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For corporate clients

For corporate clients (legal entities)

Corporate service - the possibility of an annual attachment to the clinic or the provision of services "in fact" with the implementation of contractual and financial relations between the K+31 clinic and a legal entity.

It is possible to organize a full range of medical care:

  • Outpatient care for adults and children.
  • Aesthetic medicine: dentistry, cosmetology, plastic surgery.
  • Assistance in the hospital and intensive care unit, including emergency care.
  • Help at home for adults and children.
  • Pregnancy management.
  • Vaccination (including exit).
  • Checkups - complex diagnostic programs.
  • COVID-19 diagnostic and rehabilitation programs.
  • Rehabilitation.

For legal entities, it is possible to provide some medical services directly to the organization, without restrictions on geolocation (the entire Russian Federation). However, to accurately determine the possibility of organizing honey. the manager of the clinic will be able to help, based on the needs and volume of the team.

Payment from the account of a legal entity is available to patients who are already patients of the K+31 clinic, including if the necessary service is not included in the VHI package.

Peculiarities of service in K+31 clinics

  • Three clinics in Moscow.
  • Doctors-experts, including candidates and doctors of sciences.
  • Modern equipment of high precision.
  • All major types of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Escort with an interpreter.
  • Accompaniment in the clinic.
  • Transportation of the patient to the clinic, with the possibility of leaving the medical team.
  • Payment for services not included in the contract of voluntary medical insurance.
  • No need for additional approvals and refusals.
  • Special conditions for attaching several employees to the clinic.

Medical examinations are temporarily unavailable at K+31 clinics. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we reopen this area.

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