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New Year discounts at K+31

Dear patients, the network of clinics K+31 is pleased to present New Year's promotions and specials. suggestions to take care of yourself at the end of the year.

Aesthetic medicine

K+31 on Lobachevsky

-20% for fillers

Contour plastic for:

  • wrinkle correction;
  • face contour fixes.

Result immediately after the procedure.
Minimum recovery period.
Promotion when buying 3 or more procedures.

-10% for laser hair removal

Winter is the time to get rid of unwanted body hair.
In K+31, hair removal is carried out using high-tech equipment.
Almost completely painless.
Results in just a few treatments.

–30% for laser resurfacing

Take care of your skin by performing a rejuvenation procedure, possibly at K+31.
Laser skin resurfacing with Cutera laser is not only acne treatment, but also high-quality peeling.
Helps to keep the skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.
Promotion when buying 3 or more procedures.


K+31 Petrovsky Gate

–30% for oral hygiene

A set of measures aimed at preventing the development of caries and gum disease.
It includes removing dental plaque and polishing teeth using special pastes.
(the promotion is just starting, the official start will be announced soon)

K+31 on Lobachevsky

-45% for implantation

For intraosseous dental implantation with Israeli and American systems.

Second opinion before surgery

K+31 on Lobachevsky

100% discount on a second opinion of an otorhinolaryngologist

In the winter before the New Year holidays, many people prefer to use surgical treatment so that recovery takes place in a comfortable home environment. But what if in doubt?
Getting a second opinion from a specialist before the operation is very important for a quality result.
At K+31, otolaryngologists are ready to help determine the procedure absolutely free.
Do not forget to take all the research results and call the code word "second opinion before surgery".

Breast examination

K+31 on Lobachevsky

–30% for a comprehensive mammological examination

Doctor's consultation, mammography and ultrasound.
For complex diagnostics and prevention for women 40+.

Vision correction

K+31 on Lobachevsky

0 r. for preoperative diagnostics with laser vision correction LASIK

It is possible to see the world without glasses and contact lenses in 15 minutes at K+31.

Promotions are valid until 01/31/2021.

Ophthalmology - until 12/31/2020.

Check the details of the promotions in the call center.