism of the dentist-surgeon Georgy Karenovich Zakharyan.



I have been visiting Egorova Natalya Vasilievna for more than 5 years. She is a great professional! Attentive, sensitive, kind. I always go to the reception with pleasure and ease. Highly recommend!



Egorova Natalya Vasilievna is a Doctor, a specialist, without exaggeration, with a capital letter. She is very attentive to the problem, very thoughtful about her solution. And offers the most optimal and best solution. A very delicate approach and one feels that he is a professional who does not stand still, but continues to develop and keep pace with modern technologies in dentistry. I strongly recommend getting to her, and all your problems will be solved!



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