For a long time I doubted whether it was possible for me to do laser vision correction. I chose the K+31 clinic for examination and treatment. I want to say thank you to my doctor and all the medical staff. The operation was carried out, and after laser correction, I looked at the world with completely different eyes. The doctor pre-scheduled all the stages of treatment, then issued a memo on the rules for the rehabilitation period. Everything was fast and pain free. When paying for the examination, they gave a good discount.

Veronica / 01.06.2023

Alan Vasilyevich is a wonderful doctor! A very sensitive person, he has amazing hands. Treated my dad, then my mom. I rarely leave reviews, but this is definitely a must! Thanks a lot!

Chelakhsaeva Alana about the expert Shadyan Alan Vasilevich / 28.05.2023

With Maria Romanovna for 3 years. Wonderful and caring doctor! He will always find a way out of the situation, support and listen. Explains everything in detail and to the point. It's nice to come to appointments, there are never any delays, everything is neat and professional!

Maksimova Elena about the expert Pegova Maria Romanovna / 23.05.2023

I thank Dr. Zakharyan Georgy Karenovich for professionalism and attentiveness! Highly recommend.

Victoria about the expert Zakharyan Georgy Karenovich / 23.05.2023

I want to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Olga Nikolaevna Vershinina! She was very friendly, accurate, answered all my questions, reassured me, examined all the necessary visual indicators and made recommendations. Olga Nikolaevna is very sympathetic and really empathizes with the patient's problem. Thank you, Olga Nikolaevna!

Julia S. about the expert Vershinina Olga Nikolaevna / 22.05.2023

I want to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Natalia Alexandrovna Selyutina! Very friendly, accurate, answered all my questions, reassured me, made recommendations, took all the necessary tests and did an ultrasound! Content and constructive. Every movement of Natalia Alexandrovna is verified and professional! Trust the doctor completely! Natalia Alexandrovna thank you!

Julia S. about the expert Selyutina Nataliya Alexandrovna / 22.05.2023

The doctor explained to me in detail the goals of the study, described the procedure itself, and warned me about possible discomfort. But they weren't. All manipulations were performed professionally and painlessly. Maksim Sergeevich prepared a qualified conclusion and handed it over to me. Politely and convincingly gave the necessary recommendations. Excellent specialist. Thank you!

Safronova Natalya Borisovna about the expert Surovikin Maxim Sergeevich / 21.05.2023

At the end of March, Telnova Galina Sergeevna underwent a planned operation for me. Lifting of the middle and lower third of the face. Lower blepharoplasty. I am 50 years old. The result is very satisfied. On the face, the scars are not at all noticeable, the face is noticeably tightened, wrinkles are smoothed out. The oval of the face is like in youth! Now I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror! I draw a special anime to the fact that I have very thin skin, but despite this, the seams after blepharoplasty are not noticeable, everything is very neat. The face is symmetrical. If I still do plastic surgery, then Galina Sergeevna! I recommend!

Tikhonova Elena Anatolievna about the expert Telnova Galina Sergeevna / 19.05.2023

Inga Yakovlevna, as they say, is a doctor with "golden hands". Professional in his field, friendly and attentive in dealing with patients. At the very first appointment, I completely trusted the advice of the doctor, the decision to operate was made immediately. A week after the initial appointment, the operation was performed, everything went quickly, painlessly and in accordance with the doctor's plan. An hour after the operation, he could walk freely. Inga Yakovlevna explained in detail the rules for the rehabilitation, everything was clear. Three days later, the first dressing was performed and the result of the operation was checked on ultrasound - everything is normal. And two weeks later, during the second dressing, they removed all the clamps and patches, checking that everything was recovering according to plan. Very pleased with the result. Many thanks to Inga Yakovlevna! I highly recommend this good doctor.

Vyacheslav Negoda about the expert Ivanchik Inga Yakovlevna / 17.05.2023

An excellent specialist, from the first minutes you understand that you are in good hands.

Lily about the expert Shamsetdinova Leila Tagirovna / 13.05.2023

Many thanks to Victoria Kimovna for the opportunity to become a mother. Victoria Kimovna's professionalism, tact, support and wisdom made the process as comfortable as possible and instilled confidence in a positive result. And everything happened. Thank you!

Olga about the expert Tabolova Victoria Kimovna / 10.05.2023

All my life, dieting has been a painful path of deprivation. With Dr. Anna Shafer, I discovered the right weight loss, under supervision, without losing muscle mass, and without losing brain activity. My most correct and comfortable weight loss. According to her program, I eat better, tastier and more often than before and feel only better. I lose weight, bring my figure and vitality back to normal. Thank you !!!!!

Galstyan A.M. about the expert Sheifer Anna Gennadievna / 09.05.2023

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the endocrinologist Bakutina Maria Vladimirovna. January 2023 I went to her with a desire to lose some weight. Maria Vladimirovna is a doctor who knows how to listen to the patient, has a large amount of knowledge and a desire to understand a non-standard situation. After my mentions that I have been suffering from KSD for several years, she added several non-standard ones to the package of standard analyzes for those who want to lose weight. And, unfortunately, their results were not within the normal range. Maria Vladimirovna suggested I have a parathyroid adenoma and outlined a possible further plan of action for me. Her diagnosis was soon confirmed by specialists in one of the national medical centers in Moscow. In early May, I was discharged from the hospital after an operation to remove a parathyroid adenoma. She saved me from many serious health problems! I hope to return to her with my original problem after some time!

Sogolaeva Natalya Sergeevna about the expert Bakutina Maria Vladimirovna / 05.05.2023

The doctor is amazing! You will not feel any embarrassment or discomfort at the reception! Everything is very relaxed and comfortable! The doctor tells and explains everything in detail, draws very clear pictures so that it is clear what he is talking about! And most importantly - high efficiency of treatment and excellent results! Thank you doctor!

Anonymous about the expert Cherdakov Alexei Valerevich / 03.05.2023

Vladimir Alexandrovich is a doctor from God, attentive to patients and professional! Many thanks for the timely correct diagnosis, which made it possible to start treatment from a terrible disease on time.

Alexandra about the expert Lukyanenko Vladimir Alexandrovich / 30.04.2023

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