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Endovascular surgery

Endovascular surgery is a section of innovative methods of treating cardiovascular diseases, consisting in the therapeutic effect from the inside of the affected vessel. Such interventions are carried out under local anesthesia in an X-ray operating room, but without the need to turn off consciousness and transfer to artificial ventilation. The general principle of the operation is as follows: a puncture is made in the vessel through the skin in the groin or wrist area, through which a vascular port with a valve is installed inside the vessel. Through the port, guides, catheters, balloons, stents, coils, occluders and other instruments are inserted into the vessel. After the operation, the patient recovers very quickly without the need for a long stay in the hospital and in most situations can be discharged the next day after the intervention. During all procedures, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation are necessarily monitored.

Endovascular surgery techniques

Balloon angioplasty and stenting. The narrowed vessel is expanded from the inside with a balloon catheter, after the expansion of the vessel, a stent is installed in it - a special design resembling externally a spring from a ballpoint pen, which prevents re-narrowing of the lumen and detachment of the inner lining of the vessel. This is the most widespread technique of endovascular surgery, it is used both for the treatment of lesions of the arteries of the heart and for the treatment of lesions of the peripheral arteries. Balloon catheters and stents come in a variety of diameters and lengths, and with different physical properties, depending on the parameters of the vessel for which they are intended. Stents are made of various materials - high-tech polymers and metal alloys; they can have a special drug coating that prevents reverse vasoconstriction (restenosis).

Embolization. Ball-shaped emboli or spirals closing the lumen of the vessel are inserted inside the vessel. The diameter of the introduced particles is fractions of a millimeter, and, as a rule, is measured in nanometers. Coils also come in different thicknesses and lengths, and have different coatings required to completely stop blood flow in a vessel. This technique is applicable in the treatment of tumors (including uterine fibroids), varicocele, internal bleeding. Also, the particles can be a carrier of a chemotherapy drug that is used in the treatment of malignant tumors.

Endoprosthetics. Installation of a stent-graft inside the affected vessel. A stent-graft is a stent covered with an artificial or natural (from an animal vessel) sheath. This method of treatment has shown high efficiency in the fight against vascular aneurysms - for example, an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, or aneurysm of the splenic artery, and is also used in the provision of emergency care for ruptured arteries.

Mechanical catheter thrombectomy and thrombolysis – methods of physical removal of blood clots from the lumen of the vessel using special catheters or dissolving blood clots using enzymes (thrombolytics). In contrast to open vascular surgery, the methods are less invasive, have a much lower number of complications and are more effective, especially in complicated cases (for example, in thrombosis of grafts, when access to them is difficult due to cicatricial deformity).

Catheter atherectomy – method of removing atherosclerotic plaques from the arteries using special catheters. It is used for endovascular interventions on the arteries of the lower extremities, and in combination with other methods of restoring the vascular lumen, the most long-term result of the intervention.

Carboxyangiography – technology, which consists in introducing carbon dioxide into the vessel using special equipment instead of the usual iodine-containing contrast agent for diagnosis or surgery. It is used in patients with significant renal impairment or an allergic reaction to iodine-containing contrast agent.

Before endovascular interventions, the patient must undergo a preoperative examination.

Advantages of endovascular surgery at the K+31 clinic

  • Expanded diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities - endovascular surgery techniques allow for interventions on vessels of very small diameter (2-3 mm), which are often inaccessible for open surgery, as well as restore the lumen of their own vessels.
  • Low invasiveness of the operation - there is no need to make large incisions in the skin, there are no scars after the operation, the likelihood of infectious complications (wound suppuration) is minimal.
  • Short postoperative period - discharge from the hospital is possible the next day after the operation.
  • Specialists-experts - in the K+31 clinic, endovascular operations are carried out by specialists highly qualified in cardiovascular surgery, who are experts in each area of minimally invasive endovascular interventions.
  • Professional European and American equipment of the latest generation.

