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Clinic K+31 on Lobachevsky

Clinic K+31 on the street. Lobachevsky is a multidisciplinary medical center that combines a polyclinic, a multidisciplinary hospital, an operating unit, an intensive care unit, almost all types of polyclinic services, including pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology and rehabilitation.

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The clinic has a 24-hour trauma center, laboratory and department of radiation diagnostics.

Dozens of operations are performed every day in various fields, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, coloproctology, endoscopy, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics and traumatology, as well as eye microsurgery.

It is possible to carry out early rehabilitation after injuries and surgical treatment. We strive for convenience, an individual approach and the most understandable treatment process. For your convenience, we are ready to conduct examinations in emotionally and physically comfortable conditions in 1-2 days. High-level specialists from more than 40 specialties are receiving appointments in the polyclinic. The clinic has several service levels for patient care.

Our advantages

  • An integrated approach to the methodology of providing medical services: outpatient and polyclinic care, diagnostics, laboratory tests, inpatient treatment, surgery, rehabilitation - all in one clinic.
  • Highly qualified medical personnel with many years of experience (doctors of the highest category, candidates and doctors of medical sciences). Continuity of medical personnel. It is possible to organize a consultation with any specialist of the city and country.
  • The latest medical technologies, modern medical equipment from leading world manufacturers (Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, etc.).
  • Diagnostics, including CT, MRI, expert class ultrasound systems and the widest range of laboratory tests.
  • Equipping all departments with a unified information medical system (electronic storage of medical history, the ability to transfer images, test results, doctor's conclusions to electronic media, etc.).
  • Multidisciplinary comfortable hospital.
  • High level of service.
  • Convenient working hours for working patients.
  • Rehabilitation service offering comprehensive rehabilitation treatment programs.
  • Variety of attachment and screening programs for cost and filling.


119415, Moscow, m. Vernadsky Prospect, st. Lobachevsky, house 42, building 4. JSC "K+31".


Tel: 8 (499) 999-31-31
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To quickly order a pass for free parking K+31, send us a message in WhatsApp: +7 (915) 493-95-92. Give the address of the clinic where you are registered, the make and number of the car, as well as the name of the patient.

Clinic working hours

Outpatient department - from 08.00 to 21.00

Outpatient department - from 09.00 to 19.00

Outpatient department - from 09.00 to 18.00

Multidisciplinary hospital - around the clock


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