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ULFIT-THERAPY is a procedure that reduces subcutaneous fat deposits by destroying the membranes of fat cells by using highly intense focused HIFU ultrasound.

ULFIT is one of the first HIFU * devices in the world with macro-focused circular intensive exposure.

* High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Indications for the HIFU Lipolysis Procedure

  • Local body fat;
  • Cellulitis;
  • Uneven contours of the body;
  • Sagging and sagging skin;
  • Age-related changes in the skin and body associated with an increase in adipose tissue.

The effect of the procedure:

  • After the procedure, a decrease in the volume of adipose tissue occurs almost immediately, all due to the fact that adipose tissue loses its density and is redistributed;
  • Weight decreases in proportion to the time of the removal of destroyed fat cells from body tissues. On average, this is about 4 weeks;
  • The time between procedures depends on several factors: the area of the site that was processed by the device and the overall metabolic rate.
  • You can notice the result immediately after the procedure.

In just one session, this procedure will help reduce body fat by up to 30%!

Using the Ulfit procedure, you can adjust the form:

  • Lateral surfaces of the body;
  • Backs;
  • Areas of the shoulders and shoulder girdle;
  • Inner and outer thighs;
  • Areas above the knees;
  • Buttocks and pagoda folds;
  • The abdomen.

The procedure on the device makes it possible to significantly adjust the shape of the body, while not performing surgery. With the correct effect on problem areas of the body, ultrasonic irradiation is not dangerous and can not affect other soft tissues of the body, except fat.


After the procedure, there is no need to adhere to special diets. But experts recommend monitoring the drinking regimen between treatments.

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