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Andrew Vladimirovich

Cardiovascular surgeon, specialist in endovascular diagnostics and treatment


Eugene Vladimirovich

X-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment doctor

Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Vsevolod Mikhailovich

X-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment doctor


Roman Sergeevich

Specialist in X-ray endovascular interventions

Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Vitaliy Mikhailovich

Cardiovascular surgeon, specialist in endovascular diagnostics and treatment


Olga Vladimirovna

Ultrasound diagnosis doctor, endovascular diagnostic and treatment doctor


Renad Nadzhievich

Doctor-cardiologist, doctor of X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment


Oleg Valerievich

Cardiovascular surgeon

Doctor of Sciences, PhD

Alexander Alexandrovich

Doctor for endovascular diagnostics and treatment


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Good afternoon, I would like to share a difficult situation in which we found ourselves a year ago. My dad, with a number of comorbidities, such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, started a wound in the heel region, which developed into gangrene. We were sent by ambulance to the city hospital, where we heard a terrible diagnosis - amputation of a limb, which we experienced at that moment is beyond words. We practically dropped our hands, but we were given a contact by the vascular surgeon Andrey Vladimirovich Eroshenko, as a result, despite all the risks, he performed a successful operation - X-ray endovascular conduction recanalization and balloon angioplasty with implantation of stents in the extremities to restore blood flow. After that, he referred us to surgeons to further restore the leg and preserve its functions. Throughout our treatment, Andrei Vladimirovich kept in touch with us and sent us for further treatment. And now almost a year has passed, it was certainly not easy, but dad walks on his own two feet, and it is beyond words how grateful we are to Andrei Vladimirovich for his high professionalism and indifference to patients. I would like to add only one thing, do not give up, you need to fight to the last and contact specialists who know and love their work. Low bows from all our family to Andrey Vladimirovich Eroshenko and his team for excellent work, kind heart and golden hands!
The Lazutkin family expresses their deep gratitude to Dr. A.V. Eroshenko. for the successful operation and subsequent treatment of Mikhail Lazutkin. Thank you so much. We wish you good health, dear Andrey Vladimirovich!
Lazutkina Lyubov Vasilievna
Thank you, Andrey Vladimirovich, that despite the late hour of contacting you, you promptly, very clearly and calmly advised us even in absentia, calmed us down and gave recommendations for treatment! Thank you for your professionalism and for being a Doctor! If everyone treated their business like that, life would be much easier !!!
In the conditions of a pandemic, Andrei Vladimirovich consulted and adjusted the treatment of my dad, who is at risk at the moment. Thank you very much for your sensitive attitude and high professionalism! Treatment is selected taking into account all health characteristics, a care algorithm has been developed.
Bushmanova M.N.
I want to share my feedback. I will write a little about my father, 64 years old, type 2 diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot syndrome (two fingers were no longer cut off at the regional hospital and even part of the bone was not removed). It all started suddenly and even in a pandemic. We consulted clinics but to no avail. But the decision was to fight to the end. By calling the clinic we were connected with A.V. Eroshenko. Andrey Vladimirovich, clearly, harmoniously, competently, professionally examined his father. After the consultation, hospitalization, operation, three stands on the heart and two stands on the leg were installed, and then a well-chosen treatment. Thanks to this professional approach, my father began to recover and the wound began to heal. I'm not afraid of this word Andrey Vladimirovich, a genius and a professional in his field. Our family is very grateful for everything that Andrey Vladimirovich has done for us. Even now, during the rehabilitation period, Andrei Vladimirovich advises us and this is worthy of respect! Andrey Vladimirovich, with all my heart I want to tell you "THANKS". You are a doctor from God. You are a professional in your field. Thank you for your hard work, may it always be appreciated and bring you pleasure. I wish you good health, great luck, happiness and prosperity! Best regards, the Ryzhov family.
