Irina Valentinovna is a super pro. Competent professional and very nice person. I trust her with my children.

Evanovich Zoya Garnikovna about the expert Bondarenko Irina Valentinovna / 07.12.2022

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the high professionalism and sensitive attitude towards the patient Garanina Anna Stanislavovna. I was incredibly lucky to have been examined and operated on by her. There were so many fears and experiences before the first operation in my life, but Anna Stanislavovna explained everything in detail, reassured, encouraged. After the operation and colonoscopy, a highly qualified comprehensive management of the rehabilitation period was carried out, during which Anna Stanislavovna, if necessary, corrected and supplemented something, which led to an easier recovery and rehabilitation. I would especially like to note her moral and psychological support for the patient, goodwill and delicacy. With my high degree of anxiety, it was extremely important that Anna Stanislavovna provided her personal contact details for prompt communication in case of questions. With respect and sincere gratitude!

Angelica about clinic / 07.12.2022

I want to express my deep gratitude to Svetlana Viktorovna Kamoeva for her high professionalism and attentive attention. She is not only a professional in her field, but a person with a very big and kind heart. I was very worried about how the operation would go, because I had to do operations several times before meeting with Svetlana Viktorovna. Special thanks to all the staff, I sincerely wish you prosperity and good health! If I could give you 10 stars!

Tazyukova Dina about the expert Kamoeva Svetlana Viktorovna / 01.12.2022

Thank you! Thanks a lot!

Alexander about the expert Polozova Natalya Mikhailovna / 01.12.2022

He was operated on by Mikhail Yuryevich for a coccygeal cyst, everything went very well and professionally! The doctor has his attentive and kind approach, he tells and explains everything, which inspires great confidence. I had no doubt that I would be operated only by him and I was not mistaken. Plus, the method is the most modern and gentle compared to other clinics. Thank you very much, Mikhail Yurievich!

Arseniy Filatov about the expert Cherepenin Mikhail Yurievich / 30.11.2022

Review about Laura Magomedovna. Just a Doctor from the Almighty! When Laura Magomedovna enters the operating room, all the excitement passes in a second - you understand that you are in good hands! Thank you

Irina K. about clinic / 28.11.2022

Review of Klekuts Evgenia Alexandrovna. I want to express my gratitude to the Doctor for his attentive attitude to the problems. The doctor explains the situation in detail, patiently answers all the questions that arise. The doctor is very kind and caring towards patients (served by the family). Thank you

Irina K. about clinic / 28.11.2022

Review of Mukhina Elena Valerievna. I want to express my gratitude to the Doctor for his attentive attitude to the problems that we communicate with as a family. The doctor explains in detail the composition of the problem and delicately at the same time confidently correctly directs to the right solution. In the case of my family, in both cases, a prompt decision was required. Thanks to the Doctor for helping to remove anxiety and approach the problem with confidence, even in cases of necessary surgical treatment. Thank you

Irina K. about clinic / 28.11.2022

Maria Vasilievna is a highly professional doctor and a very pleasant person to talk to! I was given clear recommendations and explanations, I will be observed by her! It is very convenient that the doctor at the reception does an ultrasound!

Elena about the expert Molova Maria Vasilievna / 28.11.2022

I want to write a review about the wonderful doctor Smitienko Ilya Olegovich. A few years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and in a rather bad condition (in the morning I couldn’t get dressed on my own, I couldn’t lift a cup of tea with one hand, my joints were constantly inflamed and I took painkillers twice a day) fell into the hands of this man. He was able to bring me to a consistently good level. Now I feel great. Thank you for your help, professionalism and attention. With all my heart I wish you success in your professional activities! Prokhorova L.A.

Prokhorova Ludmila about clinic / 27.11.2022

A very competent and attentive specialist, he performed an operation on me to remove necrotic tissues after an abscess, I am very pleased with the result of the treatment. I will recommend Dr. Maltsev to friends and acquaintances.

Julia about clinic / 25.11.2022

An operation was performed to remove a rectal fistula, excise a fissure with a fibrous node, plus the presence of spasm. 6 years did not dare to have surgery. And in vain. The operation was successful quickly and without pain. She went home the same day. The rehab was not at all what I thought after reading the reviews. The laser in the hands of a magician doctor does wonders, as it turns out. 2 weeks was an unpleasant period, but the stool was not painful! It actually happened the next morning after the operation. It was very scary .. but he went easier than before the operation. I took painkillers for a week. The pain itself was quite bearable. The peak itself lasted 3 days after the operation. Spasm caused discomfort and pain, but it quickly passed. The doctor supported me at all stages of rehabilitation and helped me a lot. I think that I was lucky with a doctor with golden hands, he is just a magician and an artist :) I am very grateful that Mikhail Yuryevich gave me back a full happy life! Thank you;)

Evgenia about clinic / 24.11.2022

I really liked the doctor. Did whitening. Thank you for the amazing effect and professionalism.

Alice about the expert Baleeva Rimma Sergeevna / 23.11.2022

I came here for an appointment with an otolaryngologist. My right ear did not hear well, the doctor turned out to be very attentive. checked with a sterile instrument, prescribed an ear wash. I did everything painlessly and very high quality, now I hear very well. The clinic as a whole is not bad, I liked everything

Ramil about clinic / 23.11.2022

Svetlana Viktorovna, not just a super competent gynecologist, she actually became my favorite doctor. She not only asks a lot of clarifying questions, but most importantly, she listens very carefully to my answers. And as a fact, correctly diagnosed and effective treatment. For 5 months of observation with this doctor, I not only solved issues related to women's health, but significantly improved the quality of my intimate life. The doctor recommended a course of laser therapy procedures on the Fotona device. Super result, completely different sensations that bring maximum pleasure to me and my spouse. The husband is delighted, conveys great respect to the doctor. I recommend to all women: give yourself the happiness of sensual pleasure and confidence in your feminine beauty. Thank you Svetlana Viktorovna.

Rimma about the expert Kamoeva Svetlana Viktorovna / 22.11.2022

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