Month of beautiful smiles in K+31 West

It has been proven that healthy, beautiful teeth improve the quality of life - we stop being shy about our emotions, are more willing to take pictures and talk with friends. In order to make dental care profitable, K+31 West launches three promotions for the best dental procedures until the end of November.

Professional whitening Zoom 4 for 30 000 rub. 15 000 rub.

Zoom 4 is the newest and most advanced whitening system from Philips. It gently affects the enamel, is safe for the teeth and allows you to lighten their tone by 8 tones or more. The gel used for Zoom 4 removes the most stubborn stains and reduces tooth sensitivity. The procedure is safe and painless and can be repeated once a year.

Professional oral cleaning for 18 000 rub. 12 600 rub.

A procedure that is recommended to everyone at least twice a year. Professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar, deposits that can lead to tooth and gum disease. After brushing, a special paste with calcium is applied to the teeth to strengthen the enamel. For sensitive patients, an anesthetic gel is applied to the gums before cleaning, and the procedure is completely comfortable.

Appointment with a pediatric dentist for 5 700 rub. 1 rub.

Professional oral cleaning for children for 10 400 rub. 8 300 rub.

Children's teeth need special attention and care - both milk and indigenous. Professional oral hygiene for babies is recommended from the age of 2.5, at least once a year. This procedure helps prevent caries and inflammatory diseases, in addition, a special gel is applied to the teeth to strengthen the enamel. Children often find it difficult to clean interdentally well, and professional cleaning helps to cope with this.

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