International Department

"K+31 Clinic" is a network of diagnostic and treatment centers that provide a wide range of medical services to patients from different countries: from diagnostics based on outpatient care to inpatient treatment. A unique set of medical equipment in combination with the rich experience of specialists allows us to work according to the highest quality criteria, which is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2008.

At the service of our patients is a well-coordinated team of doctors of the highest category (more than 60 specialists), who are recognized authorities of the professional community in Russia and abroad. Our doctors are constantly improving their knowledge, regularly undergoing training in high-tech medical techniques around the world.

Both the medical and administrative staff of our clinic speak English, German, French and Spanish, which helps to prevent the possibility of misunderstanding during the dialogue between the doctor and the patient. For maximum patient comfort, the clinics are also equipped with an instant transfer system.

For corporate clients - representatives of both Russian and foreign companies - we offer full medical care according to the selected portfolio. In addition, we are interested in building a full-fledged partnership with companies that host foreign tourists in Russia.

For representatives of the hotel segment, we have developed and implemented an effective system of servicing guests from among foreign citizens. Thanks to our offer, high-level hotels will be able to provide their clients with qualified medical care of an international standard - around the clock, with the assistance of translators and specialists.

Our partners are also a number of leading Russian insurance companies. We are proud that the leaders of the health insurance market trust us with the health of their clients, including foreign citizens. "K+31 Clinic" has all the conditions for medical assistance to insurance policy holders of partner companies to be provided professionally, quickly, and with maximum comfort for the patient.

In working with insured patients, we find the optimal balance between the limitations of the insurance program and the procedures required for diagnosis, while respecting the legitimate interests of all three stakeholders. More than 5 years of our cooperation with insurance companies has proven our level of compliance with the stringent requirements of insurance medicine.

The reimbursement system for treatment costs has two options. In the first option, payment for the treatment of the patient is carried out directly to the clinic, and the "Clinic K+31" takes on all the documentary work. The second option involves reimbursing the cost of treatment by the insurance company to the patient’s current account.

Treatment cost recovery system

In both cases, we are preparing the same package of documents that is accepted by both Russian and foreign insurance companies. It should be borne in mind that each company has its own insurance conditions, which it is important for the patient to familiarize themselves with in advance. In the event that the requirements of a foreign insurance company differ from the standard requirements of Russian insurers, we are also ready to undertake the preparation of the necessary documentation, including the translation of documents into English.