We want the whole family to express our immense gratitude to Andrey Vladimirovich Eroshenko! My father was diagnosed with grade 4 wet gangrene, with a weak heart, which does not allow surgical intervention. Since we live in Ukraine, we turned to all specialized clinics in Kiev, but everyone kept repeating only one thing - amputation of the leg, to which it was agreed, with this heart condition, is a big threat. The rest of the doctors simply refused to even take up treatment. There were a lot of electronic requests to clinics in Moscow, where, recognizing the complexity of the situation, refusals were immediately received. Andrei Vladimirovich, having read the letter, immediately agreed to help by offering to restore blood flow, which made it possible to preserve the limb. Giving real hope to what seemed like a hopelessness. Despite the distance and different countries, he was always in touch, consulted and accompanied every day. Together with cardiologist Zubova Ekaterina Andreevna, we remotely and very competently adjusted the treatment, which in the future brought noticeable improvements in the condition. This is not just a doctor - he is a person of great soul, an absolute professional in his field !!!
Good day everyone! Dad has thrombosis of the artery of the lower extremity, it was necessary to consult a vascular surgeon and possibly come for a consultation. On the recommendations on the Internet, I turned to the vascular surgeon Eroshenko Andrey Vladimirovich. I wrote to him in vatsap, he quickly answered, threw him all my father's extracts, then we talked, the doctor clearly answered all my questions, sent a detailed description of the training walking that helps with this ailment, and also strongly recommended to do an ecg, said that it is possible send him and if he sees something there, then you may need an in-person consultation with a doctor. Naturally, I am now only to him. When I asked him how much I owe for a consultation on the phone, Andrei Vladimirovich replied that it was free, but the feedback from patients was important to him. That is why I am writing here. I can confidently recommend this doctor !!! I got free fast qualified help! And now I am very proud of myself that I found him! Oh, more. In the course of communication, it turned out that he works in the clinic k + 31. Then everything fell into place. The clinic is excellent, the doctors are superb, but, unfortunately, very expensive for me. When I become famous and rich I will buy here annual subscriptions for the whole family!
I still need time to realize that a month ago I easily rode a bicycle for 40-50 km, and a week later, as it turned out, a heart attack occurred, which I perceived for myself as unpleasant incomprehensible pains and, nevertheless, less, going on vacation to the mountains. But the unexpectedness of the pains still forced me to see a doctor. Thanks to Renad Nadzhievich, for all the implicit symptoms he did not give up, convinced him to give up the vacation, go through all the diagnostics, and got to the bottom of the problem. The operation was easy and delicate. We start a new life. Smart, competent, sympathetic, humane doctor - low bow!
I would like to thank a wonderful specialist in his field and a wonderful, sympathetic person - Renad Nadzhievich Ajiev. Uncomfortable sensations in the chest and back when walking, forced to see the doctors of the clinic K31. Attention to detail helped identify and prevent an impending heart attack. During the examination, the doctor identified the need and immediately performed stenting using high-quality equipment and instruments. It seemed to me that everything went quickly, easily, as if by notes, but we all understand that high professionalism and responsibility are behind this. The back pain stopped immediately and after a few days I was able to return to active life. Thank you, dear doctor!
Many thanks to Dr. Eroshenko Andrey Vladimirovich. My father is 82 years old. He has grade 2 diabetes and a diabetic foot. In September 2019, the leg began to hurt, necrosis appeared and it was necessary to urgently solve the problem. We turned to Dr. Eroshenko. Andrey Vladimirovich quickly got his bearings in a difficult situation, saying what to do. The doctor is calm, balanced, correct. Keeps the situation under control, explains to the patient the logic of what is happening. X-ray endovascular intervention was performed: conduction recanalization, catheter aspiration thrombectomy, balloon angioplasty and stenting of the right lower limb arteries. The blood flow is restored. Andrei Vladimirovich came specifically on his day off after the operation, and this was with his enormous employment. We continue the treatment under his control. Doctor from God! Health, happiness and good luck to Andrey Vladimirovich and his family!