Prevention for children

The K+31 Clinic has all the conditions for the provision of an almost full range of services to children from 0 to 18 years old.

Preparing for school and kindergarten

Do you need to complete medical documents, undergo a full health check?

K+31 specialists will carry out the necessary diagnostics, vaccinations and draw up all the required documents.

The Department of Pediatrics employs a team of psychologists and speech therapists to psychologically prepare the child for an active social life.

Preparing for vacation or children's camp

If you plan to leave your child out of town this summer, on a camping trip, to the sea or to a children's camp, it is recommended not only to draw up the required documents, but also to undergo diagnostics and vaccinations.

The doctor will be able to tell you more about the recommended actions based on your plans. For example, in K+31 there is a 20% discount for tick-borne encephalitis vaccination for children.

General health care for prevention and treatment

Our administrators will select the optimal time for consultations with specialists, diagnostics and analyzes, without queues, safely and comfortably.

To minimize the consequences and prevent infectious and viral diseases, it is necessary to vaccinate. Vaccination is the most effective and safest way to protect your child. Pediatricians K+31 will help you draw up an individual vaccination schedule for your child and monitor his condition after the procedure.

Children in the spring are prone to colds, due to the fact that they have insufficiently formed active immunity. We have prepared a set of programs, thanks to which your child will be under the supervision of our specialists:

  1. The "Pediatrician" program allows you to solve problems with a "family" pediatrician.
  2. The "Outpatient" program is an annual support of the child by the clinic's specialists, taking into account the peculiarities of each period of life.

Departure of a pediatrician and doctors of narrow specialties at home

Can't come for a consultation?

Doctors of the K+31 clinic provide home help. In addition, you can choose the "Home" program, which allows you to receive advice, take tests and undergo diagnostics without leaving your home.