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Plastic surgery


  • Face plastic
  • Shin and buttock surgery



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Ruben Tatevosovich

Deputy Chief Physician for Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgeon


Natalya Alexandrovna

Plastic surgeon, cosmetologist




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Today, the desire of many patients to change something in their appearance is easily realized. Modern plastic surgery allows you to be more attractive so that you feel more confident. The success of the operation always depends on the doctor, therefore, first of all, you need to contact a trusted specialist.

Plastic surgery K + 31

  • a team of high-level specialists with many years of experience gained in leading Russian and foreign medical centers;
  • 1.5 hours - the average duration of the operation, monitoring the patient’s health status in the intensive care unit;
  • 24 hours hospital stay, fast recovery technology;
  • certified medical materials of the highest quality of European and American manufacturers.

Plastic surgeons at K + 31 Clinic have high professional skills and work according to international standards, drawing on the experience gained during internships in Europe and America. Our doctors have the most modern, safe and most effective methods of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons K + 31 perform a large list of operations in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. We have our own operating rooms and intensive care units. They are equipped with equipment of leading European companies, which ensures the reliability of any surgical interventions.

The main directions in plastic surgery offered by Clinic K + 31:

  • mammary gland surgery;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • tummy tuck;
  • face plastic;
  • liposuction and lipofilling;
  • intimate surgery;
  • removal of scars and neoplasms;
  • surgery of the legs, buttocks.

The advantages of plastic surgery K + 31

Modern anesthesia

  • Anesthetics from the leading manufacturer Drager - the highest standard of anesthesia and the safety level of anesthesia
  • BIS monitoring - control of the depth of drug sleep and patient sensitivity during surgery
  • General anesthesia protocols for multicomponent microdosages

Strict control

  • Compulsory observation of each patient after surgery in intensive care wards by resuscitation doctors
  • 24-hour work of the inpatient department with surgeons on duty and nurses
  • Possibility of complex treatment with specialists of other specialties

fast recovery

  • A wide range of drugs and hardware methods provide quick recovery after surgery
  • Closed cycle - specialists from the departments of cosmetology, physiotherapy, endocrinology and dietetics will help recover much faster
  • The developed protocol for the treatment of pain will help to transfer the operation calmly and comfortably

Advanced equipment

  • Modular operating room - an integrated multifunctional operating room that allows performing surgical operations at the highest level of visualization and providing comfort for the patient
  • Surgical instruments from German and American manufacturers, allowing operations to be performed more accurately
  • Advanced ultrasound capabilities: MRI, CT, PET technology


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