K+31 provides prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in adults and children. They can arise as a result of external, internal or joint factors. In particular, the disease of internal organs and systems can also have an impact.
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When to see a psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is a specialist who occupies an intermediate position between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist has a diploma of higher medical education and treats mental illness with the help of drugs and physiotherapy. A psychologist is not a doctor, he helps people understand various life situations. As for the psychotherapist, this is, in fact, a psychiatrist who has received special training. He deals with disorders that significantly impair the quality of life and cannot go away on their own, without qualified help.

It is recommended to consult a psychotherapist if you have the following psychological problems:

  • You have lost interest in your surroundings and have withdrawn into yourself
  • Devalued relationships that used to be of great importance to you
  • Losing confidence in their abilities
  • You experience constant apathy, get tired very quickly, have difficulty getting up in the morning and struggle to complete basic tasks
  • You feel discomfort throughout your body, not associated with any disease
  • Your mood fluctuates for no reason
  • Your reactions to the most ordinary everyday situations and the actions of loved ones have become inadequate and unpredictable
  • You often show aggression and feel angry
  • You suffer from insomnia or, conversely, drowsiness
  • You have developed fears and phobias, neuroses
  • You are having panic attacks
  • An eating disorder is observed (anorexia, bulimia)
  • You have difficulty concentrating
  • You feel despair, hopelessness, and regularly have thoughts of suicide.

All these symptoms indicate a violation of the mental state and are unconditional for contacting a specialist. The psychotherapist has the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose such disorders and develop an effective treatment regimen. The psychotherapist may prescribe additional studies or refer you for a consultation with narrowly specialized specialists, for example, a neurologist, a sexologist (if the patient has serious sexual deviations), etc. It may be necessary to involve other specialists in order to jointly find ways out of the pathological condition. He also has the right to prescribe psychotropic drugs and antidepressants to patients.

It is important to note that psychiatric help is sometimes needed, not only for adults, but also for children. There are violations that psychiatry can correct. These include autism, hyperactivity disorder. If the child has other developmental problems, such as low self-esteem during adolescence, hysterical states associated with nervous breakdowns and suppressed emotions. Also, with learning difficulties (poor memory, too non-standard thinking, etc.) or communication at school, in some cases you can first visit a psychologist, if necessary, then a psychotherapist. If close relatives have diagnosed psychiatric illnesses, and the child is in a borderline condition, a visit to the doctor becomes almost mandatory.

Today, family psychotherapists are in great demand - specialists who help resolve intra-family conflicts, improve relations between spouses, parents and children, representatives of different generations. Psychology helps all family members to undergo rehabilitation after traumatic events, for example, the departure of a close relative. With the help of therapy, you can return joy to life and start everything from scratch.

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Psychologist Psychiatrist

What symptoms should you see a psychotherapist for?

A psychotherapist in Moscow will be needed if the following psychological problems and signs of mental health problems appear:

  • Increased irritability, manifestations of aggression
  • Suspiciousness and causeless anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fears
  • Sleep disturbance (insomnia, sleepwalking)
  • Moral and physical fatigue, depression, apathy
  • Lack of desire to do your favorite things, eat your favorite food
  • Headaches and heartaches
  • Hand tremors
  • Feeling of discomfort in the throat
  • Obsessive actions and movements

These symptoms can be the onset of serious mental illness. At a consultation with a psychotherapist We will identify your psychological problem, restore psycho-emotional balance and help you get out of stressful situations and minimize the consequences of injuries.

Treatment of mental disorders

The psychotherapist at the K+31 medical center deals with the treatment of mental disorders of mild and moderate severity:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Neurosis
  • Dependencies of various types
  • Bipolar disorders

Psychotherapy can be carried out by a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist. Psychosomatic problems are identified during an appointment or examination. Treatment is prescribed only after a series of tests.

Where to find a good psychotherapist

At K+31 medical centers, qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists provide psychological assistance. Specialists treat any psychological disorders using various methods - from regular conversation to drug therapy.

How does a consultation with a psychotherapist work?

A consultation with a psychotherapist is not like a regular medical appointment. A specialist of this profile does not examine the patient, and the office itself is more like a cozy living room. First of all, the psychotherapist collects an anamnesis, listens carefully to the patient and asks clarifying questions. In other words, the doctor explores the inner world of a person in need of psychiatric help.

