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Cardiological examination

According to statistics, cardiovascular diseases occupy first place in the world for causes of death. According to WHO experts, by 2030, about 23.6 million people will die from CVD, mainly from heart and vascular diseases.

Clinic K+31 has developed a program "Comprehensive Cardiological Examination" intended for patients with a tendency to cardiovascular diseases and aims to identify risk factors and prevent the development of heart disease.

A comprehensive examination includes consultations of a physician and cardiologist, laboratory tests, ultrasound, radiation and functional diagnostics. Necessary services for a complete examination with a benefit of up to 30%.

You can be examined both in a hospital and in a clinic.

For all conditions and terms of the program with a special offer, please contact the call center. The terms of hospitalization are determined by the Clinic based on the workload of the diagnostic departments and the availability of free wards.

For inquiries submitted on the weekend, we will get back to you with a reply on Monday.