A psychotherapy session at K+31 lasts about 1 hour. During this time, contact is established and the number of sessions is agreed upon. In some cases, we can provide online psychotherapy with a clinical psychologist.

At the first appointment, a conclusion is made about the patient's psycho-emotional state and the optimal technique is selected. The doctor sets up a person for the upcoming work on himself. In general, psychotherapy is not a passive process, and work does not stop between sessions.

Methods used in psychotherapy

Special techniques and tests are used in psychiatry and psychotherapy. The titles of most of them are associated with the names of the authors. We list the most popular tests:

  • Lusher is a color test that helps to determine the psychophysiological state of the patient
  • Rorschach - a person's perception of ink spots (the so-called "Rorschach spots") is fixed and the nature of the mental disorder is determined
  • Sondi - the patient looks at photographs of different people and gives them an intuitive assessment ("like-dislike")
  • Munsterberg - a test of perception and attention, which allows you to assess a person's resistance to stress
  • Ammona is a structural test-questionnaire that reveals one or another deviation.

Psychotherapists in their practice use techniques that have proven their effectiveness:

  1. Psychoanalysis is a method developed by Sigmund Freud. When answering the therapist's questions, the patient voices everything that comes to his mind.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy is aimed at identifying and correcting cognitive distortions (irrational thoughts, attitudes, beliefs).
  3. Gestalt therapy goal - helps a person to separate their own needs from those that are imposed from outside.

The success of treatment depends on the skill level of the specialist, his ability to win the trust and favor of the patient. It is very important that the patient really strives to find a way out of a difficult situation and works “in one bundle” with a psychotherapist. It is under these conditions, when the patient must recognize the causes of his problem, not deny them and listen to a specialist, that the guarantee of treatment success increases.

Clinical care includes the use of not only these methods of treatment, but also others, such as art therapy, body-oriented training, etc. All procedures in the course have a complex effect on the restoration of the psychological and physiological functions of the patient's body. The search for suitable methods occurs individually.

Psychiatrists and psychotherapists working in our medical center will help you resolve internal conflicts and maintain mental health. Each doctor understands how important it is to help restore the patient's personality and already at the initial appointment begins to draw up a way to solve the problem. If necessary, hospitalization is possible, for example, for the treatment of endocrine disorders that cause hormone surges and, as a result, an unstable psychological state.

By pressing a button on the site, you can call an ambulance for psychiatric help or sign up for a consultation with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist. Leave a request and we will contact you. We adhere to affordable prices in rubles, actively introduce new methods of work and offer high-quality paid services to everyone. Psychological assistance at the K+31 clinic in Moscow is available to everyone.

Psychotherapist consultation in Moscow

How does a psychotherapist consult?

A psychotherapist's consultation is communication and pronunciation of situations that concern the patient from life. For the treatment of identified diseases, the doctor uses various methods and scenarios.

During the appointment, a psychotherapist will help solve problems:

  1. Communicate with the community
  2. During communication, build your boundaries correctly;
  3. To overcome fears, addictions, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, complexes
  4. Solve somatic problems
  5. Understand your best sides, build a plan for the future, set goals
  6. Conquer procrastination and laziness
  7. Get out of a post-traumatic state after divorce, separation, loss of a loved one, violence
  8. Cure eating disorders

Consultations of a psychotherapist take place in a clinic or hospital. The work is carried out jointly with the patient. Based on the severity of the disease, the patient is prescribed individual, group, hypnotherapy, drug treatment.

If necessary, the patient may be referred for tests and examination of the brain (ultrasound, MRI). If addiction to games, alcohol, or drugs is revealed, in this case the psychiatrist and psychotherapist will refer you for consultation to a narcologist. “K+31” clinics have all types of research, a laboratory and various specialized specialists with extensive experience. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists at our private medical center operate on the basis of licenses in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

In some cases, patients are offered a free online consultation with a psychologist and psychotherapist. We also have a doctor available to call your home to eliminate acute manifestations of various disorders (neurosis, panic attack, bipolar disorder, severe fears and phobias, emotional breakdown).


Initial appointment with a psychotherapist
from 8 400 ₽
Repeated appointment with a psychotherapist
from 6 600 ₽
Individual psychotherapy
from 7 385 ₽
Reception of a psychotherapist c.m.s., d.m.s. primary
from 11 000 ₽
Reception of a psychotherapist c.m.s., d.m.s. repeated
from 8 800 ₽
Preventive reception of a psychotherapist
from 4 800 ₽
Dispensary reception of a psychotherapist
from 5 000 ₽
Group psychoeducational work with relatives of a patient with mental and behavioral disorders
from 5 460 ₽
Psychotherapy (individual relaxation training)
from 9 095 ₽
Hypnotherapy group (per patient)
from 4 815 ₽
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2GIS Award

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«Good place» according to Yandex

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Our doctors are laureates of the ProDoctors Award

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Individual psychotherapy in K+31 clinics

A trusting atmosphere and a comfortable environment for one-on-one communication between a psychotherapist and a patient to discuss personal and even intimate topics without discomfort and strictly confidentially. Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders is usually carried out in a hospital in a comfortable office or online.

Individual psychotherapy

Collective psychotherapy groups

By interacting with each other, group members achieve a psychotherapeutic effect through communication with each other and with their therapist. In the course of such joint work, each patient opens up: his characteristics, inclinations, priorities, problems come to the surface, and he gets the opportunity to look at himself from the outside, see and hear different points of view, share his experience and learn about how his classmates are experiencing similar or completely different situations. Group psychotherapy also has a positive therapeutic effect if the patient has any addictions.

Treatment of mental disorders in group classes

Child psychotherapy

K+31 doctors work not only with noticeable mental and behavioral disorders of the child, but also with milder, almost asymptomatic conditions. The priority of psychotherapy is high-quality medical care from a psychotherapist. At K+31 we managed to assemble a team of highly qualified child psychotherapists - candidates of science, doctors of the highest category, authors of unique methods.

We also have a child psychologist who studies the child’s social behavior and helps to cope with basic psychological problems: anxiety, fears, stress. A family clinical psychologist helps parents in matters of child upbringing and development.

Child psychotherapy

Calling a doctor at home

K+31 doctors work not only with noticeable mental and behavioral disorders of the child, but also with milder, almost asymptomatic conditions. The priority of psychotherapy is high-quality medical care. At K+31, we managed to assemble a team of highly qualified child psychotherapists - PhDs, doctors of the highest category, authors of unique methods.

Calling a doctor at home

Appointment to the doctor

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Reviews 10

Vladislav Evgenievich is a professional in his field, I recommend the doctor. The therapy helped not only in the fight against panic attacks, but also allowed us to take a fresh look at some aspects, tweak and strengthen where the processes were out of order. As a result, the condition improved :) Communication was comfortable and educational. Thank you!
I have been an alcoholic for about 7 years. I hesitated for a long time and was afraid to contact a psychotherapist. It was embarrassing, and I thought I’d quit myself. To reduce the craving for alcohol, the doctor put me into hypnosis. After the psychotherapeutic course, I have been sober for 7 months and 15 days! Thank you very much to Anna Olegovna!
Yulia Viktorovna
After a frozen pregnancy, I developed a number of health problems. I didn’t want to get up in the morning, I didn’t want to live at all. My family therapist advised me to undergo psychotherapy. At the doctor’s appointment, it turned out that I had prolonged depression. Treatment started. I am gradually returning to life.
Tatyana Kulish
I want to say a huge thank you to Alina Alexandrovna! This is a very attentive specialist, at the reception with this doctor you feel participation and his importance. Thanks to therapy with Alina Alexandrovna, I managed to resolve many difficulties in various areas of life, I have new goals and aspirations! Thanks again!
The doctor helped to cope with an anxiety condition (which I thought would never go away) I am very grateful! Great professional, highly recommended!
Very pleasant, attentive, friendly, competent doctor. At the reception, the doctor listened to us, asked questions, gave recommendations and wrote out a prescription. After that we were satisfied with this visit. We will contact this specialist again.
.10, years of PA, escapes from psychologists, taking antidepressants for 2 years. And only Vlalislav Evgenievich measured out the pills for me and conducted psychotherapy sessions. There has been no PA for 3 years now. GOLD DOCTOR
We are grateful to fate for bringing us together with such a wonderful doctor as Anastasia Viktorovna Krasova! He is a wonderful, sensitive, responsive person who finds an approach both to parents and, of course, to children. Anastasia Viktorovna is a professional in her field, Doctor with a capital letter! They say about such people: "A doctor from God"!
Daria and Elena
A doctor who creates a pleasant impression, both from communication and from attitude to business!
Omitting all the points, we can say one thing, after the doctor's sessions the problems that were initially addressed were resolved. It's a coincidence or a coincidence of circumstances or some other action, one can only guess ... But the positive result is obvious!
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